Here they are: my favourite Prada sunglasses of the season, which arrived home from Elena of Ottica Gecele. Thanks for the nice words Elena, I can’t wait to wear them!

Eccoli: i miei occhiali di Prada preferiti della stagione, arrivati a casa da parte di Elena di Ottica Gecele. Grazie per le belle parole Elena, non vedo l’ora di indossarli!



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    I don't like it! But you usually have a good taste for fashion… Continue!

    Reply to Anonymous

    only you can wear weird sunnies and still look gorgeous!

    Reply to Anonymous

    I don't know what I wpuld do for them! AMAZING! Congratulations on such a marvellous addition to your closet!

    Reply to Ari
  • Totally & utterly besotted with them!
    Please vote for me in the Cosmo Blog Awards (link at bottom of todays post) – your support really means a lot to me 🙂
    Happy Wednesday Hun xoxo

    Reply to Adele
  • They're really fun, perfect for summer. Can't wait to see a photo of you and Angie in your matching Prada shades. Wow – it must be like Christmas every week at your home with all the gifts you receive.

    Reply to Petey

    love them! what I whoul also love to see is a pre-summer bikini post, i am desperate for some inspo.

    Reply to agnes

    buon giorno. sempre bellissima. una domanda come si fa a comprare su Uniqueen? spediscono in Italia? Luis

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