Today begins a new project for me, totally different from the others and clearly out of the ordinary. Nike, one of the absolute number one brands in the sport world, has involved me in a fantastic initiative which has immediately reaped my heart making me saying: “Yes, I am one of yours with my body and soul ;)” The 31st of May the city of Milan will host the Nike event, “We Own The Night“, the first edition of an all-female run, 10 km unusual and unforgettable, reserved exclusively for women. The departure is scheduled at 8pm from Largo Cairoli and of course I’ll be at the forefront (Will I make it through the end?). From there me and all the participants will run through some of the most important landmarks of the city: from Sempione Park to the Civic Arena, crossing Corso Como, Piazza Gae Aulenti to get to the Gabelle underpass and then return to the Castle Sforzesco. I know it will not be easy, however, girls … if I try you can do it as well! It’s not a competition, anyone can participate and even stopping before the 10 kilometres just to enjoy the show 😉 Subscribe to the run and come run with me!!
Now you may wonder, is there a training program that you can do in order to prepare yourself for the race?Yes… and that is why with my PT Sayonara we will show you in two episodes which are the best exercises for a perfect preparation! Enjoy the first video…

Oggi inizia un progetto per me nuovo e molto molto diverso dagli altri, totalmente fuori dal comune. Nike, tra i brand numeri uno in assoluto del mondo dello sport, mi ha coinvolto in una fantastica iniziativa che mi ha letteralmente folgorata e senza neanche farli finire di parlare ho detto: “Si! Sono dei vostri, anima e corpo ;)” Il 31 maggio a Milano ci sarà la We Own The Night, la prima edizione di una run tutta al femminile, 10 km insoliti e indimenticabili, riservati esclusivamente alle donne. La partenza è prevista per le ore 20 da Largo Cairoli ed io ovviamente sarò in prima linea (dite che ce la farò ad arrivare fino alla fine??), da lì le runner ed io partiremo per correre attraverso alcuni luoghi simbolo della città: da Parco Sempione all’Arena Civica, attraversando Corso Como, Piazza Gae Aulenti per arrivare al Sottopassaggio delle Gabelle e ritornare infine davanti al Catello Sforzesco. Lo so non sarà facile però ragazze…se ci provo io potete farlo anche voi, non è una competizione, chiunque può partecipare, fermandosi anche prima dei 10 km per godersi lo spettacolo 😉 Iscrivetevi alla run e venite a correre con me!!
Ora vi chiederete, ci sarà un allentamento che potete fare proprio per prepararvi alla corsa?
Ebbene sì…e proprio per questo insieme alla mia PT Sayonara vi mostreremo in due episodi quali sono gli esercizi migliori per una preparazione impeccabile! Godetevi il primo video…

Of course I understand that not all of you can have a PT, and hence because of this, Nike has come across with a perfect solution; a virtual personal trainer. From now on all women will be able to workout from anywhere with a virtual personal trainer at their disposal through tutorials and videos. Download NTC – Nike Training Club app dedicated to all trainings and suitable for all fitness levels. NTC includes over 90 exercises for your goals of toning, slimming down or building muscle mass. There are workout of 15, 30 and 45 minutes divided into three levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced)! Come on, girls 😉 It’s time to show who you really are …

Ovviamente capisco che non tutte potete avere a disposizione un PT, ma da oggi proprio per questo, tutte le donne possono allenarsi ovunque si trovino con un personal trainer virtuale a propria disposizione attraverso tutorial e video. Scarica NTC – Nike training Club, app dedicata all’allenamento e adatta a tutti i livelli di fitness. NTC include oltre 90 esercizi per i tuoi obiettivi di tonificazione, snellimento o costruzione della massa muscolare. Sono disponibili workout da 15, 30 e 45 minuti suddivisi in tre livelli (principianti, intermedi, esperti)! Forza ragazze 😉 Mettetevi alla prova e dimostrate chi siete…




I was wearing:

{“img”: “http://d3vm5uyw84ykxl.cloudfront.net/gallery/20130522/nike1b.jpg”, “url”: “http://store.nike.com/it/it_it/?l=shop,pwp,c-300/f-1014029/hf-788+792+1038437&cp=EUNS_BO_BLS_0513NSW_IT”},
{“img”: “http://d3vm5uyw84ykxl.cloudfront.net/gallery/20130522/nike2b.jpg”, “url”: “http://store.nike.com/it/it_it/?l=shop,pwp,c-300/f-1014039/hf-788+792+1038437&cp=EUNS_BO_BLS_0513NSW_IT”},
{“img”: “http://d3vm5uyw84ykxl.cloudfront.net/gallery/20130522/nike3b.jpg”, “url”: “http://store.nike.com/it/it_it/?l=shop,pwp,f-50191/sl-dunk%20sky&cp=EUNS_BO_BLS_0513NSW_IT”},
{“img”: “http://d3vm5uyw84ykxl.cloudfront.net/gallery/20130522/nike4b.jpg”, “url”: “http://store.nike.com/it/it_it/?l=shop,pwp,c-300/hf-788+1006907+1014040/t-Women’s_Training_Shorts&cp=EUNS_BO_BLS_0513NSW_IT”},
{“img”: “http://d3vm5uyw84ykxl.cloudfront.net/gallery/20130522/nike5.jpg”, “url”: “http://store.nike.com/it/it_it/?l=shop,pwp,c-300/f-788+792+1006909+1038340&cp=EUNS_BO_BLS_0513NSW_IT”},
{“img”: “http://d3vm5uyw84ykxl.cloudfront.net/gallery/20130522/nike6.jpg”, “url”: “http://store.nike.com/it/it_it/?l=shop,pwp,c-300/f-788+791+1006907+1041913%20&cp=EUNS_BO_BLS_0513NSW_IT”}

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  • […] fashion week we organized a yoga session to relax and resume concentration. I met again Sayonara, my Nike personal trainers with whom I already had the pleasure to train. The location of the session was breathtaking: Martini terrace in the centre of Milan. Just the […]

    what type of dog is Matilda? french or english bulldog ? 🙂

    Reply to Ana
  • personal training is more essential to develop someone’s health concern. because Trainer are very smart to know about the human body very well.so we can choose a personal trainer to develop ourselves.

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    Where did you get your earrings from?
    i’ve been searching for some just like those!

    Reply to Luna

    I don’t really understand this. Attractive workout clothes are awesome. They make you feel better about working out and hopefully make you look better while cover in sweat 🙂 However, a ton of makeup and jewelry doesn’t go with running. I follow this blog and assumed that you’d look great but that this partnership would show your attitude toward fitness. I can’t imagine being encumbered by that much jewelry while working out and that makeup would melt and irritate your skin. There’s always a temptation to wear a bit of makeup when working out in public, but this is ridiculous. If you’re advertising these clothes to women, you should assume they’re going to work out in there. Not put on going out makeup and jewelry and sit around going look at my pretty running shorts.

    Reply to Peach
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  • i really love your leggins and I think that it’s a very good idea to do exercise, i inmediatly go to my app store to download!

    kisses from bcn


    Reply to Aretha la Galleta

    I suppose you’re the one who wear wheels also to do gymnastics!

    Reply to Vanessa
  • Ah I really love the legging! I think I would wear it in public, just for casual, as well.

    Reply to Ginny
  • great outfit! love leggins the most, and a movie make me smile 😉

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  • You are too cute & I love that you’re participating in the run! xxx


    Reply to Christina

    your perfect make up during work out! i normally look like crap haha
    amaazing app i use the running one all the time! xx

    moustachic ♡
    Twitter/Instagram: @moustachic

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  • Zaoferuj wykrycie partie. Idź na domena deathclawów (jest na północnym wschodzie miasta) oraz dodatkowo wyzyskajże fragmenty, jakie leżą w
    pobliżu ciele znajdującym się po wschodniej partii budynku.
    Bestie zwalą ślepawe a także pod warunkiem omijasz zrzyna z dużej odległości, owo nie dodadzą ciebie.
    Zdołasz też dać się widzieć aż do biurka, istnieje w ową stronę
    kilka należytych ciuchy.

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    Oh please you should consider taking a PT for the next 12 months… You have not even the shadow of some muscles!

    Reply to

    Ma sono sicuri quelli della Nike ad aver chiamato te? Ne che hanno sbagliato numero?
    Non sei proprio la tipa che potrebbe rappresentare quel fantastico marchio…

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    where can you buy that hoodie? it’s so nice

    Reply to Alex

    EH, SI! Proprio in modalità allenamento..

    Reply to rOMINA

    To train for a race you must run. Jumping up and down with light weights will not prepare you for a race. A 10k is 6.2 miles, so I assume you will be walking after 3 min with this routine.

    Reply to Nikefreerunner

    Ma l’app per l’italia non c’è, e con account italiano non si può acquistare da diverso app store

    Reply to Stefania

    Bellissimo Blog, come sempre !!!

    Ragazze venite a vedere il mio: lesjooy.tumblr.com
    o venitemi a trovare su Instagram: Lesjooy

    Reply to Lesjooy

    do you always exercise with this much makeup or when your paid to advertise products?

    Reply to Giulia

    I started to run 3 years ago, when I was 35 years and I managed already 21km, when I was in form..it’s never too late to start. but i have to say, it all started because of cute pink Nike lunar snickers I saw in Nike store :-))


    Reply to Anya Fashionista

    The white wedge heel shoes are great, though I know Nike would never encourage running a 10K race in them!

    Reply to Jane S

    Nice shoots!
    so beautiful!
    I loved the video!

    Reply to Helena

    Hi Chiara,

    great outfit, as always!
    I have a question – I’m not so much into white sneakers, and considering either grey or steel-grey, which one from these shoes would you wear?

    Reply to Anja
  • io odio correre e purtroppo nemmeno tutti gli esercizi del mondo mi farebbero ottenere una resistenza fisica e di fiato tale da poter sostenere una maratona del genere…
    però sarò con te e con tutte le donne che parteciperanno, perché il messaggio è davvero fantastico e superpositivo!

    Reply to CHIARA

    As you have now been more candid about your cigarette smoking, I hope this commitment of ” body and soul” to Nike will encourage you to quit. I’d hoped the exercise video would have a voiceover explaining the exercises and the proper form as Sayronara seemed to make lots of adjustments while working with you. I’ll check out the Nike app. Some great looking workout clothes! That’s inspiring! And one last thing–a 10k run is not a marathon (even though it may feel like one!)

    Reply to Anon

    vestita elegante, con trucco e parrucco, sei anche carina… ma quando provi a muoverti sei inguardabile, davvero molto imbranata e con la postura scorretta; non ti consiglio una maratona, non sei ingrado di farcela con quel fisico, non sei minimamente allenata e rischi sul serio di stramazzare al suolo!

    Reply to chiara

    L’app non è disponibile nello store italiano

    Reply to Sonia

    Ma io ho cercato di scaricare quest app di allenamento ma mi dice che non è’ disponibile nello store italiano… Essendo il iPhone dettato così mi è impossibile averla??? O

    Reply to Luna

    Sorry Chiara but your moves are so shapeless….you really should take up working out. If you do so, your muscles will cooperate with rest of your body. Good appearance and walking in high heels aren’t enough for good looking

    Reply to kasia

    Ciao Chiara ( o chi per te)
    Sono Nicola Parimbelli, ho un negozio ( spin off, bergamo) e mi occupo dello sviluppo e marketing del marchio GOLD BUNNY, che reinterpreta l’iconico k-way con materiali quali la pelle, il cachemire, la seta e altro.
    Se c’è in indirizzo o un modo per fartene avere uno, sarebbe un piacere farti conoscere ( se già non lo conosci) questo prodotto.
    Se non è di tuo interesse alla prossima….
    Ciao, Nicola.

    Reply to Nicola Parimbelli

    L’app non ë disponibile sullo store italiano! La vorrei scaricare! Porre subito rimedio!! 🙂

    Reply to SMG

    …Dovrai mangiare almeno il giorno della corsa…altrimenti dopo 2 km svieni!!!!

    Reply to Elisa

    si…bhe…insomma… ecco… forse non sei molto atletica… Non fare i 10 km di corsa, ci vogliono mesi di preparazione per riuscire a correre più di un’ora…. mi raccomando.

    Reply to Eva

    Chiaretta ma che bellina che sei in versione sporty 🙂 Dolcissima!! 🙂 In bocca al lupo per la maratona!!

    Reply to Mari
  • Thanks for sharing this workout video. It’s a great inspiration video. You look amazing in your pictures.

    If you get a sec, I’d love to hear your thoughts on my latest.


    Reply to sofia
  • Ho scaricato la app ieri e con questo post mi hai dato ancora più voglia di usarla ! 🙂

    Reply to Flavie
  • Pretty cool project – I love the nikerunning app and all the projects they organize – wish I could run with you in Milan 😀

    You go girl!



    Reply to Miri
  • The run is a fantastic idea, but Nike sure does go through some extraordinary lengths for the sake of advertising. Then again, if you have the money, why not.


    Reply to Naina

    l’allenamento e il mantenersi in movimento è una cosa molto importante … avessi beccato una postura! io ci scherzerei meno su ste cose ! poi per carità … renderesti fashion anche un paio di plantari!

    Reply to ML
  • I absolutely loved the project! What a good idea to bring sport into your fashion world 🙂

    Wishing you good luck Chiara!!


    Reply to Justine

    App nike non disponibile su store italiano….

    Reply to Sma
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