It happened, again! If you follow me on Instagram you already know what I’m talking about, but for all the other ones here are the photos of my red carpet in Cannes, for the premiere of the movie “Behind the Candelabra” by Soderbergh at the 66th Cannes film festival.
I was invited to the festival for the first time in 2011, in which I wore a fairytale long Alberta Ferretti dress. This time I wanted to try something different, choosing an embroidered Emilio Pucci dress and feeling goosebumps like always on the red carpet.
Which of the looks you prefer?

E’ successo, di nuovo! Se mi seguite su Instagram ormai sapete di cosa sto parlando, ma per tutti gli altri ecco le foto del mio red carpet di martedi sera, per la premiere del film “Behind the Candelabra”di Soderbergh al 66esimo festival del film di Cannes.
Ero stata invitata per la prima volta al festival nel 2011, occasione nella quale avevo indossato un abito lungo di Alberta Ferretti. Questa volta ho voluto provare qualcosa di diverso, puntando su un abito corto di Emilio Pucci, ed emozionandomi come sempre su uno dei red carpet più famosi al mondo.
Quale preferite tra i due look?


I was wearing:


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  • You looks so beautiful! I can’t believe I missed this post. Amazing amazing! one of my favorite looks on you. You look like a super model! Love!!!!

    Reply to Olivia J.

    decisamente quello del 2011! troppo corte e le gambe insomma.. non sono quelle d sharon stone…

    Reply to miranda

    Bellissimo vestito!. Bellissimi i ricami, insieme alla trasparenza non volgare in mezzo e al teschio che da un pò di “Fuori Luogo” all’abito corto. Interessanti le maniche, diverse ma fashion. Ottimo Look!!

    Reply to Glory

    Il vestito e’ fantastico … Ma con i miliardi di scarpe che hai ,proprio le più anonime e insignificanti hai indossato ?!

    Reply to Sonya
  • Chiara sei bellissima con questo abito, credo tu abbia fatto una bella scelta!

    Reply to mary

    Obsessed with that dress! You look absolutely gorgeous!

    Reply to Sam

    TERRIBILE!!!!!!!! Per niente adatto ad un red carpet!! E le scarpe non ci azzeccano per niente!

    Reply to Sarah

    Sei praticamente nuda….ma x favore…

    Reply to yuki

    ma lo hai capito almeno che Cannes non è un evento mondano dove è figo far presenza, ma un festival del cinema :D?

    Reply to gigio

    Decisamente quello del 2011 di Ferretti! Non c’è paragone.. Elegante, sexy, romantico, speciale, da favola!!

    Reply to Michi

    The dress beautiful, although too short for the event. I would have prefered other colour of shoes. Beautiful make-up and hair. Dior ring gorgeous.

    Reply to Andrada

    Your eyes are captivating. Make up is beautiful

    Reply to Allen

    Nice dress and make up. The shoes too black, too classic NO like!

    Reply to Bella

    Ma le scarpe non vanno affatto bene … Mi meraviglio di te!!!

    Reply to DomyDo

    Such a beautiful and original dress. Though, the shoes doesn’t match so much, black pigalle Louboutins make me always think of a working girl…
    Maybe you could wear a blue dress next time? I guess you’d be amazing.

    Reply to Iris B.

    dress amazing (a bit too short but stil), just why the shoes???!?? oh why? gold/beige sandals on high heel would be much better! Such a dress and with those shoes ….such a waste !

    Reply to Anna
  • I think they’re both different. This dress by Emillio Pucci give you a sexy, sultry and elegant look on the red carpet while Alberta Ferretti’s are elegant, feminine and dream-like.

    Reply to Diva In Me

    Uuuuh, forgot to say – I Loooooove those Dior Roses Rings!! So pretty, just my cup of tea )))

    Reply to Olga

    Nipple covers!!! Helloooo!!! That’s what you forgot!! Other then that – fantastic dress absolutely You to the t!! Love beading, transparency and golden color, so perfect with your hair and your skin tone, btw I love your natural hair color, so beautiful strawberry blond, and your make up is pure perfection ! Black shoes match to the clutch , thou I kinda wanna see some studs on those shoes also)) but I dig the black ascents – that makes it more edgy .. And I love that this dress is short! Hel yea!! You should show it while you got it! Hands down this look is waaaaaaayyyyyyy better then sad boob squishing 2011 dress 😉

    Reply to Olga
  • The dress is magnificient, but i didn’t like the colour of your shoes, a nude or gold colour would be much better !
    I prefer the 2011’s look

    Kisses, Ambre.

    Reply to Ambre

    Your shoes are for working office hours, not for red carpet.

    Reply to Federica

    Certo che non ti filava nemmeno mezzo fotografo! Non ci fai una bella figura, scegli altre foto da metter sul blog!

    Reply to Federica

    Cocktail dress is appropriate I agree but this one is no-skirt much too short and transparent to be “elegant” (and being elegant I mean to be classy not well dressed)
    The shoes are nice for everyday but totally unglamorous for the red carpet.
    2011 was definitely more tasteful and gracious and honestly a nice guy wearing smoking was adding extra glamour!

    Reply to Sarah
  • I prefer this dress over the other, as it is more edgy and stands out for the event.

    However, it is super sheer, which is too distracting to really appreciate the dress. And I would have preferred a nude shoe.

    Reply to Amber

    you are gorgeous!!!and for my opinion you’re look this year is beautiful,sexy and attractive.color of the hair you have know is much better and make up more beautiful…and the dress there are no words to say how beautiful it is!
    you really glow!!!

    Reply to lena
  • I almost always adore your looks but this time even though the dress is gorgeous I feel that the final result doesn’t look polished, the shoes are a bit harsh and the fact that it’s so transparent that I can see your underwear and breasts makes the whole outfit look lees classy but your ethereal beauty definitely haves the Red Carpet allure.

    Reply to Cynthia Brizuela

    L’abito ti sta benissimo! Trucco e capelli perfetti! Scarpe banali ma secondo me stanno bene con il vestito, che però é veramente troppo corto, davvero troppo! Te lo puoi permettere con il fisico e la giovane età che hai ma é troppo corto e per di più leggermente trasparente! Bellissimo per un’altra occasione sicuramente! Fosse stato così ma lungo sarebbe stato perfetto! Ovviamente mi “dispiace” vederti senza il tuo miglior accessorio che avevi al tuo fianco l’ultima volta!! Tifavo anche io, come gran parte dei tuoi followers, per la storia d’amore a lieto fine,comunque bellissima sempre! 🙂

    Reply to SMG

    These two dresses are both magnificent but I prefer the Emilio Pucci one ! 😉

    Reply to Jade

    A short cocktail dress is absolutely appropriate for this occasion, to all those saying you must wear a gown on the red carpet. You’re a guest, not an actress involved with the movie, and the movie is made for HBO, not theatrical release. If you were going to The Great Gatsby, of course you’d wear a gown. But this is just perfect and so fresh and pretty. Especially as skulls are one of your favorite things. (Were you tempted to carry your Alexander McQueen skull clutch?)

    Reply to Jane S.

    maybe too short for a red carpet, it doesn´t make it look so elegant… anyway you look georgeous! Amazing dress!

    Reply to Maria

    The dress is just amazing but sadly a little transparent, you can see your underwear in some pictures.The shoes are okay but something in a nude or golden color would have been better. The color of your eyes is amazing but you should watch out to after your eye make up since their form must be corrected a bit you need to lift the outer point of your eye up. And even if you are having bright hair you should not forget to wax your thigh after you see it in close ups (like 4th pic). All in all I like your look you should only pay a llittle bit more attention to the details:)
    Kisses and Hugs

    Reply to mariella b.

    Non sai manco il titolo del film che sei andata a vedere. Non si chiama Behind la candelabra, ma My life with Liberace.

    Reply to Emilia

    ahah non ti cacava nessuno?!!

    Reply to F

    I liked the dress a lot until I saw the close ups and realized how sheer the dress is. Don’t really need to see your nipples peeking out between sequins, especially on the red carpet (even if its only for a tv movie). Wish the dress was lined, then it would be just perfect.

    Reply to Anon

    What can I say?
    You re perfect!
    so beautiful on this red carpet!

    Reply to Helena

    decisamente questo look! anche perchè sei diventata molto più bella 🙂

    Reply to Aurora

    I think this dress is perfect for you–it shows off your long legs, the color is flattering with your hair, and it features a skull, one of your favorite emblems. It’s also appropriate for the occasion, as you are there as a guest and an audience member, not an actress in the movie. Also, the movie is made for HBO television, not theatrical release, so a cocktail dress seems a better choice than a gown. Wish you’d chosen a different shoe, maybe a strappy gold metallic sandal. Black closed toe pumps just seem too “office/daytime” for this dress and occasion.

    Reply to Anon

    Il vestito è meraviglioso! ma non avevi un altro paio di scarpe??????

    Reply to Rosanna

    hello ..your dress is exell..but is something that i m not like it..your boo bs is on..and is not so good for you ..i think you do.nt need it…kiss i

    Reply to bessy blue

    Gold dress with black heels?

    Reply to
  • Your dress and make up are amazing. may be you should choose different shoes something more high and less classical than those. anyway you are shining as always. Kisses 😉

    Reply to

    Bello tutto, ma secondo ma non capisco il perché di quelle scarpe.

    Reply to peach

    Questo abito è da favola.. Bellissimo! Ottima scelta! Manca solo il principe azzurro che ti accompagni 🙁

    Reply to Faby
  • A mio personalissimo parere l’abito non era adatto a un red carpet…
    troppo corto… avrei optato per un vestito lungo…
    proprio perché queste occasioni sono così speciali e inusuali avrei proprio osato con un abito unico

    Reply to CHIARA

    i love how the dress fits you, but I would chose another shoes, maybe a gold sandals or something more modern. The louboutin pumps are ok, but I think that you will look better with another shoes.
    And the make up and your hair, simply amazing!!!

    Reply to ari
  • Your dress looks amazing and your legs endless 😀 Maybe, you should have opted for a little bit more “particular” shoes, something edgier, a little bit less classic…but overall, a very Cannes-appropriate outfit!! xx

    Reply to Une petite Bruxelloise
  • Thanks for sharing all these great experiences in your life with us. I was there last summer and fell in love with the people, sites and food. I love the dress that you chose to wear on the red carpet.

    If you get a sec, check out my latest post ‘Polka Dotting’. I would love to read your thoughts.


    Reply to Sofia
  • I prefer this look. The dress is wonderful and I think the color is more suitable to your complexion. You are very beautiful.

    Reply to IngChic

    Tu sei bellissima, oggi più di ieri.
    Ma l’abito della Ferretti era decisamente il massimo per un red carpet. Questo è più da concerto rock.
    Le scarpe non ci stanno bene, sia per colore sia per forma (troppo chiuse e da giorno).

    Reply to ilaria

    un look molto nude, hai sbagliato solo scarpe… casp! :S

    Reply to Zoe

    Rispetto al 2011 sembri molto più invecchiata.. L’unica cosa che salvo è il make up, per il resto abito e scarpe totalmente inadatti

    Reply to stella

    eri molto più elegante con l’abito lungo. questo è bellissimo e fin qui siamo d’accordo,ma è troppo troppo corto.

    Reply to mary
  • You look great. I love the dress and the bag…but the black shoes dont fit in with the ‘gold theme’.
    xx Stephanie (

    Reply to stephanei

    Peccato la scarpa nera, l’abito, borsa e accessori sono favolosi!

    Reply to lady

    Sorry but this outfit its all wrong. You did better.

    Reply to Alice

    Preferivo quello del 2011. Bocciato il colore delle scarpe. Bello il make up.

    Reply to Anonima
  • So beautiful, as usual, even if I prefer your 2011 dress.
    I wonder if you will to post some pictures of your Milano Birthday Party?
    It could be cool to see your new office!
    Enjoy your journey in France, the best country ever! 😉

    Reply to Lebeautemps

    Chiara sei davvero favolosa!! L’abito ti sta perfettamente.. trucco e capelli sono il top. Unica pecca.. le scarpe. Forse un bel sandalo plateau ci stava meglio.

    Reply to ang

    La Chiara del 2011 senza ombra di dubbio..con quel vestito eri una vera diva, oltre ad avere al tuo fianco Riccardo.. (nulla da togliere a questo abito)

    Reply to Federica

    le Pigalle non mi sembrano molto da red carpet… un bel sandalo gioiello no??

    Reply to

    Mmmm, bello il vestito anche se il teschio non mi esalta (ma è un teschio?….), bellissima la clutch e ottimo il trucco, non mi piacciono assolutamente le scarpe….

    Reply to jj

    A mio parere il dresscode per un red carpet,sarebbe abito lungo+capello raccolto.L’abito della Ferretti ti dava un aria molto dolce,erano solo un paio di anni fa,ma sembravi molto più giovane.Quest’ultimo ti fa molto più rock,più donna.Bocciate assolutamente le Pigalle,sia chiaro le adoro,sono perfette in altri ambiti,ma qui avrei osato sicuramente di più.E comunque cara Chiara,nonostante le critiche,assolutamente non condivisibili e bonarie,sei bellissima.Un applauso a te,che su quel tappeto ci sei arrivata,e che riesci a camminarci benissimo anche da sola 😉

    Reply to Stefania Love Massimo

    Chiara, l’abito è bellissimo e ti sta d’incanto; nei primi piani poi sei davvero magnifica, più bella che mai! Ma se devo scegliere quale abito preferisco tra questo e quello del 2011, scelgo quello di Alberta Ferretti, ricordo ancora che me n’ero innamorata completamente!

    Reply to Mari

    WOW lucky you !! Must be an incredible experience ! Love your nude make up and stunning dress !

    We are hosting together with Rosey´s Mark a beautiful GIVEAWAY of
    one of a kind handcrafted Jewelry.
    We would be delighted if your lovely readers check it out and
    may be , join in.
    Thank you

    XX Luba


    Decisamente questo chiara!! 😉 molto più rock e sexy di quello del 2011!! Sei bellissima!!continua così! 😉 😉 ciaoooooo

    Reply to Cristina

    per quanto possa essere stato errata la scelta dell abito corto …il vestito in se e’ meraviglioso.. le scarpe invece bocciate qui .. con le tue infinite possibilita ogni tanto mi cadi in un bicchiere d’acqua !

    Reply to elena

    You were all smiles and much prettier (I think) the last time you were on the red carpet for Cannes. But then again, you’re one lucky girl for being invited in such a glamorous and prestigious event – for the second time around! The first time you were even mistaken for an actress since you were oh-so-pretty!
    Really, your so popular and I envy you so much since I started following, and stalking your blog! But I know, you’re not just lucky; I know you’ve worked hard to keep up with the pressures of the blogging world. And I’m so happy for your achievements all through out your blog and everything. Keep it up Chiara!

    Honestly, I adore you so much it hurts that I can’t be you and have and experience and achieve the things and where you are right now.

    xoxo ♥

    Reply to Christine

    Perchè quelle scarpe???

    Il vestito è meraviglioso e ti sta benissimo. E sul red carpet funziona alla grande.

    Reply to Maura
  • Estas guapisima, que vestido tan bonito, es una joya.

    un beso

    Reply to nuria
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