Today is Milan Fashion Week’s Day 1, and it’s time to share the secret for our choice of top accessory for an unforgettable outfit: hair! Thanks to Pantene‘s haircare regime and Meghan’s styling (she does Chiara’s hair on all important occasions), they really make a difference in the final look.

Here’s the breakdown of Chiara’s 3 favorite looks at NYFW, with Meghan’s tips on how to achieve every style. Browse the gallery to see more about each look and discover which products they used to get it!

Ponytail to the Jeremy Scott show. As soon as we saw the look Chiara picked out, we knew we wanted to create a hairstyle that was going to be up and away from her face. She was wearing a high collar, embellished sweater that looks best with that kind of hairstyle because it kept the look fresh. We went with a classic ponytail and made it a little cooler by brushing out her baby hair.

Half-Updo for the Miu Miu look. We went for a geek-chic feel with this hairstyle. We wanted the hair to complement the total look so we pulled it into a half bun instead of a full bun which can get lost in such a cool outfit.

Half Braided Updo at the Saks Event. We typically like more messy, lived-in hairstyles. But this night, Chiara wore a crisp and clean white dress shirt with smooth patent leather thigh high boots. We wanted to add texture to the look, so we created braids to do just that. We applied a frizz smoothing cream while braiding the hair to keep them smooth and clean.

Chiara’s take on the looks. I really enjoy doing simple hairstyles that highlight the awesome condition my hair is in at the moment. That’s why we went twice for half-updos. They’re the best!

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