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Orange and electric blue… The perfect mix for this season… In Milan It looks like summer, crazy 🙂

Arancio e blu elettrico… Il mix perfetto per questa stagione. A Milano ormai sembra di essere in piena estate, pazzesco 🙂

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    Arancio e blu elettrico… Il mix perfetto per questa stagione. A Milano nike free run ormai sembra di essere in piena estate, pazzesco 🙂

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  • you're so tall, pretty and your style is just amazing!
    You're sooooo totally my favorite blogger!

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    Banale l'abbinamento borsa, bracciale e ballerine. potevi trovare qualcosa di + originale.

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  • really a great combination! I really love it 🙂 the jacobs clutch is amazing!
    they are my favourite's season colors!

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  • i loveee that dress! and I love it even more now I know it's from primark!
    that clutch is pretty awesome to btw!

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    Nice styling! you are one of the best girls out there, that's for sure. And one of my favourite bloggers too.

    Electric blue and orange look AWESOME together, but in my opinion this shade of orange does not suit your skin tone at all. The lipstick even makes your face look tired 🙁 and the messed up nail polish is a real turn off for me, ruins the whole effect.


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    brillante e bella!
    tu mi ispirano molto soo tutti i giorni (!
    congrats su tutto

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    dovresti tirare più su il vestito, non è molto bello come cade davanti! e magari anche accorciarlo leggermente, i vestiti lunghi dovrebbero sfiorare il suolo!! per il resto bello!

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  • it's not so color-blocking as the previous post you have tried a match of this colous but I have to say my gorgeous Chiara is so perfect and simple!

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    I am coming in Milan in 2 days

    what is the weather like

    what kind of clothes should i take?

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    Gosh you always look so amazing! How do you afford all these designer bags, shoes, accessories when you're still a student lol?
    Keep looking great!

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  • Awesome Chiara!!

    You might have given all the Milanese people a shock!! Heheheh!!

    I remember when I was in Milan, people wore only blacks n grays and sometime dark purple or khaki!!

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  • It´s so unfair! I´m from Czech Republic and there is nothing! In Prague, there are a lot of shops but the their sortiments are terrible! And if I want something more then just the same peaces of clothes like every second human in the town, I have to go to some other country on west…And it´s realy unconfortable! 🙁
    But Chiara, UR an ispiration for everyone! I´m checking your blog for a long time and it´s amazing! Thanks! 😉

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    this outfit caught my attention when i saw it in the article in vogue. beautiful beautiful clutch.<:

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    è buffo che tu lo chiami Primark, noi qui in irlanda lo chiamiamo Pennies! Comunque anche io ho quelle flats di Zara, solo che io le ho prese in giallo!

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    love the bag! is somewhere a place where I can buy it ???

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