Thank you for these three years together, and for making them so special.

Grazie per questi tre anni insieme, e per averli resi cosi speciali.


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  • Enormously educational many thanks, I do believe your visitors will probable want further blog posts like this maintain the excellent effort.

    Reply to Arlen Charle

    Can’t watch the video in germany :(((

    Reply to Kaya

    beata te!!! tu si che ti godi la vita!!!!

    Reply to Ro

    Happy birthday!!!I love your blog… and I check it every morning!Have a great taste for fashion! have a nice day!

    Reply to Blanca

    Eri e sei sempre meravigliosa! continua cosi.. Auguriiiii 🙂 🙂

    Reply to Michela

    Tantissimi auguri!

    Complimenti per il lavoro del video e per il lavoro che avete fatto in questi tre anni!

    Reply to Beatrice

    Tantissimi aauguri!

    Complimenti per il lavoro del video e per il lavoro che avete ma sopratutto che hai fatto in

    Reply to Beatrice
  • Il video è bellissimo, ti ringrazio di cuore per questi tre anni iniseme, ricordo ancora la prima volta che ho sentito il tuo nome, e non sapevo cosa fosse una fashion blogger.. beh sicuramente la mia crescita nel campo della moda è dovuta anche a te! Non è da molto che ti seguo assiduamente, ma sbiricio il tuo blog dai primordi.. continua così Chiara! Ti auguro il meglio 🙂 <3

    Reply to Talita

    I would like to see the video, but in Germany it is blogged 🙁

    Reply to Mira

    Davvero bello questo video! Buon compleanno al tuo blog Chiara!

    Reply to maylovefashion

    chiara scusa i video sono bellissimi davvero, ma questo in particolare è troppo troppo veloce!

    Reply to Sara

    Happy 3d b-day blonde salad!Keep surprising us with your perfect blog!Lots of love from Greece 🙂

    Reply to Lily

    Great video and happy birthday one more time 🙂

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  • Happy Birthday and congratulations on your awesome video. I think you are an inspiration to other bloggers xx

    Reply to Susann

    Congrats girl! you rock! – D

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    congratulations , I look forward to you coming to Brazil, your blog is fantastic

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  • Amazing video looks like a great movie trailer! I just started following your blog for a few weeks and already see you as a rolemodel. You arereally inspiring and i hope your ambition never goes away. I cant wait to see whats next for the blond salad! 🙂

    Reply to Frida
  • Tanti auguri Chiara :)…a te e anche al tuo team.
    Un abbraccio e grazie di rendere questo blog sempre cosi’ frizzante :)!

    Reply to JASMINA

    I can’t watch the video in Germany 🙁

    Reply to B.A.

    Happy B-day to TBS.. First time that I comment, but already one year that I follow your blog daily, and you’re amazing.. Keep the good work..

    Reply to Andrea

    ma quant’è bello questo video!!!!!!
    Auguri a The Blonde salad!!!!!!

    Reply to Marina Di Guardo

    this video was so joyfull!!and inspiring too..luv it

    Reply to anisa


    Reply to P

    For me it’s incredible! You are studying, working, traveling, doing a hundred other things and you still got the time for a blog. How are you doing this?!

    Reply to sandye

    in germany we can not see your video:(

    Reply to Anna

    Chiara sei fantastica!! :* Bellissimo il video!

    Reply to Mari
  • Ohhh 🙁 Couldn´t see it because there must be some music or something like that which isn´t allowed in my county 🙁
    Happy Birthday The Blonde Salad

    Greetings from Germany
    Stefan aka SpeedTutorial

    Reply to Stefan

    Happy Birthday The Blonde Salad… and many many more <3

    Reply to Chriseda

    YOU, BRYAN and ED, all my favourite people in one clip <3

    Reply to Alicia

    Happy birthday The Blonde Salad! Just wanted to tell you that this blog is AMAZING and that the video made me so happy!

    Reply to Maja

    Happy Birthday Blonde Salad wish you the best:) kiss kiss from Portugal*

    Reply to Bia

    …Video stupendo!!!:)
    Congratulazioni e TANTI AUGURI TBS!!!!

    Reply to Chiaraa

    Been here since the beginning!!! And proud! Is that weird?? hahaha

    Happy Birthday TBS!!!

    Reply to ana
  • Da una fashion addict e mamma blogger AUGURI PER TRE ANNI RICCHI DI SPUNTI SUPER INTERESSANTI!!!
    Grazie a te anche una senior può rinnovare il proprio stile…
    Un abbraccio affettuoso

    Reply to Graziella

    can not watch it

    Reply to

    Amazing video!!! Happy Birthday!!! Greetings from Argentina!!! <3

    Reply to Andreina

    Tantissimi auguri!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

    Reply to Eleonora

    Nice Video! Happy Birthday! At first I thought TBS? Because it means something different in Holland. Thats not so nice.

    Reply to Anouk
  • this video is PERFECT! happy birthday The Blonde Salad!<3

    Reply to Annie

    Stupendo video Chiara complimentoni e continua così!

    Reply to Fabrizia
  • OH CONGRATULATIONS <3 I remember the first anniversary so good 🙂 you are adorable and you deserve everything!:) LOVE your blog!!My #1 inspiration!

    Reply to Naya

    Tanti auguri TBS!!! <3 un grazie per rendere tutte le nostre giornate "modaiole"!!

    Reply to Elena

    Concratulaitons again!!! love this video 😉

    Reply to Julye

    Bellissimo video!!! Auguriiiii! 🙂

    Reply to Sa
  • Tantissimi auguri alla mia blogger preferita!complimenti per il tuo lavoro e per tutto quello che ne consegue,perchè te lo meriti!
    Ancora tanti auguri, di cuore 🙂

    Reply to Luà

    I can’t watch it in Germany :(((
    Can you please share in flickr?

    Reply to Meg Winter

    Tantissimi auguri per il tuo blog!!! ti seguo da sempre…sei davvero bravissima perchè in tutto ciò che fai riesci sempre a metterci tanta passione…non cambiare mai!!!…I love the blonde salad!!! <3

    Reply to vero

    Semplicemente fantastico. Auguri TBS! <3

    Reply to Anna

    Sei una forza della natura,ti sosterrò sempre!❤❤

    Reply to Laura

    Happy birthday! 😀 Absolutly LOVE your blog! Such an inspiration!
    PS: Richi is suuper belissimo, you’re a lucky girl 🙂

    Reply to TG

    I LOVE the video 😀 and I also love your blog and I can honestly say that your blog is my ultimate favorite fashion blog for two years. Congratulations on everything you have accomplished and I wish you many successful projects and life choices in the future.
    You loyal Leila :*

    Reply to leila
  • wow three years are going by so fast! Congrtulation,dear <3 really looking forward to the next years with you and your bloginspiration <3

    Reply to Mona

    wow three years are going by so fast! Congrtulation,dear <3 really looking forward to the next years with you and your bloginspiration <3

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    Ti seguo ormai da due anni! Grazie a te delle emozioni che mi regali …e grazie per questo regalo:*

    Reply to Benedetta

    Tanti Auguri al Blog che seguo ogni giorno e chi mi dona allegria e ispirazione!
    Complimenti a Chiara e al TBS group!

    Spero tanto di vincere la borsa di Chloe!

    Reply to Alice

    Happy birthday, the blonde salad! 🙂

    Reply to Gabi

    Happy happy birthday!!! kisses from Buenos Aires!
    Love The blonde salad so much! 😀

    Reply to Antares

    Happy birthday!! I love your blog, keep up the amazing work!!

    Reply to WNY

    You are THE BEST! 🙂 happy birthday 🙂

    Reply to Magda

    OMG love this video
    Read your blog everyday but never post a comment but today is a special day so HAPPY BIRTHDAY TBS!!!!!
    Xx <3

    Reply to Sop_Y

    Happy happy birthday, dear The Blonde Salad. <33

    Reply to Andstei

    Chiara, it’s so beautiful. 😉 love reading your blog and wish you the best.
    happy birthday TBS ;***

    Reply to Nina


    Reply to Milna

    I love your blog! Keep doin’ what you’re doin’ 😀

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    Happy Birthday TBS. you are an inspiration. i started blogging after discovering your blog:)

    Reply to Anna
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