It was dark in Milan when THE LOOT took place. Antonia was the target of two high heeled – and sensual 😉 – robbers. The objective was to get the hottest collections of the season. The suspects were a blonde and a brunette loving “selfies”.
Like in some of my fav movies, it’s Eleonora and me starring in “The Loot” by Marco Braga + Giuliano Federico which I’m proud to introduce to you.

Era buio a Milano quando il bottino (THE LOOT) è stato sottratto. Antonia era l’obiettivo di due – sensuali 😉 – ladre dai tacchi a spillo. L’obiettivo erano le collezioni più hot della stagione. I sospettati erano una bionda e una mora che amavano i “selfies”.
Come nei miei film preferiti, Eleonora ed io siamo le protagoniste di “The Loot” by Marco Braga + Giuliano Federico che son orgogliosa di mostrarvi.

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  • Aha! What a fine idea! Just in time for Christmas. I’ll be sure to grab my best gal pal and my favorable running heels to do this. haha, I wish. Wonderful video! I enjoyed it very much.


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    i have a teen fashion blog that is becoming reall succsessful , i’d love it if you guys check it out !

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    It’s clever but why use recognizeable bloggers then cover their faces for most of the video? Also, very little product is shown and much of what is, is in the dark. I work in advertising and this would never fly here in NYC. But you do look very pretty and the behind the scenes video is great fun.

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