For the arrival of the new Proenza bag in salmon colour I chose a different set than usual: here are my three Proenza Schouler bags on the customized bicycle that Richi’s dad created for us and gave us as a Christmas present. Since It would be stolen in a matter of days in Milan (it has already happened to me some years ago) we keep it at home. You can find his creations at this link 🙂
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Per l’arrivo della nuova Proenza in color salmone ho usato un set un po’ più alternativo rispetto al solito divano: ecco le mie tre borse di Proenza Schouler insieme sulla bicicletta che il papà di Richi ha creato per noi e ci ha regalato per Natale. Visto che a Milano durerebbe poco in strada (me ne hanno già rubata una qualche anno fa) la teniamo in casa in esposizione. Potete trovare le sue creazioni a questo link 🙂
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172 Responses to “Proenza bicycle”


    I really love your black PS1 satchel.
    Can I know if its the Medium or the Large size? and where did you get it from?

    Much thanks!

    Reply to Pauline

    Che trio fantastico!
    La new entry è favolosa! Perfetta per la prossima stagione!



    Reply to G.
  • This bike looks very modern and fashionable as desing in home 😉

    Reply to Sandra

    bellissime le Proenza 🙂 però facci vedere anche le tue Louis Vuitton o hermès dai!!! 🙂 non so quante volte te l'ho proposto xD

    Reply to Anonymous
  • The black one is my favorite.

    Reply to irem
  • Adoro Proenza Schouler, una volta ho visto il backstage di una loro sfilata ed è stato magico! E queste tre borse sono fantastiche

    Reply to Mich
  • love the bags. love the bycicle. so sweet of his father *

    Reply to Sara
  • I have to admit I had never seen a bike I found "attractive" until today (although as my boyfriends pointd out, no one ever looks for a pretty bike, just a functioning one). Anayway this bike is so sleek and simple and looks amazing with a Proenza bag on it (instead of odd and out of place). Love it.

    Reply to Material Fixations
  • Loved the way you chose to present your Proenza collection. So unique! And I'm in love with the new salmon color of the bag!

    Reply to Call me M

    Ohh, can you just give me one of them? they are so cool! wish to have one like this 3! <3

    Reply to Anonymous
  • I really appreciate people that use and wear nice and elegant art and design things! Your pics are amazing. As a designer i can say that is gorgeous when you see nice people using designs that one made and specially through these awesome pictures!
    I will definitely follow this blog! 😀

    Creative Director

    Reply to totoshkablog
  • this new bag is amazing, I love the colour so much! The bike is cool too, we would have the same problem here too – all the bikes on the street have wheels stolen!

    Reply to thankfifi
  • Great bike. Did Richi's Dad give you each one so you can go biking together or do you have to go one at a time? The coral bag is pretty, but if I'm going to drop close to $2,000 on a bag, I'd chose a color I'd be less likely to get tired of. You've got so many bags–how many new acquisitions just in the past 6 weeks?– that you don't have to worry about practicality.

    Reply to Petey
  • Bellissima borsa e originale l'idea di appenderla alla bici! Anche a Torino per strada durano poco, infatti le bici da corsa di mio marito le teniamo sotto chiave

    Reply to Paola
  • I really like the bike, I always love them! And I have to say that I´m in love with the salmon bag, it´s perfect!


    Reply to Janire y Andrea
  • ti dirò, cara Chiara…le Proenza non mi hanno mai troppo convinto. Tuttavia questa salmone è stupenda! ha un colore che mi fa venire voglia di total back e poi puff, un colpo di colore! PS io sono di milano, quota di biciclette rubate: 4 sob!

    Reply to Palls
  • Beautiful bags!! and bike!! I wish I lived in area where it was safe to ride bikes!

    Reply to My Cowlick
  • Hah! That's a really unique creation and very creative too! Great choice on the bags Chiarra =) Have fun in NYC!

    Reply to Diva In Me

    Dove e' possibile comprare bici meravigliose, cm questa??

    Reply to Anonymous

    Comprata ieri!!!! :))
    La mia prima Proenza color Salmone!!!
    Baciiiiii F-G

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  • Adoro gli oggetti in stile retro. Peccato non usarla e lasciarla in casa in esposizione, ma ti capisco benissimo: a me, a Ferrara, hanno rubato 2 bici e a un'altra le hanno rubato i pezzi!!!

    Reply to Elle .

    You havent used it yet ? The wheels are still bright white 😀
    Do you so alot of sports?

    Reply to Sarah
  • I love all of the white details in the bike, it looks so chic you almost don't want to ride it and get it dirty. And your salmon purse is amazing. I love the strap details, buckle and shape.


    Reply to Ambyr

    ke belliximeeeee ke bello kiaraaaa sn stupendixime hihihihi <3<3<3

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