Here is the last episode of Next Generation! In the previous videos we met all of the 4 designers that won, and we followed them in their creative process, we stayed close to them while they were choosing the right hairstyle and makeup, the soundtrack and everything about the show, and we finally saw the models wearing their creations during fitting time. In this episode we will discover who will be the winner!

Watch the previous episodes:

1. Next Generation: the contest

2. The winners

3. Luca Lin

4. Claudio Cutugno

5. Deyse Cottini

6. Alessandro Canti and Gianluca Viscomi

7. Getting ready for the show

8. Fitting time

9. Luca Lin Fashion Show

10. Alessandro Canti & Gianluca Viscomi show

11. Deyse Cottini show

12. Claudio Cutugno show

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