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New York fashionweek day 4: here is the look I wore to Tommy Hilfiger show, which was even more particular thanks to the hairdo created for me by the Redken team. What are your thoughts about it?

Quarto giorno di New York fashionweek: ecco il mio look per la sfilata di Tommy Hilfiger, reso ancora più particolare dalla pettinatura ideata per me dal team di Redken. Che ve ne pare?

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I was wearing:


Photos by Andrew Arthur

231 Responses to “New York fashionweek day 4”

    Hi Chiara, love this look, stripes have been my favorite trend of summer!
    Great bag, Celine is always a great choice!




    Reply to Dania

    stavano meglio a james franco le treccine…

    Reply to Giada
  • LOVE THE BLUE STRIPES! And those suit pants only make your legs look even longer!

    Lady E

    Reply to Lady E

    prima eri più semplice e vera e si vedeva che facevi tutto per passione.
    Adesso si vede che fai tutto per pubblicità!

    Reply to federica
  • Amazing look, wow!

    Love Imke

    Reply to Imke

    I think you should really groom your face better. Your skin Looks really bad.

    Reply to Here I am

    Damm it! the hairstyle is lovely but the mater piece of this look definetily are that lovely blazer and jeans! <3 oh my good you look stunning, perfect for the FWNY!!


    Reply to danne Ch.

    Sei davvero uno spettacolo, stasera ero al Marc Jacobs, e volevo vederti ma non ti ho trovata.. comunque, sono una grandissima fan.

    Reply to Ora

    Stupenda :’)

    Chiara ma non fai nulla alla Fashion night a milano? Facci sapere <3 grazie, un bacio

    ALe Bresciani

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  • OK you look…wait for it…STUNNING! Truly what a effortlessly sophisticated and fresh look. Well done!

    Ali of Dressing Ken

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  • Nice outfit!!
    Have a look at the new post on my blog:


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  • Obsessed with this outfit! And I love the hairstyle also, all except the view from directly behind.

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  • Lovely suit!

    Kisses from

    Today I show you an Stunning strapless jumpsuit with ethnic print that I wore during my visit to the beautiful beaches of ALgarve….don’t miss the pics!.
    New Worldwide GIVEAWAY. Win an amazing pair of Sunglasses!

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    First of all: I love your style!

    I would like to know what is your height and weight?

    You look stunning!

    Reply to Susanne

    There are 2 things in the fashion worl that I don´t like at all.
    1. oversized bootcut pants and
    2. All over patterns.

    So I don´t really like this look but the sunglasses look so pretty and this time I like the pictures in particular !

    xx Julia


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    Acconciatura molto bella davanti, non così dietro.
    Il completo pantalone mi piace molto. Avrei abbinato un’altra borsa.
    Nel complesso, un bel look.

    Reply to ilaria
  • Celine bag AGAIN! E ma quando ci si affeziona, ci si affeziona. Quante miriadi di borse avrebbero completato questo look! Anche se la zampa è un pelo immettibile, nel complesso è un outfit favoloso, e l’acconciatura…superbe! Bravi Renken!

    Reply to Mariangela Santucci
  • The suit is really nice, makes you look super tall! The hairdo is interesting, The fronts looks REALLY nice but I’m not too sure about the back..I think I would have just left it at one braid going from the front to the back. Looking stunning nevertheless!


    Reply to Seppy

    You have been hitting it out of the ballpark at NYFW this season with one gorgeous outfit after another. You look about ten feet tall in this suit, your long lean body is the perfect proportion for this rather difficult to wear style. ( saw the jacket worn with shorts on a more petite woman). I love the side swept hair but always assumed the braid blended in with the rest of your hair so I was startled to see the three random braids in the back. Kind of looked like two ideas at once. But overall, you looked jaw -dropping gorgeous!

    Reply to Anon
  • lovee that you actually style your hair and do something different. you look smashing 🙂

    new blogpost about our roadtrip to Lofoten in Norway. and watch beautiful shortfilm my boyfriend made !!! :


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  • The Redken team is making your hair look amazing. I like this one because it’s chic and it works well with the stripes.


    Reply to Monica
  • I’m a huge fan of stripes. love this look on you. great pairing with the sunglasses.
    **www.androbelinsider.blogspot.com visit me! 🙂 **

    Reply to Belen Baquerizo

    Brava chiaretta! Non hai sbagliato un look a questa NYFW!!

    Reply to ang
  • What a beautiful suit you have on today.



    Reply to Sofia

    La pettinatura è davvero orrenda, sembra una cosa fatta giusto perché non sapevano che altro inventarsi. Non mi piace la scelta della canottiera.

    Reply to Valentina Pastoressa

    Bellissimo look sofisticato e fa molto 70’s! Lo adoro, e complimenti al team redken per l’originale acconciatura!;)

    Reply to Giulia

    Love the hair style, elegant a side glance and summer at the other. Amazing suit btw

    Reply to Chiamaka Abasilim

    L’unica cosa che hai dovuto abbinare tu, cioè la borsa, sei riuscita a sbagliarla. Non c’azzecca veramente una matriosca con tutto il resto dell’outfit.

    Reply to Benedetta
  • Il team di Redken sono dei maghi , ottima acconciatura!!
    Il completo che indossi è davvero stupendo!

    Reply to Giusy
  • This striped suit is amazing! If I saw that in a shop I probably would think its too much but it looks amazing on you!


    Reply to TheMacaronAddict
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