Brazil is one of the countries which makes me more excited everytime I visit it.. Among the amazing things that happened during my last stay there this was one of the greatest: my first cover and editorial for Top Magazine, shot by the talented Andre Schiliro. So exciting.

Il Brasile è uno dei paesi che più mi emoziona ad ogni mia visita.. Tra le cose bellissime successe durante il mio ultimo viaggio questa è stata la ciliegina sulla torta: la mia prima cover ed editoriale per Top Magazine, scattato dal grande Andre Schiliro. Emozionatissima.



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    Fotos belissimas…Mas, comparar o povo brasileiro com o povo italiano, ta dificil! Eu moro na Italia, em Milao e em nada o povo daqui se parece conosco! Podem ate ser hospitaleiros e generesos, se voce pagar, estiver em alguma estrutura privada e olhe la’. Sorriso e alegria do brasileiro, este e’ exclusivo nosso!

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  • Bellissima Chiara! E’ davvero emozionante guardare queste foto e pensare a quando ti sei vista sulla copertina di Top Magazine!

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  • Beautiful cover page. You look amazing on the cover. Congrats on all your success. God bless!

    If you get a sec, check out my latest post “Palm Tree Paradise’. They are my latest find for my summer vacation. I would love to read your thoughts about them. Thank you!:)


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    Oh I love it!!!!
    I`m Brazilian and Im so happy that you like my country and what you said about us is so nice! 🙂 And the pics are stunning!
    I live in Europe, so unfortunately I couldnt by the magazine 🙁
    Congrats, Im really happy for you!!
    kisses Gio

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    wow! very beautiful photos!

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    Wowww beautiful pictures ! Especially the front cover# amazing dress !!

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    Coro da stadio : Cambia espressione! Dai Chiara cambia espressione…cambia espressioooneee dai Chiara cambia espressioneeee!!

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    u look stunning as usual 🙂

    can you share the outfit details , especially the fringe dress 🙂

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  • Amo Brasil! Brazil changed my life when I went there to do my doctorate. It led to a marriage, my child, and cemented my love of jewelry design. It awakened my creativity and admiration for natural materials leading to the founding of my own business when I returned. I learned a new language/culture which opened up a new way of thinking and seeing fashion design. So wonderful to see you in TOP. Loved your interview.

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    You look absolutely gorgeous in the magazine!! I love that pink dress you are wearing in it.

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  • Linda! I’m brazilian and I loved to see you in a brazilian magazine. Beautiful pictures and great interview. Glad you’re interested in social causes! Congratulations for everything. Only one thing: most brazilian women do not have Chanel bag no, I think … lol kisses.

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  • My pal proposed I might this way web site. They was previously totally suitable. This kind of placed really built my evening. A person can not imagine just how so much period I had put together expended with this information and facts! Many thanks!

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    Abiti splendidi, retouch anche.
    Mi spieghi cosa vuol dire quella mano sul braccio? E la faccia da “tigre ruggente” veramente ha stancato.

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  • Un altro successo portato a casa è andato!! Complimenti Chiara!!

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    You look spectacular in the purple dress! Good job!

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    Stunning Chiara! love it

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  • No matter how stunning you look in the magazine, I found you even more beautiful at home, with hardly no makeup and a white tee.

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  • Ficaram muuuitíssimo lindas as suas fotos, Chiara!!!
    Sou brasileira e adoro demais seu blog!

    Vc é nossa It- Girl ou melhor, nossa ‘it-Ragazza’


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  • Love those pictures but right now I feel like you want to be more a model than an acutal blogger. xoxo Vanessa

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    Peccato per come riesci a rovinare scatti bellissimi con quelle pose ripetitive della mano sul braccio…veramente brutte!

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  • Wow these photos are amazing! You look stunning in all of them!!

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  • Chiara,You look so glamorous!! I’m so in love with your dress on the cover :)xoxo

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  • You look so glamorous!! I’m so in love with your dress on the cover :)xoxo

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  • Congratulations Chiara You definitely go a long way and you with the hard work, you definitely deserve a good cover =)

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  • While I really like the overall photograph on the cover of the magazine, I think that the makeup they chose for you doesn’t work particularly well. It’s a bit matchy-matchy with the dress and a bit heavy. Having looked at your blog for a while, I think you look better with lighter makeup generally.

    Still, congrats!

    Style by Joules

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    More sophisticated than ever! Pictures are stunning and that Valentino dress is the icing on the cake, thanks for all this beauty!

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    Scusa…. ma sulla catenina c’è scritto asshole…. te ne sei accorta, neh?

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  • ti adoro chiara, sei bellissima ieri ho visto il tuo video per deejay sei davvero simpatica 🙂

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  • Chiara in tutti gli scatti sei favolosa, in total black con l’aria più seria e con l’abito maculato viola più chic… bellissima!

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    You look so lovely !
    Nice looks!

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  • Oh, well, congratulations! You look absolutely stunning on these pictures! And the first shot is just perfect!

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  • Stupenda!!! Complimenti Chiara, ti meriti tutto questo successo!
    Un bacio 🙂

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    Ciao chiara, bellissima!
    Posso chiedenti un consiglio: converse alte fluo o converse UKFLAG alte, , entrambe borchiate???

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