IMG_6242Sometimes, in order to understand how modern and current something is, we have to look at its past and discover its most intimate roots. This is what happened to me last night at Louis Vuitton in Asnières, where I was invited to visit a preview of the Galerie where is running an exhibition that illustrates the  House and its evolution from the very origins to this day featuring Ghesquière and traveling across the period of Marc Jacobs, maintaining a cornerstone: the know-how of its craftsmen. I visited the home of the Vuitton family, admired the historic trunks mixed with the genius creation born from the collaborations with different artists through the years and witnessed up-close the very first bag created in their workshops; an extremely precious crocodile piece! To then enjoy the blooming garden, eating ice cream and fruit salad…yes, instead of a traditional cocktail they decided to organize a garden party with a very fresh catering. Perfect for a warm day in July! I felt part of their history, projected to the the early 1900’s when the family spent their free time playing in the meadows or sailing on the Seine 🙂 Now, this is a place that cherishes the memories and of the values of the family, its relationship with art and its savior-faire…as in an artist’s workshop that unites its history, it’s creations and the place where he meets other artists.

P.s. From the end of the month the exhibition will be open to the public. If you wish you to visit it, just go online to book your ticket!

IMG_6237LOUIS VUITTON Galerie1LOUIS VUITTON Galerie5Louis Vuitton_Patrimonio -«J.Oppenheim-2013IMG_6232Chiara Ferragni3LOUIS VUITTON MUSE¦üE ASNIE¦ÇRES5190_BDLouis Vuitton_Family House -«J.Oppenheim-1959_RVBIMG_6173IMG_6187

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  • Ok let me say something here, I’m definitely not a hater but, what if this outfit wasn’t the right one for this occasion… Just saying

    Reply to elisfa

    Amazing chiarra!! Youre my inspiration
    Im in paris now do you know if i can visit the family house? Thank you

    Reply to Isabela

    Such an interesting experience! Louis Vuitton is, indeed, one of the most respected brands. And it has a very interesting and wonderful history. I wish I was there.

    Reply to Alina
  • This is such an amazing look! The house looks so beautiful and just like my type of museum exhibition. Thank you for sharing and I loved hearing your personal insight 🙂


    Reply to Julia
  • Louis Vuitton is my absotulety favorite luxury brand, it history is amazing and the exhibition is an unique opportunity. Your outfit is pure rock, the LV is amazing, it’s really cool with a touch of a retro style. Adore these boots, they can’t be more incredible, chic and perfect

    Reply to Miss Key
  • Guardare il passato è sempre molto istruttivo per comprendere il presente, anche nel campo della moda, bellissima questa mostra

    Reply to Paola

    Love the sunglasses! May I ask what brand they are? TIA!

    Reply to Sheryl
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