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  • All snaps are fabulous. Santa Barbara is the best. The sunset is totally perfect.Love the sweatshirt!

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    Santa Barbara is such a cute town! There’s so much to do and so many great places to eat in downtown or on the pier. Also checking out the college town is a MUST. Straight out of a book. You also cannot deny the shopping there – so many good pieces!
    xo Nic Mora

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    What a lack of respect for women. Everything but elegant.

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  • Haha..the sweater is just perfect!

    Natural and effortless style fits you the best 🙂

    Love it!

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    Love this look Chiara. Oooooh I also saw those beautiful Saint Laurent Boots you were wearing featured on skye .pm the new digital fashion calendar. You are such a trendsetter!

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  • The lighting is perfect!
    And so is your casual yet special look…
    I’m obsessed with the last picture and love the little Chiara stitching on your pocket 🙂
    Kisses from Germany

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    hahaha I love the tee and the bag is so fun!


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  • You are the most majestic blogger I’ve seen. Really great personality.

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  • I absolutely adore these photos! So serene and romantic.
    Lovely bag 🙂

    x Alona | gentleconfusion.blogspot.com

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