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Summer means relax but you don’t have to stop completely. My holidays in LA are the perfect situation to push my limits and improve my training skills. I had the chance to do it with Nike on the amazing beach of Santa Monica, under the magical atmosphere of the sunset lights… These kind of exercises can be done with a trainer or even alone with the N+TC app by Nike, that allows you to have a virtual personal trainer for every kind of need or every kind of workout.

Estate è sinonimo di relax e staccare la spina dai miei impegni lavorativi ma non significa fermarsi. Le mie vacanze a LA sono infatti anche il momento per spingere sempre più in là i miei limiti e migliorarmi. Ho avuto la possibilità di farlo nella suggestiva cornice di questa città, in questa spiaggia a Santa Monica dove mi sono dedicata ad una sessione di Yoga con Nike in questa magica atmosfera alle luci del tramonto… Questo tipo di esercizi possono essere svolti con un trainer oppure anche da soli grazie ala N+TC app di Nike, che permette di avere un vero e proprio personal trainer virtuale per qualsiasi esigenza o tipo di allenamento.

Chiara Ferragni Nike training Malibu Air Max 1Chiara Ferragni Nike training Malibu Yoga 1 Chiara Ferragni Nike training Malibu Air Max 2Chiara Ferragni Nike training Malibu Yoga 2 Chiara Ferragni Nike training Malibu Air Max 3Chiara Ferragni Nike training Malibu Yoga 3 Chiara Ferragni Nike training Malibu Yoga 4 Chiara Ferragni Nike training Malibu Air Max 4Chiara Ferragni Nike training Malibu Yoga 5 Chiara Ferragni Nike training Malibu Yoga 6

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Photos by Andrew Arthur

128 Responses to “Training in Santa Monica with Nike”

  • My home! I love working out in Santa Monica as well. Especially when nights are cool and running along the beach is perfect. Nike is my brand of choice as well. Thanks for sharing!

    Reply to Ellese L

    Well, you never stop completely , no matter the season. The blue outfit photos are hilarious, at least some of them, but I’m not in the right mood for making fun.

    Reply to valentin antonov
  • I really love those blue leggings, not sure if they would look as great on me right away, but I do need to get back into the swing of things with my training. I would love to try it on the beach in LA! Such glorious sunshine. Still we have amazing beaches here in Perth too.
    xx Jenelle

    Reply to JENELLE
  • Such great photos Chiara! Love the photo of you on the bench listening to music!

    Reply to Melissa
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  • Some really beautiful shots, and the Nike gear is my absolute favourite for working out in the public space – it definitely gets you feeling active and fresh! 🙂 🙂

    Reply to Gemma
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  • Whoops… currently feeling incredibly guilty for the tortilla chips I’m eating now and the sneakers I accidentally left at work last week! Wish I was somewhere that scenic to go running as well.

    Reply to Diana
  • that is incredible.
    amazing shots- you look fantastic
    LOVE Nike sportswear.. especially the shoes- too amaze
    great post
    thanks for sharing
    e d i o t

    Reply to ediot
  • All these photos are inspiring! Your body is ultimate and you do a great job promoting the brand. Well done 🙂

    Reply to Jillian


    Reply to Daniella

    I wish I had beautiful places to workout on the beach like that! I love your clothes. And the nike training app is the best!


    Reply to Kim
  • Wow, great place to do some yoga exercises:) Wish I was there as well!:))) The colour of your trainers just the one I would choose.

    http://www.I love polish

    Reply to Sylwia

    Chiara le foto sono sempre molto belle
    Ti preferivo in vesti più naturali…ma avendo la possibilità di affidarti a trucco/parrucco e outfit firmati fai bene
    Il profilo instagram lo apprezzo di più

    Reply to elena

    bravissima !!! e poi in questa favolosa spiaggia viene molto più semplice ;;))

    Reply to valentina
  • Amazing pics! I want doing yoga during the sunset too!
    I love Nike’s outift!

    Reply to Asia
  • Nike is my absolute Go-To when it comes to working out! Love their tights and trainers 🙂

    Reply to LisaLDN

    Adoro lo sport e l’attività fisica perché migliorano ed accrescono le nostre potenzialità fisiche e psichiche. Le tue foto sono molto suggestive e bellissime come sempre !!!

    Reply to Eli

    I like the colour of both outfits – the blue and the red one. You have some funny gymnastics there, in one you look like a ninja! Of course , in your place I would have prefered a nice swim, but that’s when you need to exercise your muscles. Best photo for me: the first below the text /and the fifth/.

    Reply to valentin antonov
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