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What did I do during my first day in Paris for Kenzo?
The most important reason for my visit was the presentation of the new fragrance of the brand, which will be launched this summer and unfortunately I can’t tell you anything about it yet. For the occasion an exposition by the Kenzo creative director, Patrick Guedj, was held: his photographs were completed by the writer Kid Acne, and in some months you’ll understand the reason of this collaboration 🙂 The exposition will be also open to the public from June.
Apart from meeting the main character of the new commercial, I also had the chance to interview Patrick Guedj personally. Unfortunately at the moment I can’t tell you/show you more but be patient and I promise you’ll be happy 😀

Cosa ho fatto giovedi scorso, primo giorno passato a Parigi per Kenzo?
Il motivo principale della mia visita è stata la presentazione del nuovo profumo del brand, che sarà lanciato in italia ad agosto/settembre e di cui putroppo ancora non posso rivelarvi molto altro. Per l’occasione è stata anche presentata una mostra del direttore artistico di Kenzo, Patrick Guedj, le cui fotografie sono state completate dal writer Kid Acne, e tra qualche mese capirete anche il perchè di questa collaborazione 🙂 La mostra sarà anche aperta al pubblico a partire da giugno.
Oltre a poter conoscere la protagonista del nuovo spot, ho anche avuto la possibilità di intervistare Patrick Guedj personalmente. Purtroppo al momento non posso dirvi/mostrarvi altro di tutto ciò che ho visto li, ma abbiate pazienza e sarete ricompensati 😀

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In then went to the fabolous Kenzo showroom, where I shot with 5 different outfits (you can find the first one here) that I chose from the fall/winter 2011/2012 precollection/collection, that I’ll show you soon. Definitely one of the most beautiful showrooms I’ve ever been to.

Sono poi stata accompagnata al favoloso showroom di Kenzo, dove ho scattato con 5 outfit diversi (il primo lo trovate qui) che ho scelto dalla precollezione e collezione autunno/inverno 2011/2012, che pian piano vi mostrerò. Decisamente uno degli showroom più fiabeschi nei quali io sia mai stata.

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I found Galerie Vivienne, where I had a big snack and also met two parisian followers of my blog: Valentine and Penelope, so sweet 🙂

Ho scoperto la Galerie Vivienne, dove ho fatto una sostanziosa merenda e incontrato due follower parigine del mio blog: Valentine e Penelope, dolcissime 🙂

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You saw the photos of the night here, soon also the ones taken during the second day in Paris 🙂

Le foto della serata le avete viste qui, presto anche quelle del secondo giorno a Parigi 🙂
Buona domenica a tutti!

I was wearing:

ZARA LEOPARD FLATS (from some years ago)

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  • Google…

    below you’ll uncover the link to some web pages that we feel you ought to visit…

    looks like you had a wonderful time!

    love, selina

    Reply to S.
  • how exciting it must have been! Having fun as always. I love the shot with the Russian dolls outside – so beautiful!

    I can see that orange is popping up in fashion trends for 2011 spring/summer season. Not everyone may be able or brave enough to pull a full orange dress, like you did.

    A great way to bring orange into your wardrobe is via the use of accessories like I did below.

    Inspirational, Chiara. Keep it up & thanks for sharing


    Reply to paigetheblogger.com
  • Chiara,fantastico questo reportage..
    suggestivo e fiabesco lo show room,deliziosa come sempre Paris e dolcissime le tue followers.
    tu sei bellissima,come al solito!

    Reply to marina
  • Beautiful!

    Start dreaming on dreamingthedayawaywithluca.blogspot.com

    Reply to Luca
  • Your jacket is so amazing!
    Great snaps!


    Reply to Chloe.
  • Chiara
    • Author post

    Thanks so much people to all of you! It really was a beautiful experience also this time, and I'm so blessed to be able to travel so much..

    Reply to Chiara

    Ha:D a slice of cake and coca-cola zero:D

    Btw, very nice leather jacket 🙂 love it!

    Reply to Anonymous

    amazing !! I will go to paris next week and hope I find Viviene Galery ! Please where is it ? Thanks so much if you send me your answer. And visit please lucberry.blogspot.com.

    kisses and have fun in Paris :):) loved luC

    Reply to luC
  • i have been stalking yr blog ever since i followed u 🙂


    Reply to Natalie

    Ciao Chiara, complimenti per il post! E' proprio vero..lo showroom di kenzo sembra un sogno fantastico 😉 non puoi dirci se ti hanno regalato una macaroon bag? Quale hai scelto??

    Reply to Anonymous
  • Cool pics!! 🙂 I love yout shoes! 🙂

    Chiara, I dont like the publicity in the behind part. It's so uncomfortable to read…

    Reply to IreneCandy
  • Che belle foto! La bicicletta poi è uno spettacolo!
    Aspetto il resto 🙂

    Reply to francy
  • The outfit is amazing. Admittedly, you can make anything look good:)

    Reply to Genia
  • i got myself the same pants month ago & was wondering how to wear them =)) I have some old zebra-flats which I will pair them with…thank youuu =)))

    Reply to Queen.OnSet
  • I love those green trousers! I havent seen that green on anybody before, but looks great! 🙂

    Reply to Chloe

    super jealous!! the colour of your balenciaga is amazing! and i love the giant rabbit. hope you had an amazing time. love your blog.

    xx from hong kong 🙂

    Reply to LDM
  • so so pretty! you always have the best pics to share! and u made me crave for that cake 🙁 haha 😀


    Reply to Viktória
  • you look so beautiful Chiara! and can't wait to see the interview! 😀


    Reply to Meri.
  • Fabulous pictures..looks like you had a wonderful experience with Kenso in Paris!!! Cannot wait to see the video of your interview. Love your outfit, those green pants are awesome 🙂

    Reply to Gabrielle
  • Ohww so lovely.
    I just loved these photos.
    The Kenzo showroom seems to be huge.

    Great post Chiara!! 😀

    Reply to Kath

    beautiful pictures!I love paris
    and the cheese cake looks so yummy…:P

    Reply to Anonymous

    a simple look great and i love de jacket,its phenomenal

    Reply to Anonymous
  • Love how you wore the edgy jacket with the bright green trousers. You look like having so much fun! Great pictures.

    en la moda

    Reply to Kristel Louisa
  • It looks like so much fun! I'd love to go to Paris one day. I really like the gigantic babushka dolls in that one photo they're great!

    Reply to Ella
  • That jacket is amazing. Cannot wait to find out more !!


    Reply to Lily

    love,love,love that jacket!!!!!!!!!!!

    El Noventayocho

    Reply to YO
  • awesome pics ! I wanna go to Paris ASAP! and you look stunning, beautiful outfit!


    Reply to Hanna
  • That art work is pretty fantastic. I love Japanese influence it's one of my faves. In the mean time those bags once again look delish and I love your green pants too cute.

    Reply to kate

    Welcome to our city!!! We hope you will enjoy your stay.

    /Hanna & Ammi


    Reply to Anonymous
  • Wow I love the jacket and I would've never thought to wear green trousers but it looks amazing on you ! Maybe I should reconsider it !


    Reply to Valentine
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