Bye bye Paris Fashion Week, we salute you with the final goodbye to our top accessory for an unforgettable outfit: hair! Thanks to Pantene‘s haircare regime and Meghan’s styling, Paris closed fashion month in style with a few more awesome hair looks.

Here’s the breakdown of Chiara’s 3 favorite looks at PFW, with Meghan’s tips on how to achieve every style. Browse the gallery to see more about each look and discover which products they used to get it!

Messy Fishtail Braid for Chloe. Chiara loves the idea of creating hairstyles together that looks as though she could have done it herself. We sprayed texture spray all throughout the hair and braided it into a fishtail braid that looks messy and imperfect. The finished look is a play on the slept-in look with the pajama suit she wore to the show.

Ponytail for Loewe. Taking a classic hair do like a ponytail and adding a braid to it makes it a lot more interesting. Start with dry, textured hair. Divide one side of the hair into two sections. French braid the top section of the hair and tie it with an a small elastic. Pull the rest of the hair into a ponytail just above the crown. Tie with a bungee hair tie. Smooth with hairspray.

Pigtails at Chanel. The most unexpected hairstyle of them all, but hey, it looked great, we think you’d agree. Split the hair down the middle and comb through with a brush to smooth. Split a one inch triangular at the nap of the neck and pin away. Secure one entire section with an elastic. Using the triangular section, wrap around the pigtail to hide the elastic. Brush to smooth. Repeat on the other side.

Chiara’s take on the looks. It was so fun to try pigtails for once! They are usually considered childish, but I think this version is super chic and modern. I have to wear them again, soon!

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