Whether in Milan, Los Angeles or around the world, the time I spend with my sister Valentina is more and more precious through the years. Our relationship is something unique that is really hard to put into words … despite being 5 years younger than me, sometimes I notice that she looks like she’s my older sister, giving me advice or simply taking care of me. I am happy that she is following my steps in her own way and I’m so proud of her. I hope I can be an inspiration exactly as much as she is to me. I’m so proud of Valentina, of what she’s achieving, and above all of her personality: she’s very open-minded and she knows no prejudice. I love you to the moon and back little sister!

Hair and makeup: Manuele Mameli
Photographer: Lorenzo Sampaolesi
Photographer assistants: Alessio Tirapani and Marco Vignati
Special thanks to Palazzo Parigi Hotel, member of Leading Hotels of the World.

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  • You are a perfect example of sisters who support each other.Love both you girls

    Reply to Shirley

    Brava Chiara… non seguo il mondo della moda e ti ho appena trovata giuro per sbaglio su instagram, mi piacevano i vestiti ed ho cominciato a seguirti senza sapere chi tu fossi. Trovo geniale quello che fai. Ho aperto adesso il tuo blog e l ho letto tutto!!!!! mi piace tanto ! hai fatto della tua passione un lavoro e dovresti essere da esempio per tutti i giovano che perdono tempo a lamentarsi. grande !!

    Reply to ValeLaura
  • Such a sweet love letter to your sister! <3 The pictures remind me a little bit of a lovely tea time on a pink 'California Girls' cloud and yet sophisticated! 😀 Would love to see more sister looks and maybe read some sister stories of you. You both have a great chemistry!

    Love, Fa
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    Reply to Fatima Yarie

    This post miss Fra very much… lol! We miss at list word about her!

    Reply to Lara

    very sweet!
    what about FRA? whats your relationship with her? are you two close?

    Reply to tamara
  • Such a cute post!! Absolutely love the Calvin Klein pieces

    Reply to Abby
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