After a 17 hours travel (the flight Seoul-Frankfurt was 12 hours long) here I am back in my Milan office ready (ok, let’s say so) for this Friday full of meetings and appointments before the weekend.
I still have a lot of Seoul photos to show you (including the backstage shots of my Vogue Korea photoshoot) and this is the last “official look” worn in South Korea: the Varsity Jacket and the orange beanie were found in a short “shopping session” in Seoul, while the sunglasses are my beloved aviator sunglasses from Replay.

Dopo un viaggio di circa 17 ore (il volo Seoul-Francoforte da solo durava 12 ore) eccomi di nuovo nel mio ufficio di Milano, pronta (ok, diciamo di si) per questo venerdi lavorativo pieno di appuntamenti prima del weekend.
Ho ancora molte foto di Seoul da mostrarvi (inclusi i backstage dei photoshoot per Vogue Korea) ma questo è l’ultimo “look ufficiale” sfoggiato in Korea del Sud: la Varsity Jacket e la cuffia le ho prese proprio a Seoul in una piccola “sessione di shopping”, mentre gli occhiali sono i miei fedeli aviator di Replay.


I was wearing:


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    Ciao Chiara! Mi sono innamorata della giacca, ma non riesco a trovarla sul sito di Forever XXI 🙁 Pensi che sia un’esclusiva del negozio Koreano o è possibile ordinarla in qualche modo?
    Grazie per l’ispirazione 🙂

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    I truly like this casual outfit on you!

    Come visit my blog where I posted my magazine: GMM NOVEMBER 🙂


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  • this look really remind me of like going to a sports game or something. 🙂

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    Chiara, what was the manicure of that day?

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    Full of meetings and appointments again and again. Your traveling a lot means no stable work in one place. Richie could have been working in a real company or something, not just end up being your photographer. There’s really a need to take a photo every day? Ambitious enough or over the top.

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      • Chiara Ferragni

        Just to make it clear: he’s not only my photographer, he takes care of all the business part of the blog including different other new media projects. Thanks to this blog we created a company together almost two years ago, at the age of 25 (him) and 24 (me) and now The Blonde Salad earns enough to have 5 people working on the different projects related to it.
        We’re quite satisfied of what we’re doing 🙂

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            umble as usual.

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            sorry, I meant humble.

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    plz I didnt know that you are in seoul now. I will go to see you to seoul. so, you cant leave. stay there. where will you go to tomorrow????.? iI will be there where you are coming

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  • That is a good tip particularly to those new to the blogosphere. Simple but very accurate information

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  • […] After a 17 hours travel (the flight Seoul-Frankfurt was 12 hours long) here I am back in my Milan office ready (ok, let’s say so) for this Friday full of meetings and appointments before the weekend. I still have a … Continue reading → […]

  • So urban and chic, I love it!!…Visit urbanfashionstylee.blogspot.com and check my new post!!

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    I love the outfit!


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    Why is your jacket from Korea. I want it.


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    Hi Chiara, could you please kindly tell us what is the name/number your nail polish? Please, please please please please please please please please.. Thank you

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    What to say except that you are THE QUEEN of style changes 🙂 From high heels and elegant clothes to sneakers and sweaters. Every day when I come to the blog, I don’t know what to expect. I like it so much. Thank you for doing that! Big kiss from Serbia ! 🙂

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  • You make everything look so good! Loving this sporty, casual look. The bomber jacket and beanie are great pops of colour!

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    How cool! Natural color boots is great for an colorful fun outfit.

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    Adoro il giubbotto così! Lo sto cercando da tempo ma non lo trovo da nessuna parte! Come scarpe avrei abbinato le sneaker nere di Isabel Marrant.

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  • What a breath of fresh air….something casual and easy to wear. Sometimes, heels need a rest!

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    sei bellissima e perfetta con questo look!
    adoro le sneackers di Isabelle Marant!!!

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    Chiara, qualche vestitino per favore, apro ogni giorno il blog nella speranza di vedere il tuo corpo statuario avvolto in qualche sexy drappeggio con tacco 12 ai piedi. Facci sognare

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    Non ho dubbi: sono decisamente più belli questi occhiali rispetto a quelli di ieri 😀 bentornata!

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  • I love your style!! You look gorgous, take a look at my blog

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    Ciao Chiara,
    adesso hai un ufficio a Milano? avevamo inteso che la tua postazione lavorativa fosse da casa.

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  • Oh wow, what a great look, loving that orange beanie and college guy bomber 🙂 Hope you’re having a blast in Korea!! Btw, I just posted up a special outfit post and a reminder on just to ignore haters. I was recently very victimized in a group project and mistreated badly by some, hope you’d show your support (I rarely get this personal on my blog, but sometimes, haters do get you down).

    xx The Provoker

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    Ma tu cammini con le ginocchia sollevate? No perchè nelle foto ultimamente sembra che tu stia marciando più che camminando. Secondo me hai perso spontaneità, è un peccato. Cmq bella come sempre

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    ma quanto te la tiri chiara!??! dovresti provare a lavorare sul serio, altro che storie.

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    mmmmmmm….salvo solo i jeans e gli occhiali

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