My favourite song as background sound of my favourite time of the day: the sunset.
That time where It’s not day anymore but not even night, that time where reality and dreams mix together and everything becomes possible. The sunset power, the power of that magical light.
A year ago, in one of my many trips to Los Angeles, wicked by one of these sunsets, I expressed the wish to live there, to create myself a life in the city of my dream. Now, this wish is becoming reality, and I have a little talisman at my neck that makes me think about it everyday: Amulette de Cartier.
I look at Downtown LA skyscrapers, breathe loudly, smile, touch the necklace lightly… This perfect moment is real.
Unlock your wish.

La mia canzone preferita come sottofondo nel momento preferito della giornata: il tramonto.
Quell’ora in cui non è più giorno e non ancora notte, quell’ora in cui realtà e sogni si mescolano insieme, e tutto, veramente tutto, ti sembra possibile. La forza del tramonto, di quella luce soffusa e cosi magica.
Un anno fa, nei miei tanti viaggi a Los Angeles, stregata da uno di questi tramonti, avevo espresso il desiderio di vivere li, di crearmi una vita nella città dei miei sogni. Ora, questo desiderio si sta avverando, ed io ho un piccolo talismano al collo che ogni giorno me lo ricorda: Amulette de Cartier.
Guardo i grattacieli di Downtown LA, respiro forte, sorrido, sfioro la collana.. Questo momento perfetto è diventato realtà
Unlock your wish.


I was wearing:


Photos by Andrew Arthur
Makeup by Nikki DeRoest

167 Responses to “Unlock your wish”

    This Cartier necklace is beautiful! Can you please tell me which size of the Amulette de Cartier you are wearing in these photos (as there are three sizes)? Thankyou!

    Reply to Amelia
  • Chiara, I just adore your style! That necklace is beautiful and timeless, as is the rest of your style. I also wanted to let you know that you are a huge part of what inspired me to start my blog, and that your blog is the first one I ever read.

    You are simply fabulous! 🙂



    Reply to Julia


    Reply to silvia

    Concordo pienamente con Florence, tutto troppo perfetto,tutto troppo costruito

    Reply to alessandra
  • The oversized blazer is cool, and just like all, amazingly loving the new layout, way more mature and it was about time!! By the way, you should check out my newest outfit post featuring an ‘on trend’ linen suit, Céline SS14 check knit skater shoes, and the CHANEL S/S14 GRAFFITI BOY BAG from the runway!!! Guaranteed to be one heck of an outfit, please tell me what you think!!! #PROVOKED

    xx The Provoker

    Reply to The Provoker

    Marketing, marketing, marketing…!!
    The words are nice for sure… But there is a little bit too much of that melody about how you achieved your dreams and we should all go for it…bla bla bla
    Having some poetic moments is nice, having this kind of writing on all blogs gets boring… !!
    And somehow doesn’t sound true to me anymore…
    I just feel like relax guys with this comedy, just be a bit more yourself! It’s good to have nice “mise en scene” … But god I miss the fresh spontanity of the beginning!!
    And don’t misinterpret me (if anyone ever reads this) I love your blog, I have great respect for the wonderful job you have achieved… But I feel you are turning into the ‘chiara ferragni’ marketing product … I miss the girl !

    Reply to Florence

    and Kristina from Kayture was bragging about how she was the first blogger to eeeever work with cartier.I’m happy you don’t do that

    Reply to joy
  • beautiful look! loving how you styled the cartier necklace. Such a classic and beautiful piece! I love cartier, I have the Cartier love bracelet and I wear it all the time! Gorgeous as always!

    Reply to Angie Wilson
  • Cartier is one of the most beautiful brand of jewelry, and that necklace is just perfect on you, you know how to show the best way of the necklace!


    Reply to It's About L.A
  • Wow, Chiara, these pictures are absolutely stunning. The sunset just brings that one flair with it, which makes the photos even more special. Really like it! xx

    Reply to Rebecca
  • Your posts and photos are gorgeous. I just recently subscribed, thank you for all of your hard work!

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    Great photos, beautiful outfit. Just not sure what the Cartier necklace has to do with unlocking your dreams or the sunset? Are you leaving Milano for Los Angeles permanently?

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  • Love love love! Great photography and beautiful necklace.


    Reply to Avanti
  • Really beautiful text, loved reading it!!
    And your new amulet seems so cozy and makes you proud to wearing one of them!
    Wish you all the best for your dreams coming true and for your new life you are making in LA!
    Europe miss u,
    best wishes from

    Reply to albert
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