Tiffany&Co is one of the brands I’ve always linked to important moments in my life: I still get really touched at the memory of my first Tiffany silver necklace that I bought when I was nineteen, and every time I travel there is my loyal Tiffany dog chain I bought five years ago to keep me company and make me feel safe as the perfect good luck charm.
This is why I’m so happy to share with you the Tiffany Atlas collection, that you’ve already seen me wearing on Instagram: a sophisticated, chic and elegant collection. Comprised of 45 different models in silver, white gold, rose gold and yellow gold as well as diamonds, which is so iconic thanks to the roman numerals, symbols of a timeless quality.
A perfect collection for everyday life, perfect to make your everyday looks unique.
Something to add? Of course: during New York fashionweek I’ll be one of the hosts of Tiffany&Co special event for this timeless collection.. A dream come true!
Can’t wait to share more news about it!

Tiffany&Co è uno dei brand che da sempre collego a momenti importanti della mia vita: mi emoziono ancora al ricordo della mia prima collana d’argento di Tiffany, comprata con i miei risparmi quando avevo diciannove anni, ed ogni aereo che prendo lo condivido con un ciondolo di cagnolino di Tiffany che indosso ormai da cinque anni, diventato appunto il mio portafortuna per ogni mio viaggio.
Proprio per questo sono veramente emozionata di condividere con voi la collezione Atlas di Tiffany, che già mi avete visto indossare su Instagram: una collezione sofisticata, chic e dall’eleganza semplice. Caratterizzata da 45 diversi modelli in argento, oro bianco, oro rosa ed oro giallo e diamanti e resa iconica dagli iconici numeri romani, simbolo di una qualità senza tempo.
Una collezione perfetta per la vita di tutti i giorni, capace di rendere unici i look quotidiani.
Qualcosa da aggiungere? Certamente: durante la fashionweek di New York sarò una delle ospiti speciali dell’evento di Tiffany&Co dedicato a questa collezione senza tempo.. Un sogno diventato realtà!
Non vedo l’ora di poter condividere con voi ulteriori news..


Chiara Ferragni in Tiffany&Co Atlas collection

Photos by Andrew Arthur
Hair and makeup by Nikki de Roest

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  • […] would have never thought, when I bought my first Tiffany charm, that I would have found myself collaborating with the brand for their “Atlas collection”, and I would have never imagined to host the event they organized in the iconic 5th Avenue store […]

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  • I went to get a necklace for myself yesterday at the Tiffany store and saw this collection. I think it’s pretty. Maybe I shall get something from there again when I travel to another place =)

    Reply to Diva In Me
  • I absolutely LOVE your darker hair and the make-up! Very good job by H&M artists! Perfect match for Tiffany & Co.

    Reply to Sophie

    Complimenti!!! Te lo merito tutto!!!

    Reply to Sa

    Hi Chiara! I’ve been one of your fans since the very begining. I’m definitely very happy for you that you’re evolving and that you love that you do and you do what you love. However, I do miss old Chiara: sponteneous, happy and down to earth. I find that before you were expressing your own ideas about beauty or the way you saw it (even though some of your looks were “love it or hate” as you were used to call them ) and it was exciting to follow your new projects, adventures, big life events. Please, don’t misunderstand me, but right now I feel that there is a disconect. Even though in your (edited) pictures you look perfect and absolutely stunning, I miss your ”less than perfect” and fun photoshoots because there was desire and excitement in your eyes. I hope very much that you read this comment and take it consideration. I’ve been following you for what you are. I can always look through Vogue if I ever want to look at advertisement and see perfect pictures. To make myself clear, posts like this one are absolutely normal, but please, have some ‘simple’ posts from time to time. I miss them and I’m sure that there are many others who feel the same. All the best. Love, Olena

    Reply to Olena

    neo molle in rilievo sul collo…orrore!!!!

    Reply to spiny

    I absolutely love Tiffany, how lucky are you 😉

    When are u gonna introduce Andrew arthur??!! That’s weird for us

    One last thing: please stop whatever you’re doing with you eyebrows, it’s too dark and awful honestly, you’re Chiara not Cara!!

    Reply to Sue

    hey, im one of your fans since 2011,and i do know you always love tifanny&co, but honestly, i don’t see the passion from your words anymore, and it just gives me the feelings that you are just advertising those pieces.

    Reply to YOUR FAN

    All of these pieces are just gorgeous. I will always love Tiffany’s.

    Reply to Sam
  • I miei complimenti per la tua splendida carriera. Hai saputo gestire ogni impegno e hai lavorato tantissimo e in maniera ammirevole. Sei stata fautrice in tutto e per tutto del tuo successo!
    A chi ti giudica di aver perso la tua personalità rispetto agli esordi, rispondo che secondo me la tua è stata una splendida evoluzione da bozzolo a farfalla.
    Ti auguro il meglio e spero che tu possa continuare così. 🙂

    Reply to Mariangela Santucci basta pubblicità! Vogliamo la vecchia Chiara!

    Reply to Maria

    I’d love to have necklate from Tiffany! ;*
    visit my blog

    Reply to Zosia

    Gorgeous! I may have to pick out a piece from the Atlas collection for myself.

    Reply to Stephanie
  • Beautiful pictures of you and the jewelry is amazing.


    Reply to Sofia
  • Beautiful pictures of you and the jewelry is amazing.


    Reply to Sofia
  • Fabulous jewels ! I love this brand and I have the dog chain too ! 🙂

    Reply to Caro*

    no cartier love bracelet anymore 🙁

    Reply to Agata

    I’m love!!! Only it!!!

    Love you Girl!!!

    xoxo Fernando!!!
    From Brazil

    Reply to Fernando Single

    I’ve Tiffany accessories

    Reply to Ashley

    Sei bellissima Chiara e non vedo l’ora che cominci a pubblicare post del Vietnam 🙂

    Reply to E

    Roman numerals are symbols of timeless quality? Huh?

    Reply to Anon

    Ma cosa mai avranno di iconico i numeri romani?!
    Mi associo a Elisa….io ho la fede matrimoniale di Tiffany (la Torque di Frank Gehry) ed è specialissima, ma non tutte le ciambelle riescono col buco. Questa collezione non sa di niente.
    Splendida la foto n. 1, il tuo primo piano con i capelli scuri. Una meraviglia.

    Reply to michela

    you’re beautiful ! 😉

    Reply to

    You really suit the darker hair, it makes you look so sophisticated, elegant & very pretty.
    You look a bit like Jacqueline MacInnes Wood.

    Reply to Summer

    un consiglio: usa aggettivi!
    La frase “resa iconica dagli iconici numeri romani..” fa venire i brividi. L’italiano è la tua madre lingua, potresti metterci un po’ più d’impegno!

    Reply to Giulia
  • Amazing look… Love the new hair, makes you more glamorous… I always knew you were gonna go far! since even before openning your blog and showing your looks on lookbook!!! You got great style Chiara!!! Cheers to that!
    Check out my blog!! The Art Sartorialist: Reality Check
    You can follow me also, on bloglovin and on my Facebook Page!!!

    Reply to Giuliana

    Ed io che credevo che peggio dei cuori non ci fosse niente! Nulla contro di te, ma questa collezione è pessima…Ely

    Reply to Elisa
  • Such an elegant, simple, yet chic collection! And Love your hair, you’re chic as ever, Chiara! Kisses from Spain! :*

    Reply to Beauty Frizz

    You almost look like a brunette in this photo! Beautiful collection though!

    Reply to Elja

    Tutto bellissimo ma posso consigliarti di rivedere la sintassi del paragrafo scritto in italiano? È scritto veramente male. :/

    Reply to Deb
  • Am I the only one, but I think Andrew’s Pictures are just tooo much edited .. but I LOVE Tiffany&Co as well ! 🙂

    Check out my lates Blogpost about the CLA 200 🙂

    Reply to Sammy
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