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Good Monday and good start of the week to all of you… How did you spend your weekend?
Mine was full of relax in Los Angeles: tonight I’m going to leave for New York fashionweek and I needed some super casual days, wearing beautiful yet comfy looks. These Erika Cavallini trousers and sweater looked like they were created for my sunny afternoon in Silverlake: I matched them to the orange maxi Kelly bag and golden slip-ons of my new capsule collection for Steve Madden 🙂

Buon lunedi e buon inizio di settimana a tutti voi.. Come avete passato il weekend?
Il mio è stato di completo relax a Los Angeles: stanotte partirò per New York ed avevo proprio bisogno di qualche giorno super casual, indossando capi belli e comodi. Questi pantaloni e maglione di Erika Cavallini sembravano essere stati creati per il mio pomeriggio di sole a Silverlake: li ho abbinati alla maxi Kelly ed alle slip-on dorate della mia nuova capsule collection per Steve Madden 🙂

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I was wearing:

THE BLONDE SALAD X STEVE MADDEN SLIPONS (available from February 5th)

Photos by Andrew Arthur

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  • Beautiful outfit! It is a great example of dressing up an oversized sweater. They are such great pieces to style an outfit around, very versatile. You have a wonderful blog, nice photos!

    Reply to Amanda

    ciao bellissima ma perchè il maglione ha 2 buchi ? è un nuovo trend ? giusto nuova Idea strappi anche in maglieria non più solo in denim !!! fammi sapere!

    Reply to giorgia

    hi, Chiara, I really adore your style, your blog, your lifestyle, u are an amazing person!!! but please share with us some parts from your university life, pics taken in university or while studying, or maybe the books and magazines you are reading right now, TV shows and series you watch. I guess that a lot of your followers would like you to post something besides fashion, your interests for example :))

    Reply to Ashley

    nice stairs …

    look like, you were in the small town on the rock, which prince is name …

    Can’ t remember,… what was the purplerose ?

    never mind, i forgot …

    just in case …


    is that true lolilol is entered the dictionary ?

    feel stupidier now, thanks .

    Reply to larie brice

    Apart from loving your outfit i loveeeee your hair 🙂

    Reply to
  • Ciao Chiara!
    Un look casual ma sempre bellissimo..Anche a me piace molto Erika Cavallini,l’ho scoperta da poco e me ne sono subito innamorata!La Kelly poi è il tocco chic in più!
    Complimenti anche per la tua collezione per Steve Madden,davvero bellissima!


    Reply to Isotta

    pubblichi solo commenti positivi? non accetti critiche? dovresti apprezzarle invece.

    Reply to ele

    Love this bag!!!!

    HEY! I will be so happy to see you on SALTYSTORM.
    Check out my outfits, lifestyle photos and music, subscribe here and stay updated.

    Reply to Anna Saltykova
  • Oh, how many Hermes Bags have you 🙂 ? Wow, I love this color, it’s original to see it. We always see the black, brown or white Kelly/Birkin bag. I love it !

    Reply to nice 974
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