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  • Looove that sweater! O.O And the complete outfit looks so comfortable yet sassy 馃槈

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    Ciao Chiara, non commento molto spesso i tuoi post e quelle poche volte che lo faccio 猫 per criticarli e demolirli..
    Apprezzo molto quando ti mantieni sul semplice come nelle foto qui sopra, spesso trovo i tuoi look troppo carichi, troppo esagerati o semplicemente rovinati da un dettaglio orripilante.

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  • I love this look , so simple yet efficient . your shoes line is perfection !

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    This photoshoot is absolutely amazing! I love your outfits on this shoot and i love the yellow colour of the wall, which mix perfectly with your outfit… Always perfect Chiara! xx

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  • I have been following you for so long now and have always loved your style but ever since moving to LA I feel like every single one of your outfits is so refreshing and new, makes me want to always see more!

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    Perfect outfit! Love the casualness, everything works so well :)I wish I had that kind of weather to dress to, instead of snow slush.
    Bowtie Diary

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  • I know Timur and I love his work. I can always tell wether a shot was taken by him or someone else haha. great photos and style of course!

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    You look a killer in this sweater. Is the color called bordo /or burgundy/ ?

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  • I love how you pair the sparkly neon blue flats from your line with jeans and a comfy t-shirt/sweater (or jumper however you call it) and YSL sling bag. Shabby chic I suppose is the appropriate word.

    The Celine cat-eye sunnies adds a nice glam touch to this combo. Nice!!!

    Hints of Peppermint & Chocolate

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  • Your outfit is really cute! You look gorgeous!
    Great job

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  • Really love the sweater and the jeans! And what a grorgeous place to have a shoot at! I wish you would write a bit more in your posts like you used to though 馃槈


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  • Wow the jumper and shoes are so eye catching, such unexpected details!
    Hannah x

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  • Easy and amazing look. The ripped jeans are so cool and the mix with the sweater is just perfect, it’s cute and fabulous. These glitter slippers from your new collection can’t be more fantastic, love color and I’m a huge fan of glitter shoes so I’m in love with these shoes. The YSL bag is classic and s煤per chic. These photos are wonderful


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