Here I am with a special Christmas gift for you: the video of the wonderful Kate Bosworth’s performance of the iconic ‘Winter Wonderland’ created by Topshop,  inspired by the famous piano scene with Michelle Pffeifer in ‘’The Fabulous Baker Boys’’. Kate wears a custom-made Topshop evening dress that she designed in partnership with the Topshop Design Team, the dress and shoes will be available as a special made to order on in conjunction with the new Topshop store opening in LA in Feb 2013. If you like the song you will be able to download it here. Really thanks to Kate for her unique hello to us!

Eccomi con un pensiero natalizio molto speciale per voi: il video creato da Topshop della meravigliosa performance di Kate Bosworth della canzone “Winter Wonderland”, ispirata alla famosa scena del pianoforte con Michelle Pffeifer in  ‘’The Fabulous Baker Boys’’. Kate indossa un vestito da sera Topshop che ha personalmente disegnato insieme al Design Team del brand e sia il vestito che le scarpe saranno disponibili su nel febbraio 2013 in relazione all’apertura del nuovo store in LA. Se vi siete innamorate della colonna sonora del video potrete scaricarla qui. Un grazie mille a Kate per lo specialissimo saluto che ci ha regalato!

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    so.. yeah, they spelled merry christmas in spanish wrong

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    You are such a lucky girl, Chiara!

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  • Now I really want to see the movie~the fabulous baker boys! This dress is divine!

    -Lauren at adorn la femme

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  • This truly is amazing. So perfect and I lovee Kate and Topshop hihi♥ x

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  • Ciao Chiara!
    I have come across your blog a few days ago and I am in love with it!!! You are not only extremely beautiful (and have the cutest boyfriend in the world who I want to steal (haha don’t worry mine isn’t too bad either)) but you are also a great inspiration to all of us. I am through half your blog posts already but luckily have quite a few I still need to read.
    I have only just started my own lifestyle blog recently and would love to hear ur opinion on it, as u are the expert! I know you are super busy and lots of people ask you the same thing but If you do find a spare minute I would be grateful if you could have a look at it:
    Keep up the great work, tanti baci da Manchester

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    Thank you!

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