Another lovely result of our capsule collection Werelse for MANGO was this: a 2 pages article on Teen Vogue USA, May issue, about our collaboration with Mango.
These photos were shot last January in Barcelona (the same day in which we filmed the official video) and looking at this feature makes me smile nonstop.
Find all the collection on Werelse.com
P.S: From today you can find in the widget on the sidebar my new product selection for BuyVIP (you only have to subscribe to the website to get the discounts). Good shopping!

Un altro grandioso risultato della nostra capsule collection Werelse for MANGO è stato proprio questo: un articolo di due pagine appena uscito su Teen Vogue USA di maggio riguardante la nostra collaborazione con Mango.
Le foto sono state scattate lo scorso gennaio a Barcellona (lo stesso giorno in cui abbiamo filmato il video ufficiale) e vedere questa feature continua a farmi sorridere.
Trovate tutta la collezione su Werelse.com!
P.S: Da oggi potete trovare nel widget di fianco la mia nuova selezione di prodotti per BuyVIP (basta iscriversi al sito per usufruire degli sconti). Buono shopping!


In the look I was wearing:


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  • Chiara!! Tu ovviamente sei la più carina!!! Brava!! Complimenti.

    Reply to Diana

    Wow, it is amazing how much you have accomplished with your blog! Being featured in Teen Vogue is an amazing opportunity, you are getting huge exposure!

    This really is inspirational for other bloggers like le, working hard and with passion has taken you very far! congratulations!



    Reply to E
  • Oh my God, you are so beautiful, I love your style and your coat, I think I´ve fallen in love with it..:)

    Reply to baru.

    cel'ho anchioooooooooooooooooooooo la borsa giallo fluo! amo asos si fanno sempre degli affari magnifici, specie durante le mezze stagioni.

    Reply to Anonymous

    You all look great! Congrats!!!
    This trench looks like the Burberry one… =D
    I'll buy these Werelse Wedges for suuuure!
    Kisses from Brazil!

    Reply to Hanna
  • what about a giveaway??it would be nice of you sharing a little with your followers,as you get so much sponsors because of them.i used to love your blog ,but its becoming just business..i can see theres a lot of hard work behind the blog ,and i think you deserve the benefits you get from that but it looks like you are forgetting the ones that make it possible too.

    Reply to sushja

    I agree with sushja, a giveway would be appreciated a lot!!! 😀
    (even tough I will be buying something from this collection… the wedges are simply stunning)

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  • Chiara
    • Author post

    Hey people thanks a million for all the nice words, It's a dream being featured on Teen Vogue for our capsule collection 🙂

    Reply to Chiara
  • Chiara
    • Author post

    Grazie mille 🙂
    Per coloro che chiedono: sulla gamba sinistra ho una cicatrice dovuta ad un intervento a legamento e menisco quando avevo 14 anni, non la vedo assolutamente come un difetto, fa parte della mia storia e della mia vita.

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  • you look so pretty,amazing photos!!!:-)


    Reply to Annie

    hello dear, you have a grammatical mistake in the title, it is "In Teen Vogue"

    take care you look great!

    Reply to Anonymous

    I agree with the posters above – a giveaway or charity auction of some of your "gifts" would indeed be a nice way to thank your loyal readers who have brought you all this fame and fortune. If they stopped reading your blog, do you think you'd still have all these opportunities coming your way?

    Reply to Anonymous
  • Chiara
    • Author post

    I've always organized giveaways because I thought It was legal to do it, since every blogger does them. I then was told that in Italy It's not possible to do such thing without a lawyer and without a ministerial permission, that's why I sometimes support my partners' giveaways but I can't organize my own. I think I thank my readers in every single way and everyday, and all the times I can I organize something good for them, since I owe them my success. I never forget about it and I feel blessed for what I have.

    Reply to Chiara

    I just read the article in Teen Vogue and loved that you were featured 🙂 I really love your blog, continue like this !

    Gabrielle from Canada!

    Reply to Anonymous

    these photos are made next to my home!! a putty i didn't met you! i'm a really fan 🙂

    Reply to claudia
  • Congrats Chiara and definitely extended to all 3 of you! You girls definitely deserve the applause =D

    Reply to Diva In Me
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