Last week, during the two days I spent for work in New York I finally realized one of my small dreams: shoot some photos on a rooftop of the big apple, with a wonderful view of the skyscrapers. Empire State of Mind at its fullest.

La scorsa settimana, nei due giorni che ho passato per lavoro a New York ho finalmente realizzato uno dei miei piccoli sogni: scattare delle foto su un tetto di un palazzo della grande mela, con una vista sui meravigliosi grattacieli. Decisamente Empire State of Mind


I was wearing:


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    Uuugh I’m so in love with those Balenciagas, i can’t even, like… I’m really not able to even… You don’t know what happens to me when I see a certain pair of shoes

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    Wash your hair would be the real challenge

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    Sei bellissima, ti vesti benissimo…ma le scarpe sono ORRENDE….

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    Cominciano ad essere noiosi questi post… Non dicono nulla…. Potresti essere stata a Milano a scattare le stesse foto con un poster di ny come sfondo… Comincia a pensare ad qualcosa di più sostanzioso x il tuo blog!

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    Home! There is no place in this world like NYC. Lovely photos!

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    Foto troppo modificate, scarpe terrificanti. Buttale!

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    well…it´s nothing special but I still love…you see Chiara, you don´t need to be expensive to be gorgeous 🙂

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    from where the idea of your blog s name?

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    I love New York (and your sunglasses as well!)


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  • Just love your jacket! If you ever see my pictures on the roof top with my outfit, you know you’ve been the one that inspired me =D

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    Bellissima!! Mi piacciono un sacco la felpa e i jeans 🙂

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  • LOVE this look! Totally something I would wear…a little tomboy/athletic/grunge but still a hint of girly with the cat eye sunnies. Great post!

    xoxo from los angeles

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    I love your jacket and the photos are really cool! I love the scenery! xxx
    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

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    Loving these! That jacket, it’s so perfect. I could see the back saying the blonde salad. That would be so cute!

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    One of the best posts you have ever had! Love the views of NY and your outfit is just fabulous!

    Greetings from Latvia,

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    love the look, the varsity jacket is amazing and adore the boots
    xx ish

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    you’re starting to be really dull and boring, your style is not interesting. you just casual things, they don’t look stylish. looks like you’re becoming lazy. what’s happened? where is the stylish lady i’ve seen before? with chic and marvellous style? you’re following “swag” style, like everybody now. so shame.

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    capisco che adesso si diventata famosa, hai tanti impegni…ma scrivi sempre meno, solo frasette banali e senza notizie personali, cosa che invece prima facevi e che, credo, ha comunque contribuito molto a farti conoscere ed apprezzare dai tuoi fans; le foto poi sono tutte simili, tipo servizio di moda…ok, sei bella ed hai vestiti fantastici (spesso, non sempre…), ma alle ragazze “comuni” piacevi anche per la tua naturtalezza e per il fatto di raccontare le tue giornate “normali”, non solo la vita da modella. chiara

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  • the location is amazing! I love New York, I would love to go there!
    Hope you enjoy your time there 🙂
    By the way, the pictures look like a photo series in a fashion magazine!

    Greetings, Ceyda 🙂

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  • Those boots kill me all the time! Every time I see them on you I just instantly want to buy them… one day.
    Thanks for updating your blog regularly, you and your crew are such an inspiration! Keep making the web & the world pretty 🙂

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    So jealous of you right now! I miss new york so much!

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    Scenario mozzafiato !!! Ed outfit originale

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    What an opportunity and what a shoot! Such incredible views!


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  • Amazing pictures but even tough I miss the Chiara in Milan, hanging out with friends and taking goofy pictures.

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  • Great look!
    Love your shoes! 🙂 xx


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    My building in New York is one of the tallest in the West Village, with almost 360-views from our finished roof deck. Next time you’re in the city…

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    certo che le foto di quell Andrew li , han proprio una marcia in piu !! 🙂

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  • Loving the photo’s! Great location, your bright jacket is a nice contrast against the grey cityscape.
    Maya – Archistas

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  • OOh what an amazing shoot! But to be honest I HATE the shoes! but you got enough shoes that I love 😉

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  • Beautiful pictures of you. Love the way you styled this jacket.
    If you get a sec, check out my latest post. I would love to read what you think.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

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  • This is seriously an outfit I could wear right away: the shoes, the jacket and maybe a t-shirt with my blog name (strike a) POSE on it 😉 this is sooo my style. Loving it babe!



    Ma questo nn era un blog di moda? Sembri un ragazzino del Quins

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  • definitely one of my favorite casual outfit of yours,that jacket and the boots are genius!


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    bellissime foto Chiara! chi le ha scattate?

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    you Look so gorgeous!! Dreaming of being in New york some Day! This is my biggest wish 🙂

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  • Sai che è anche un mio grandissimo desiderio???
    I grattacieli di new york hanno qualcosa di speciale!
    pensa che quest’estate ho assistito a uno degli spettacoli più belli della mia vita… vedere il sole tramontare dietro la città, dall’alto di un lift su un altissimo grattacielo!!!
    I <3 NY!!!

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