For the Brasserie Gabrielle Chiara wore a Chanel total look pairing it with her own brand sparkling sneakers. Bag, Chanel; tweed dress and jacket, Chanel; rouge coco new palette make up, Chanel; white embellished sneakers, Chiara Ferragni.

Photos courtesy of  Timur Emek 

Hair & makeup by Nikki Deroest

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55 Responses to “Pastel tweed: 8th look of PFW”

  • Pure CHANEL! This outfit can’t be more fabulous and parisian, it’s classic and cool at the same time. The tweed is a Chanel icon, it looks so rock with these sneakers from your new collection, interesting contrast between the elegance and the casual style. These vintage earings are pure love, they are so retro and chic. Adore the Chanel bag, it’s super fancy. Supreme

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