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New York fashionweek day 5: here is my Diesel Black Gold total look I wore to the show and my Redken ready hair 🙂

Quinto giorno di New York fashionweek: ecco il mio total look Diesel Black Gold indossato allo show ed i miei capelli Redken ready 🙂

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I was wearing:


Photos by Andrew Arthur

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    You should absolutely wear more Diesel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So nice on you…

    Reply to Nina

    You should absolutely wear more Diesel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So nice on you…

    Reply to Nina

    You look great in black 😉 a little taste of rock

    Reply to M

    love reading your blog, It’s very refreshing and genuine and I really appreciate that 🙂
    anyway, would you mind to follow each other?


    Reply to ollyvia laura

    black is deffinitivy your colour!
    visit my blog

    Reply to Zosia
  • I love your style! The first and main pictures is stunning!
    Great look! Your skirt is so cool!

    Reply to Fablike
  • I love this look!

    the details on your clothes made the whole outfit look perfect!

    xx Vanes

    Reply to Vanes

    I’m usually not a fan of “total looks” as I feel they lack imagination and personal style, however this is just awesome on you, one of your best looks. You really knocked it out of the park, stylewise, at NYFW this season (last fall I was unimpressed by your super casual shorts and ball caps). Frankly, I think you could teach the Redken team a thing or two, as your own usual style is pretty great!

    Reply to Anon
  • I don’t want to say anything about the outfit, because you always look great. I want to say something about the hair. The hair style is flawless and of all hair colors you had, I like you the most with this one.
    All the best Chiara. 😉


    Reply to Milica

    Pls, ASAP are these sunglasses from this season and can I find those in Chanel stores or where 🙂 Love your look! xoxo

    Reply to Jasmina
  • omg! Chiara you look fantastic! love this outfit so much! btw this is perfect location for the photo shoot when it comes to this look!

    Reply to Sylwia
  • these chanel glasses are so stunning! you look fabulous, i loved all your NYFW outfits! <3
    Can`t wait to see what you`re up to now

    Reply to Simona Huidiu
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