One of the places I love the most and I like for outfit photos in Milano is Piazza Del Carmine, near Brera. I used to come here for a coffee years before having the blog, I used to study in a bar nearby when I couldn’t concentrate at home and I used to meet some of my first business partners when this diary started to become an activity for me.
It’s a place I feel connected to, that I like to rediscover when I have some free time, like it happened some weeks ago.
An unusual look, which was perfect for this small special oasis of mine

Uno dei posti che più amo ed in cui più adoro scattare foto a Milano è Piazza Del Carmine, a due passi da Brera. Venivo qui a bere un caffè anni prima di aprire il blog, studiavo in un bar vicino quando non riuscivo a concentrarmi a casa e incontravo i primi partner di lavoro quando questo mio diario cominciava a diventare una vera e propria attività.
Un luogo a cui mi sento legata, che mi piace riscoprire quando riesco a ricavarmi un po’ di tempo libero, come è successo qualche settimana fa.
Un look insolito, e proprio per questo perfetto per questa mia piccola oasi cosi speciale.


I was wearing:


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  • Haha, I think your style looks ever so Italian in this series, it’s adorable.
    Funny, my most popular scarf creation is also called Carmine, but after the NY street, not the Milan plaza. Now I need to know more! *search search*

    X, Comtesse Sofia

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  • I’m not sure everyone could pull off this look but you definitely make it look chic! Love the pants and the jacket!!

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  • I absolutely love this look! You called it unusual, but for me it is perfect! It is tasteful, winter appropriate and comfortable! It is also something people from different ages can adapt to their style and their wardrobe, which makes it even more inspiring (from my point of view at least). As someone who has been a follower for some time now, it is very funny to see how your style has evolved =)

    My Own Project

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  • Que sombrero tan bonito y que maravilla de bolso, es ideal.


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  • very nice outfit!

    regards. I invite you to me


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    Ciao!!! faccio la visual per la Stefanel…..Si è vero noi facciamo solo eco-pelliccie!!! Quella che indossa Chiara è di capra,ed è solo stata tosata per ottenerla!!!!!! è molto bella!!! Ciao a tutte…….

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  • chiara! you look lovely as always but as a big fan, it disappoints me to see you wearing fur. especially since you’re such an animal lover! i encourage you to ask yourself whether you’re really comfortable with the idea of dozens of animals living a life of captivity & suffering a painful death so you can look cute? you’re in a unique position of influence & have the power to overturn dated, unethical, unsustainable practices in the fashion industry. i urge you to use your celebrity for good! with your styling skills, i know you can look just as cute cruelty-free. with love from los angeles, becky x

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  • I really like this outfit, especially the check trousers: great colours and the little check is very chic. I didn’t know you could customized Del Toro slippers, that’s a great idea, it made them unique. I really like their slippers, but I have to admit I have a little crush on Charles Phillip Shangai slippers: more affordable and with fun prints and great colours !

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  • It’s definitely fun and nostalgic to get connected to such a special place =)
    Love your fur jacket!

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    Le slipper con le iniziali sono favolose. Adoro questo outfit diverso dal solito. Mi hai fatto venir voglia di andare nella pizza citata perché non la conosco! Quando mi capiterà di passare a Milano ci farò un salto! Una pecca del look é l’ios smalto che proprio non mi piace. Avrei messo un colore simile a quello delle scarpe o un nero.

    Stravedo per la pelliccia!!!!!!

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  • Che bella, mi piace molto questo look specie le slipper personalizzate:)

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  • Gorgeous as always! Love the furry coat and bag♥


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    Fantastiche le slippers.. Uniche!!! Look originale ma che ti dona!!

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  • honestly girl i love it when you wear and present to us more casual looks since everyday we can’t be in heels despite the fact that we want too!
    this outfit of yours probably is one of my favorites.
    the way you styled the pijama trousers is perfection to my eyes!

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    What a pleasure to see you again with your great style!! The last months were a little dissapointing because of all the product placements, whcih made you loose your real taste and style, which we love, and for which we like to follow you!!
    Please continue surprising us like today, you look amazing!!

    in boca al lupo!

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    signori e signore, madame e messeri, squillino le trombe: che la fiera del pacchiano abbia inizio! ahah è una battuta, non te la prendere a male. buona giornata!

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    Dove lavoro io!
    In effetti è una zona bellissima, non sembra neanche Milano centro.


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    Orribile! Prima mi piacevi molto, ma ora proprio no!

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    Amazing as always! Love the outfit and your bag!


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    Ommmioddddio le pantofole alla briatore no. Ti prego, no.

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  • omg, that quilted Chanrl bag is to die for, it is simply perfect!! also love your flats!

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    you become more beautiful each day!
    and like your outfit too. anie hall style 🙂

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  • […] One of the places I love the most and I like for outfit photos in Milano is Piazza Del Carmine, near Brera. I used to come here for a coffee years before having the blog, I used to study in … Continue reading → […]

    I also took some outfitphotos there this summer after visiting the Marc Jacobs store 🙂 I agree it’s a pretty and calm location

    Great coat and hat

    new outfit post

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