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A mix between Margot Tenenbaum and Twiggy: here is the second haistyle the Redken team chose for my second day of New York fashionweek, worn with a dreamy Burberry Prorsum trench coat and the croc ankle boots from my shoe line, Chiara Ferragni.
P.S: Thanks to you guys I won the “blogger of the year” award last night at Socialyte awards in collaboration with Style.com, you guys are the best!

Un mix tra Margot Tenenbaum e Twiggy: ecco la seconda acconciatura scelta dal team di Redken per il mio secondo giorno di fashionweek di New York, sfoggiata insieme ad il trench di Burberry Prorsum dei miei sogni ed i tronchetti in cocco della mia linea di scarpe, Chiara Ferragni.
P.S: Grazie a voi ieri sera ho vinto il premio di “blogger of the year” ai Socialyte awards in collaborazione con Style.com, siete i migliori!

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I was wearing:


Photos by Andrew Arthur

319 Responses to “New York fashionweek day 2”

    You are so obsessed with this bag… Ad I love it! It’s amazing seeing so many differents ways to use THIS!

    Reply to Rafaela Lima

    Mi commuovo così hai detto che siamo i migliori! Ma tu lo sei <3 <3 <3 <3

    Reply to Marta

    Ma la manicure e pedicure sono un optional per te?????
    Non te li pagano quelli?????

    Reply to Fil

    di grazia, potresti parlarci delle sfilate? sei lΓ  per quello, ricordatelo…

    Reply to Margherita
  • I love the trench coat, it’s so cute and perfect for a fall outfit. I love the leather detail, very classy.

    Reply to Dale Janee

    Ti stanno benissimo i capelli lisci! Non sapevo avessi una tua linea di scarpe, vado a dare un’occhiata. Complimenti per il premio. Keep on the good job =)

    Giveaway Firmoo sul mio blog!

    Reply to chiara
  • Wonderful! i’m going to visit it saturday, can’t wait to be in NY!

    Reply to Sasha
  • Hello. I’m your fan and I’ve follow you on instagram. You’re really amazing and awesome person. And you totally inspiring me. πŸ™‚

    Reply to Stephanie

    Lovely!! I adore your hair color just the way it is right now, keep it if possible.
    The trench and the heels are simply amazing!
    By the way, could you post some impression about NY FW? something about the trends next season and stuff like that. Thank you and have fun!

    Reply to Alessandra
  • I love the look.
    The trench is adorable and those shoes are great, very classy.

    your hair is very girly. like it!


    Reply to marieke

    Uno dei migliori look di sempre! Capelli meravigliosi, colori caldi, capi e accessori davvero ben assortiti. Grandissima Chiara!

    Reply to Elisabetta

    Non scherzerei se ti dicessi che con quell’acconciatura assomigli tremendamente a Casa Delevingne!
    E tra l’altro sei bellissima

    Reply to Alice

    the trench coat is amazing, I love burberry with all my heart and the trench coats are always the best in the industry. cannot wait to see the new collection at LFW!


    Reply to ron
  • Love your hair here! loving the colour too, how it’s lighter at the tips – i’ve just gone for a (somewhat darker) version of that myself..

    Awesome burberry trench!

    Katie x
    glass of fashion

    Reply to Katie
  • Absolutely LOVE the Burberry Prosum trench! And your hair looks great here πŸ™‚
    Congrats on the award!

    Reply to Caroline
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