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Could I choose another location to shoot the photos of my Paris fashionweek day 1?
Here is how I interpretated my faux bob created for me by the Redken team (that made me want to cut my hair) and a Sonia Rykiel look.

Potevo forse proporvi una location diversa per le foto scattate il primo giorno di fashionweek parigina?
Ecco come ho interpretato il mio finto caschetto creato dal team di Redken (che di colpo mi ha fatto venire la voglia di capelli corti) ed un look firmato Sonia Rykiel.

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I was wearing:


Photos by Andrew Arthur

212 Responses to “Paris fashionweek wearing Sonia Rykiel”

  • Chaira u’re gorgeous!!! I love your style and everything that is connected with you! bag and shoes are amazing!!!

    Reply to Claudia

    Sembri una prostituta d’alto bordo

    Reply to Lara

    con i capelli corti così sembreresti più giovane e anche molto più chic, dovresti pensarci, quel lungo che hai scuro ti appesantisce tanto

    Reply to roberto
  • Beautiful coat! Very cool and chic


    Reply to Jackie
  • Wow absolutely amazing. The pictures are great and your outfit fab. Totally in love with your coat, it’s stunning. Pink <3
    And you're right about the place. Perfect 🙂

    SanneConfessions of a blonde

    Reply to Sanne
  • Sei sempre favolosa ! Questo look poi mi piace particolarmente!!!! Brava !!!!:D

    Reply to Mela

    I totally love the short hair, I think you should have it like that all the times!! it’d be a fresh change.

    only thing, I am not a fan of the fluffy shoes I’m afraid 🙁


    Reply to ron
  • You have the perfect legs for this looks. I love it and the pictures are amazing. BTW, love your hair up.



    Reply to Sofia

    Non. no, no…non tagliare i capelli per carità! sei bella anche così, ma con la tua chioma sei fantastica!

    Reply to Serena
  • I love the way you dress up and carry yourself .
    You are an inspiration and it’s a dream to meet you chiara , any plans to visit India ?

    Reply to Umair

    seriously not a fan of pink. and the purse and shoes are wrong.
    love your hairdo though!

    Reply to Sylvie

    Io non riesco proprio a capire come si possa dire che l’outfit é bello. Per carità il cappottino in sé é carino, ma sembra che si sia dimenticata il pezzo sotto, é proprio mancanza di decenza e di buon gusto…

    Reply to jj

    Cosa farai oggi a Napoli? Chiara ti prego rispondimi, sono napoletana e desidero incontrati. Un bacio

    Reply to francesca
  • Love such a pink black outfit! Not too sweet or boring at all <3
    And I love Paris but I am going to New York soon 🙂

    Reply to Blonde City

    Love everything about this look–the faux bob, the pink jacket, even the matching bag and shoes. The only thing I don’t like is the length of the jacket without seeing a skirt or pants underneath. Maybe if the jacket was more fitted, it wouldn’t look so much like you were only half-dressed.

    Reply to Anon

    wow that’s amazing! 😀
    visit my blog

    Reply to Zosia
  • I’m personally not a big fan of pink, but you pull it off very well as always 🙂


    Reply to Phuong
  • I love it! i LOVE the pink!
    You look great! 🙂 xx



    Reply to Mitzee
  • This looks remind me very strong of Carrie, but only in a good way! I remember she had the same kind of shoes, with a fluffy scoop on it. The short hair suits you so well, maybe the next step! 😉 x


    Reply to Rougeuse

    Amazinga!!!Your legs match with your furry bags/shoes

    Reply to Anna
  • OMG I am in love with that coat- it’s simply adorable! And those shoes remind me of the kind of princess shoes I used to have as a little kid (although mine were white and sparkly, not black and sophisticated..!)
    Hope you’re having a wonderful time!


    Reply to KatieJane

    D: tremenda! Sembri in mini accappatoio appena uscita dalla doccia!! Madday >_<

    Reply to Nathalie

    chiara, u look like parisian.. love it :*

    Reply to sienna
  • Your hair looks so good like that! Don’t cut it, just do this style when you want it short!


    Reply to Alyssa
  • The aux bob is gorgeous, this hairstyle suits you perfectly!!! As for the outfit, totalluy love this beautiful pink and how playful are the faux fur touches!

    Reply to Pauline

    Hi Chiara, you look so beautiful with bob!
    Love your pink outfit and your shoes are incredible!

    Have a nice day, kisses



    Reply to Dania
  • omg, u’r stunning with short hair…
    amazing location…. no othe place is more Paris then Eiffel Tower… j’adore la villa lumber!!!!
    and i’ve got a similar shoes!!!

    Reply to c h i a r a
  • I looove you look! Just so perfect for Paris streets and that atmosphere 🙂

    Reply to Lucie

    OMG yes this is everything I am loving right now.

    Pale pink is hands down my fave colour of the new season, i just wish i could actually find nice stuff for summer in it! You look AMAZING. Dying over the fluffy heels and bag too. I’ve been trying to find some classing looking fluffy heels and those are just divine.

    Keep bringing the fabulousness

    love outside is colours


    Reply to Pip
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