Yep! The Blonde Salad is not only a blog and is not only about me… I have a Crew of 12 guys under 30 who help me out everyday to make it happen! We are a bond family of young passionate guys trying always to better ourselves for you! We invited Highsnobiety.com and B&O PLAY in our office in Milan where we all touch base when we are not traveling so that they can experience the TBS fast-paced lifestyle! Here we have all our important meetings, brainstormings, but this is where we also get inspired. We connect with each and never forget to listen to music both for helping us concentrating and either chill out a bit! 😉

The story will be published even on Highsnobiety.com, stay tuned!

The Blonde Salad non è soltanto un blog e non riguarda soltanto me… Ho la fortuna di collaborare con 12 ragazzi under 30, siamo una grande famiglia che cerca sempre di dare il meglio per voi! Abbiamo invitato il team di Highsnobiety.com e B&O PLAY nel nostro ufficio a Milano, la nostra base fra un viaggio e l’altro, dove hanno potuto sperimentare la vita frenetica di TBS! Qui è dove teniamo i più importanti meeting, brainstorming, ma è anche il luogo dove siamo più inspirati. Questo è luogo dove siamo connessi l’uno con l’altro e la musica ci accompagna durante la giornata aiutandoci sia a concentrarci sia a svagarci un po’! 😉

Presto potrete trovare l’intera storia su Highsnobiety.com!





Riccardo Pozzoli, Romy Blanga, Gregorio Capineri Tosetti, Angelo Tropea, Alessio Sanzogni, Vincenzo Malinconico, Martina Maccherone, Giorgia Volpi, Carolina Cerutti, Tommaso Ricci, Cristiano Cesario.

Photos by Luigi Miano


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    Thank you Chiara for sharimg your kindness 🙂 and , yep, Riccardo is the prettiest man ever;)

    Reply to Alina

    You are so fortunate to have such a brilliant team of friends supporting you. Following your posts shows how hard you have all worked to bring you and The Blonde Salad to this stage in your career. Congratulations on a job well done!


    Reply to Kim

    perdonami ma inspirati da cosa al massimo ispirati…

    Reply to stefy
  • You have taken blogging to another level. SO well deserved that award. Very proud of you and it seems that it’s a FUN place to work.



    Reply to Sofia

    I know it’s getting boing but I still miss Richie next to you, you were such a wonderful, magical couple! You were fourishing with him!

    Reply to Blair
  • I recently read an article on Buisness of Fashion about your success, and i really liked! I wonder if there any other blogs out there with the crew of the same size behind?)))
    Anyway, good luck and keep up a good job!

    Reply to Anastasia
  • I’m trying to get my blog site to place for soke targeted key phrsses yet I’m
    not seeing really great gains. Thanks!

    Reply to tummy tuck

    Where does Matilda live these days? You travel constantly and dogs need the security of an owner, rather than going from person to person. She’s such a sweet dog. Maybe she now lives with your sisters or Mom?

    Reply to Anon
  • Great to see what is behind TBS. Great team, you are very inspiring young lady! 🙂

    Reply to Magi

    You look the most beautiful in the black and white picture with your pet dog.

    Reply to valentin antonov


    Reply to Daniella
  • Awesome, really cool pictures. Your crew looks really nice and inspirational 🙂

    Reply to Isabel
  • I am following your posts since there were only you two in The Blonde Salad. It’s so great to see how big of a team you are today. You really improved through those years of working, traveling and inspiring other fashion bloggers. Inspiration comes not only from the fashion field but from management, marketing field.

    Wonderland Backstage

    Reply to Vilija

    Your dedication is more than beautiful! I love your blog and wish the best for you.

    Reply to Carina
  • Awesome!! I love that you were able to form in into a company.
    good luck with everything!
    Xo, Belen

    Reply to Belen



    Kisses from Italy

    Reply to Alice


    My new post with a special guest is online, what do u think about?

    Kisses from Italy

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  • You look like Allison Williams (Marnie from GIRLS) in the 3rd picture 🙂 Lovely photos, and most of all, CONGRATS on your success!!!
    xo, coco | MILLENIELLE.COM

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  • so interesting to get this view behind the scenes!
    12 people is a big team, and it’s so nice of you to dedicate a post to them in a way so respectful. Often people never talk about the team, so I like this post very much.
    ciao Markus
    http://www.markusjerko.at photography

    Reply to Markus

    Siete davvero una fonte d’ispirazione!
    Un modello di Business da seguire!
    Mi piacerebbe saperne di più 🙂


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  • you’re so lucky that you have such an amazing crue!


    Reply to Sophie

    Congrats on building tbs into what it is today! It would cool to have some kind of introduction of the crew, what are their parts in the crew, who they are and how did they end up in the crew 🙂

    Reply to Emmy
  • What a gorgeous post! I hope that one day my blog will be half as successful as yours! xx arielle aribooxo.blogspot.co.uk

    Reply to arielle

    Amazing what you have achieved!! congratulations and keep on inspiring us all. Especially Riccardo’s pic is wonderful xxx

    Reply to Nadia

    how can you be so successful with such a poor knowledge of the english language?? your posts are really terrible, I don’t get it that you have a crew of 12 people and none of them is able to check the texts you write, improve grammar?

    please do something about it, either learn the language, spend more time improving your texts, or worst case scenario HIRE someone to do it for you.
    it’s really embarrassing to see you murder the easiest sentences!

    Reply to Magdalena

    Dream team actually!

    Reply to ANA

    E andrew che ti fa le foto non è incluso nella tua crew? Foto singole solo della old family :Matilda , riccardo, e tu!

    Reply to Ele
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