Coachella is definitely one of the most beloved festivals for celebrities, and we also expect it eagerly every year, to get inspiration from their beautiful, hyper-creative makeup and hair looks that are just perfect for summer. The basic rule for these looks is that they are eye-catching, but still simple and that they don’t stress out your hair too much. The risk here is for styling to damage your hair too much, which is why it is vital to use products that protect your hair’s hydration and shine, like Pantene’s line containing Formula-V, which will protect your hair each and every day.
Looking for ideas for your festival hair? You can get inspired by Chiara, who sported 3 basic, yet super cool hairstyles in Coachella: you must copy them!

Wave look. To obtain natural-looking waves, like the ones you get when you go to the beach, spray your hair with saltwater spray: this will lend your hair a beautiful texture. Then, grab your straightener and create soft waves on your hair when it is almost dry. This technique is absolutely infallible!

Messy bun. Super chic, and easy to reproduce. Tie your hair in a high ponytail, and wrap the ponytail to create a small chignon on the crown of your head. Steady your bun with a hair-tie or some bobby pins, and decorate it with some ribbons to give it a gypsy touch — Chiara picked light blue ribbons. The secret for the perfect messy bun is not to pull your hair too much, leaving it looking a little messy, and soft. Leave two locks hanging on the side for a very chic, yet natural-looking result.

Half updo with space buns. These mini chignons are super cool, and this version which leaves part of your hair down is good for any occasion, not just for festivals! They are very easy to copy: leave the lower half of your hair down, and divide the upper half of it into three locks that you will roll onto themselves, to create mini-buns that you can steady with a few bobby pins. A last tip? Why not try this with braided hair, too?

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