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  • Omg, this outfit is so simple and casual but it looks so chic and fabulous. I’m in love with scarf, it brings life to your outfit

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    Love this look, it really is simple and casual but that scarf! It really brings this look to another level. I am all for stylish comfort and this is it.


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    The Hermes Shawl makes you look great. The surroundings also contribute to the freshness of everything.

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    I love the scarf and the sandals, so Mediterranean chic. And the scarf as a headwrap is adorable. Not sure why you need a Hermes Kelly bag at a cabin in the woods. And I love jeans that are naturally worn out but new jeans with manufactured rips just look like your knees exploded through them. Are all your jeans ripped? Rolled up, worn in boyfriend jeans would look great with this look.

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    So cute !! Love the boho style and the way you pose and smile in this post ; )

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  • What a great location to get away and take pictures.

    Hope you have a great day.


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    you used to have at least 5 lines of text…what now?

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  • This is a nice effortless but chic outfit. Love the way you wear the scarf as a headband with the bow.

    Kristina from mynewoutfits.com

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  • Gorgeous outfit! I love the colours and the simplicity!
    You look stunning.


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    so beautiful and sophisticated! Love your casual looks,you are very beautiful on these pictures

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  • Loooove this look on you. Can’t beat ripped denim and an amazing pair of flats. Also, the scarf lifts the whole look. Just goes to show sometimes simple is the best look of all.


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  • Look semplice e carino…non so perchè ma mi ricordi un po’ la “vecchia” Chiara Ferragni

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  • This look is just perfect, it’s simple and amazing with a basics clothes. These jeans are súper cool and these sandals are cute and fancy. The Hermes bag is absolutely beautiful, it’s an icon and I love it so much. The scarf is wonderful, you look really gorgeous with it


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