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Great start of the week beauties.. I’m still dreaming of the weekend I’ve just spent home, in Milano. A weekend spent in the sun with my best friends and an energy which is difficult to describe. One of those weekends that warms your hear and make you leave happier than ever.
And where do I go this time? From tomorrow back in Paris for a Dior project, from Thursday in Los Angeles and then Brazil.. To come back home to Milano and leave again for Basel, Berlin and Coachella.. #theblondesaladneverstops is the most serious hashtag I’ve ever created 🙂
This is one of my weekend looks after the fashion month: super comfortable, all about contrasts and details.

Buon inizio di settimana dolcezze.. Io sto ancora sognando il weekend appena trascorso a casa, a Milano. Un weekend passato al sole con amici e con un’energia difficile da descrivere. Uno di quei weekend che ti riscalda il cuore e ti fa ripartire più felice che mai.
E dove riparto? Da domani Parigi per un progetto legato al mondo Dior, da giovedi Los Angeles e poi Brasile.. Per poi tornare a Milano a fine mese e ripartire di nuovo per Basilea, Berlino e Coachella.. #theblondesaladneverstops è l’hashtag più serio che io abbia mai creato 🙂
Questo uno dei look del mio weekend dopo il mese della moda: super comodo, tutto giocato su contrasti e dettagli.

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I was wearing:


Photos by Riccardo Pozzoli

250 Responses to “Think I’m addicted to your light”

    Your pictures are so perfect! Love that dress 🙂

    Reply to Lisa
  • That’s a cool pair of shoes and I love how you matched it with this outfit.
    When I saw the name of the photographer, it brought me back to old times again. Well, TBS is very lucky to have him running the show. You both are talented.

    Reply to Diva In Me

    Really love the pics from Richie!you look fresh, happy!do more photos with him!

    Reply to Juliana
  • I really love your blog but I have one question about your lifestyle. How do you handle it to travel that much? Don’t you get homesick? and isn’t it terrible to live out of a suitcase? lots of love from austria 🙂

    Reply to alexandra
  • WOW! I was looking at the pictures thinking: She looks very “she” in these pictures and thinking who had taken these pictures and it was Riccardo. 🙂 He and Greg are my favorite photographers of you. The woman that took your pictures with the furry gloves didn’t capture you well, I think! All my best, Chiara!!

    Reply to B* a la Moda
  • Love the blue orientated look, with that pop of coral on the ears! The lace trimming of the dress is feminine and sophisticated, while the messy slip-ons are casual and cute! Stunning!
    Melody x

    Reply to Melody

    Gorgeous!!! Riccardo really knows how to take out the best of you…

    Reply to Aliki
  • stunning! <3 u r always lookin' hot.
    love the sneakers, rly ! <3

    and i'm so happy that u had a weekend off, u really deserve it. like the time spent like this.

    xoxo A.

    Reply to STOPexisting
  • love you beauty and your slipons :)!!


    Reply to Sophie
  • your hair is ALWAYS perfect!
    your shoes are perfect too ahh

    Reply to

    earings and sunglasses are amazing!

    Reply to fashionsbit
  • I’m in love with that bag, so pretty perfect for spring, and those earrings are lovely.

    Reply to Elle
  • Love your look and your sneakers are perfect to jump into spring.

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend.


    Reply to Sofia
  • Really confortable outfit. It’s true that you never stops but I’m jealous. I hope you’ll show us all about your trips. Kisses.


    Reply to Omayra

    all really nice, like all your posts, but i can’t stop staring at your legs, why don’t you wax/shave them?

    Reply to Iola
  • I love the lightning in the pictures. Pretty outfit too!

    And I really love the picture where you can see the photographer in the reflection of your sunglasses.

    Reply to Made by Carlijn

    Really Cool Website, nice pictures…

    Reply to Chris
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