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In this season, but also during this time of my life, when I have to choose which colours to wear I’m kinda “boring”: I go crazy for black, grey and white and I adore total black or total cream looks.
Sometimes anyway I wake up wanting colours, like the other day in Los Angeles: Gaelle Bonheur sweater was the cherry on top.

In questa stagione, ma anche in questo momento della mia vita, quando devo scegliere che colori indossare sono abbastanza “noiosa”: prediligo il nero, il grigio ed il bianco e vado matta per i look total black o total cream.
Ogni tanto però mi sveglio con una voglia immensa di colori, come l’altro giorno a Los Angeles: la felpa di Gaelle Bonheur è stata la vera ciliegina sulla torta.

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I was wearing:


Photos by Gregorio Capineri Tosetti

214 Responses to “Silverwood Terrace”

    Hello Chiara ! May I know what kind of brand for that sunglass ? Really appreciate it if you let me know soon . Tq . Ciao !

    Reply to Ermeer Isaac

    Penso che questa ragazza abbia saputo prendere il treno giusto al momento giusto.Fondamentalmente è molto semplice creare degli outfit come questi quando si hanno buone possibilità economiche e il giro giusto.Chiara è stata fortunata e ha saputo sfruttare bene questa occasione.Il suo viso non è solare anzi la trovo tremendamente snob e presuntuosa!

    Reply to Francesca
  • Yes Please I will take a pair of those shoes and that glam Hermes… to die for! & I never even heard of LXR before… def a little jewel!
    Yasmine xx

    Reply to Yasmine Brooke
  • I’ve been in a more natural mood lately too…but its always good to have a bright day once in awhile!:) I love the purse and jacket together!:) xx

    Just recently started my own blog>>> thenucreations.blogspot.com

    Reply to Alyssa Adelle Judson
  • GORGEOUS sweater!! Love those loafers too – amazing! xoxo


    Reply to Olivia

    la vera nota di colore è senza dubbio la borsa di hermes, splendida!

    Reply to Raffa

    LOOOOVE that Electric Blue Leather Jacket!!!. Is it a Doma Leather Jacket??


    Reply to Chiara

    you have amazing body!
    visit my blog

    Reply to Zosia
  • your sweater is a m a z i n g !!!!!
    …and you have also the black “detail” on your look !!! 😉


    Reply to DECOlife

    I love the sweatshirt, I’m a magpie so I’m a fan of anything sparkly. Maybe a bit matchy-matchy with the shoes though. Love the pants and the jacket.

    Reply to Anon

    What is the brand of sunglasses pls?

    Reply to Pearl

    Bellissima la borsa anche se la felpa mi piace anche un sacco!!!

    XOXO dalla Spagna!

    Reply to Audrey 4ever
  • Sometimes a pop of color, makes your outfit really stand out, I pretty much always wear basic colors, but there are days when you just need to add that extra something, thanks for the inspiration 🙂


    Reply to Joana
  • Amazing color on your bag. What a great color you got it in.

    Checkout the Thanksgiving $75 Giveaway on my blog. Great for Black Friday.
    Hope you had a great weekend!


    Reply to Sofia
  • Me encanta la chaqueta azul, y las bailarina son super chulas


    Reply to nuria

    I love the shoes and the sweater! Really pretty!

    Reply to Marion

    I’m so in love with your amazing sweatshirt!
    Bu i think The touch of orange of The bag is absolutely perfect!

    Reply to
  • Such a lovely blue leather jacket! I have a gorgeous cobalt blue leather jacket, I wore it most of the winter as it was so cheerful! 🙂

    Away From The Blue

    Reply to Mica
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