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Last day of Paris fashionweek: the real it moment of the day was once again Louis Vuitton show, that this time also had a bittersweet taste.
Marc Jacobs, after 16 years as creative director of the maison, decided to leave his position and the stage of the show, recreating the “best of” this genius, was composed by some of the elements of the previous fashionshows: the elevators, the stairs, the fountain, the carrousel and the corridors.
The collection? Total black and enriched by feathers, sequins, velvet but also denim worn with semi transparent tops.
In such an important day I couldn’t wear anything else than Louis Vuitton: here is my outfit with the new it bag, the W bag.

Ultimo giorno di fashionweek parigina: la vera perla della giornata è stata ancora una volta la sfilata di Louis Vuitton, che questa volta aveva un sapore decisamente “bittersweet”.
Marc Jacobs, dopo 16 anni di direzione creativa, ha deciso di lasciare il suo posto alla maison e lo stage della sfilata, come per ricreare un “best of” del grande genio, era composto da tanti degli elementi degli show precedenti: gli ascensori, le scale, la fontana, la giostra ed i corridoi.
La collezione? Total black e arricchita da piume, paillettes, velluto, ma anche denim indossato insieme a top semi trasparenti.
In un’occasione cosi importante non potevo che indossare un total look Louis Vuitton: ecco il mio outfit con la nuova arrivata, la bellissima e già iconica W bag.

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I was wearing:


Photos by Andrew Arthur

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  • I love the theme of rawness rawness and the dark authenticity that you feel when looking at these pictures. Also love your outfit of course. But combining these two elements together, it is for sure a winning team!

    New stop blogging Chiara, you’re doing such a wonderful job!!

    Lots of Love,
    Stefanie Look

    Reply to Stefanie Look

    fotographicamente parlando il tuo Andrew è come uno che conosce una sola espressione facciale..boring

    Reply to marius
  • In love with this bag, hopefully one day I can have one!


    Reply to Marisha

    Just wanna say this entire outfit is fab/chic

    Reply to shandy

    Louis Vuitton’s style is absolutely unique!
    Love your jacket and w bag is wonderful!




    Reply to Dania

    It isn’t blog, it’s fasion business now, it’s boring…

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  • Your are soo Beautiful !

    Check my fashionblog on Blogspot !;)

    Follow my blog with Bloglovin

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  • I adore the top and the jacket. To. Die. For. And the hat just makes it that much better!

    Reply to Sarah
  • I love this look! It’s beautiful for Fall:) You look gorgeous!

    Personal Style: emmzielife.blogspot.com

    Reply to Emmzie

    it isn’t blog, it’s fasion business now, it’s boring

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  • Love what they did with the bag…combining a neutral colour with the recognizable LV print – genius!!

    And the you look great in black & white pictures! They’re captivating…!


    Reply to Seppy
  • Great style!
    Love the bag and the hat:)


    Reply to Anya

    you really look amazing and that’s to bad that MJ decided to leave LV!
    kisses from Poland :*
    visit my blog

    Reply to Zosia

    Ma conosci un altro aggettivo che non sia “iconico”?

    Reply to Lerouge
  • You look beautiful, a little grunge and very sexy …

    I invite you to myself;


    Reply to Sylvia
  • Wyglądasz pięknie, Trochę grunge i bardzo seksownie…

    Zapraszam do siebie;


    Reply to Sylvia

    Sempre meravigliosa ed elegante!

    Sei il top!

    Reply to Danila

    There are some nice shots here but over 20 photos of yourself is just too much. I realize your boyfriend the photographer took these, and he’s good–clearly he is used to working with professional models and knows how to direct you into more natural poses with beautiful light. Yet he would probably choose to edit out shots where your chin is lifted too high or your leg is in an awkward position. This is meant as constructive criticism, your blog will get even better if you get more discerning about the photos you post. Five perfect photos could have told the story here.

    As for the outfit, I really like everything but the hat. And I’ll pass on the bag. But the jacket is fabulous on you.

    Reply to Fashole

    Quanto sei elegante? Hai una classe sublime

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  • Paris is such an amazing and magical place! You look perfect as always and I just love your photos! You’re such an inspiration! Thank You

    Wish You a lovely Day


    Reply to Michelle
  • The effect on the pictures is stunning and I love this new bag, I had never seen this particular design before!

    Reply to Pauline
  • ********************************************************
    Amazing ! Chiara, you are the best blogger !
    I love your style 🙂
    Photos have a good quality, like in Vogue or Harper’s Baazar !
    Kisses from Poland :* ♥


    Reply to Agata ♥

    Bellissime foto!!!!
    Ma per l’anniversario di TBS non ci sarà nessuna celebrazione? come mai? mi aspettavo un bel post con tante foto di questo ultimo anno! ma poi sono l’unica ad averci pensato? Mi pare così strano… spero comunque vada tutto bene.
    Ciao ciao e Buona domenica!

    Reply to Lucia
  • incredibly chic !!! so effortless and nice 🙂


    Reply to carol
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