Here I am again to talk you about PINSPIRE (available in different languages for each country): Pinspire is a social network based on photosharing. When you surf the net and you find a photo you really like you can keep it “pinning” it and putting in one of our personal albums. In this way our Pinspire profile will collect all our passions and interests.
The album I’m updating the most is about one of my big passions: shoes! Each time I find photos of beautiful shoes I pin them on my profile, and I also added some of my favourite photos of my shoe line, Chiara Ferragni.
At this link you can find my new profile and here you can find the italian fanpage for Pinspire, but there is one available for each country, so you can find yours 🙂
Let me know If any of you already uses it and If you find it interesting.
Share here your profiles!

Eccomi di nuovo a parlarvi di PINSPIRE (disponibile in lingue diverse in tutti i paesi): Pinspire è un social network basato sul photosharing. Quando si naviga nel web e si trova in qualche sito o in qualche blog una foto che piace davvero, la possiamo conservare“pinnandola” e inserendola in un proprio album persole. In questo modo il proprio profilo Pinspire raccoglierà tutte le immagini associate alle nostre passioni o ai nostri interessi.
L’album in cui mi sto specializzando riguarda una delle mie grandi passioni: le scarpe! Ogni volta che trovo delle foto con un paio di scarpe come protagonista le “pinno” sul mio profilo, oltre ad aver aggiunto alcuni degli scatti preferiti della mia linea di scarpe, Chiara Ferragni.
A questo link potete trovare il mio nuovissimo profilo e qui potete trovare la fanpage italiana di Pinspire, ma ne è disponibile una per ogni paese diverso 🙂
Fatemi sapere se qualcuno di voi già lo usa e fatemi sapere se lo trovate interessante!
Condividete qui sotto a questo post i vostri profili!


97 Responses to “Pinspire: my shoe album”

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  • This is a really cool tool, I already registered but I am not usinf it yet. Think I will need a rainy sunday to set up my profile:-)

    Reply to Lotta
  • This makes me think of Pinterest :)You have a beautiful collection of shoes Chiarra!I have been enjoying your blog and your style a lot!

    Reply to Colette

    thanks for sharing about pinspire – i joined recently after your first post about it, i love finding pictures and inspiration on it! 🙂 btw loved the pink miu miu coat in the last post! 🙂

    Reply to Bridg

    I guess there is little difference between this and Pinterest… but I love that this has different countries! Looking at shoes in Brazil nowwww… time for a shopping vacation 🙂

    Reply to sarah J

    I'm on pinterest myself… pretty much the same!
    But your inspirations do look great!


    Reply to Kimberly

    Chiara did u know that PINSPIRE, is a total clone of PINTERES?

    "Pinspire is the latest creation of Germany’s Samwer brothers, a trio of developers who make knock offs of American sites like eBay, Zynga and GroupOn, according to Read Write Web. Now wait for them to gain popularity overseas, and sell them to the platforms they ripped off in the first place."

    I say stop promoting this site and start using PINTEREST THE ORIGINAL SITE INSTEAD 🙂

    Either way I still love u!!!

    Reply to Anonymous
  • Hi Chiara! If I had such beautiful shoes like you, I'd also have a whole album dedicated to them 😉
    I love Pinspire, it's so much fun. And this way, I don't need to bookmark pages in order to remember the photo. I can just pin it. Love it!
    Check it out if you have some down time:

    Reply to Michelle
  • I've never heard of Pinspire before but it looks really great! I think your shoe pictures are amazing! Shoes are a girls best friend:)

    Xx Jorien

    Reply to Jorien
  • Personalmente mi trovavo malissimo, infatti ho eliminato l'account, capitava molte volte che non mi caricasse il profilo o che al posto del mio ne visualizzassi un altro… non mi è piaciuto, meglio la versione americana 🙂

    Reply to Giulia

    Ciao chiara io mi sono appena iscritta su pinspire pero ho dei problemucci non so alcune cose non le carica, comunque oltre a questo mi farebbe piacere se seguissi il mio profilo. Ti ringrazio in anticipo Carolina Padula.

    Reply to Carolina
  • Ciao!!!Io l'utilizzo (quello francese) e mi piace molto!!Perche permette alla gente di far conoscere il loro blog e condividere quello che scoprono!!
    Faccio un post nella settimana…
    Mi potete trovare a Leslie-Lucile B.

    Reply to Leslie-Lucile
  • I'm on Pinterest, I think that Pinspire is a copy of Pinterest but they're not run by the same people. You should join Pinterest there's such a huge following there!

    Reply to Bettina
  • Isn't Pinspire exactly the same as Pinterest? I've been using Pinterest for a while now and its so much fun!

    Reply to Starfish

    Seriously, I have more importanat things to do in my life. I do like to read the blog ocasionally, but it stops there. There's no need for every single it bag or shoe that comes out. No need to be brainwashed.

    Reply to Anonymous
  • finalmente un sito così! ed io che ho riempito l'hardisk di foto "ispiratrici" scovate nel web per anni! :O

    Reply to IlaRed
  • what's the difference between pinspire and pinterest?

    Reply to tina

    you should get PINTEREST… i believe its the "original" pinning and boards site 🙂

    Reply to Mariela

    Now I have to start my own shoe album there, too. My first pin would have to be my all-time favorite Alegria clogs.

    Reply to Allie

    My foot doctor is such a big fan of shoes. I bet she has a shoe album, too. Thanks for sharing all your lovely choices!

    Reply to Georgie
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