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If I had to suggest you a comfortable and easy to use item I’d tell you to buy a coloured shawl like the Missoni one I was wearing some days ago. I had already tried it mixed to shorts and heels last summer and on Friday I decided to match it to basic but coloured pieces. And I think I’m also gonna use it on the beach as a beachrobe or as a scarf at night, when it gets windy… Ok, I already wanna leave for the sea 🙂
P.S: Yesterday we finished the shooting, I’m waiting for the results to show them to you!

Se vi dovessi consigliare un capo pratico e sfruttabile in diversi modi ed occasioni vi direi sicuramente di comprare uno scialle colorato come quello di Missoni che ho indossato qualche giorno fa. L’avevo già provato abbinato a degli shorts e tacchi l’estate scorsa e venerdi ho invece preferito mixarlo a capi basici ma colorati.
E penso lo sfrutterò anche come pareo in spiaggia durante l’ora dell’aperitivo o come sciarpa di sera, quando sale il vento.. Ok, ora ho già voglia di partire per il mare 🙂
P.S: Ieri abbiamo finito il servizio fotografico, attendo ansiosa di vedere i risultati e di poterveli mostrare!

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  • Oh, my, I never knew that you had done an article about shawls! My whole blog is dedicated to shawls and scarves: scarves.comtesse-sofia.fr

    My favourites are shawls with colourful patterns!

    X, Comtesse Sofia

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    I like the lipstick :-)! Which company is it?

    Reply to Maxi
  • You look so lovely ;D Sometimes I wish I were higher and the some time is now :D!

    Reply to Anna

    I love the honeycomb pattern and all those colours!

    Reply to JK
  • Always love your outfits! So chic. Just by looking at the pattern of the shawl, I knew it was one of Missoni's great creations.

    Reply to Elizabete
  • Le ballerine e il trio di bracciali dorati/ramati/argentati ecc.. son veramente carini;)

    Reply to Chàrmel

    Le stampe Missoni sono senza tempo, splendide!
    Allora dicci: dove andrai al mare? 😀

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    Love it sooo much!!!
    you really know how to mix up things!!!
    but tell me how do u manage to overlook all the things, i m sure my wardrobe´s maybe half as big as yours and i m really getting desperate looking for things and also forget most the things i have!!
    do u have a clue for me??
    love, carolin

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  • i love your lipstick and nail polish!!!
    please tell me what brands and what colours?


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    Hi, I love your rouge's colour 🙂 what is the brand and number of its ?

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  • Chiara
    • Author post

    Hi beauties!
    The lipstick is by Diego Dalla Palma, they make wondeful ones!

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    Cm mai nn parli di Vanity Fair??!! Mi sn persa qlcosa o proprio non l'hai menzionato..

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    Ciao Chiara, potresti dirmi il colore esatto delle ballerine di Lolita?

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    mm.. sec me qualcosa non funziona, credo sia il colore della borsa con quello dei pantaloni..

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  • wonderful outfit. love the bright colors together with the colorful highlights. very chic <3

    Reply to Mariloé

    just.. wow!
    ti dona un sacco!
    stai benissimo e ti invidio questo scialle da morire!
    brava chiara


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    hey what is the color of your nailpolish and lipstick?

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    Hei Chiara,
    Le ballerine sono bellissime, ho visto che ne hai un sacco di "lolita".
    Io uno le repetto, ne ho un sacco, ma qualche volta rimango delusa dalla qualità. Le tue di che marca sono?


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  • love the shwal, love the celine bag, love the pics…
    beautiful post as usual!!!!!!….
    Oh and btw happy b day.. sorry about the delay….

    Reply to Ramalhoni

    Bello lo smalto!!! Mi potresti dire di chi è?! Lo vorrei comprare! Grazie!

    Reply to AliceG.

    Adoro le stampe di Missoni, e questo scialle è veramente bello ed elegante!

    Reply to ely

    ti trovo meglio con un trucco semplice, che con il rossetto rosso!

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    Cosa ne pensi del mio nuovo outfit scelto per un weekena a FIRENZE???????????

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  • great outfit¡ i like the colour of ur pants and the handbag too.


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    ciao, che bel rossetto! posso chiederti nome e marca?

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    I am in love with your nailpolish and lipgloos 🙂
    Can you tell me where did you bought it or wich brand it is? Thank youu

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    Auguri…con un po' di ritardo.

    Ma dove posso trovarla la Celine Bag..in negozio a Milano??

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  • the shawl is amazing ! I adore shawls ! I have like dozens of them and use them both for going to the beach or going to a glam party !

    alexandra @

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    Chiara ogni volta che leggo sussulto

    "tacchi basici" (dall'inglese BASIC), ma in italiano "BASICO" è accezione chimica (il contrario di ACIDO) o minerale (di ROCCIA basica) del termine. tradurrei in SEMPLICI. o qualcos'altro, ma NON basico.


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    totally in love with this outfit!! I love those pastel colors, so perfect for Spring/Summer 🙂 every single piece matches perfectly with the others, and I particularly love your Celine bicolor bag, so stylish and eye-catching!! The Missoni shawl you already showed us last summer is so fresh and colorful…just one word: perfect!! I'd love to have it in my wardrobe 🙂

    winning choice and can't wait for the photoshoot results as well


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  • Love the print of the Missoni and LOVE the bag !!


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  • The shawl is simply gorgeous and it looks magnificent on you! Love how you styled it with a white shirt and pastel jeans – just stunning.

    Kel @ ser·en·dip·i·ty

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    Chiaria whats the brand of the nailpolish you're wearing? please please let me know. You look absolutely beautiful

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  • this shawl is beautiful! no wonder of course, it's missoni! i really love their brand, i've seen they're great advertisements all over magazines lately.

    Reply to Ella

    non mi piace quel rossetto, è un pugno nell'occhio
    ti vedo molto stanca in questi giorni, mi sa che avremmo tutti bisogno di partire per una bella vacanza rilassante!


    Reply to Anonymous

    Love the Missoni and L-O-V-E the Celine bag, but the outfit together.. it feels a bit like you had an episode of ADD! The outfit under the shawl looks very preppy and sweet in pink neutrals, then the bag is an obvious color block factor (and in THE color of the season, orange/coral), throw in the shawl and the wayfarers and you get the '70s vibe.. When you can dissect your outfit in 3 different very identifyable spring trends.. it's time you take out one accessory.. or two. 😛

    Reply to Katsy

    wow one of the best outfits ive seen!! love the shawl

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  • Awesome shawl! I love Missoni and you know exactly how to combine it to make the best of it. Bravo!!

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