I had the luck to visit United States several times (first with my parents and then with Richi and friends) but I never had the chance to realize my dream: Usa coast to coast. We’ll leave in 7 friends and we’ll arrive in San Francisco in 11/12 people, driving all the way from New York. We only booked a couple of hotels and all the trip will be adventurous: we’ll switch from big cities to small towns, we’ll sleep in flats, hotels, motels and hostels. I will only bring one suitcase and one handbag… And I’m sure so much is gonna happen 🙂
I’ll try to keep you updated with Instagram, with my different social networks and of course also with the blog.. Here are the stops (which are still to be confirmed) that we tried to plan, let’s see If we can make it 😀

NEW YORK 27-30 July
DETROIT 1st August
CHICAGO 2-4 August
ST.LOUIS 5th August
OKLAHOMA 7th August
LAS VEGAS 12-15 August
LOS ANGELES 16-19 August
SAN FRANCISCO 20-23 August

Let this adventure begin!

Ho avuto la fortuna di visitare numerose volte gli Stati Uniti (all’inizio con i miei genitori e poi con Richi ed amici) ma mai ero riuscita a realizzare questo sogno: il coast to coast degli Usa. Partiremo in 7 ed arriveremo a San Francisco in 11/12 amici, compiendo tutto il tragitto rigorosamente in auto. Abbiamo prenotato solo un paio di hotel per ora e tutto sarà molto avventuroso: passeremo da grandi città a paesini sperduti, dormiremo in appartamenti, hotel, motel ed ostelli. Io partirò con un solo trolley ed un bagaglio a mano… E chissà quante ne succederanno 🙂 Cercherò di tenervi aggiornati tramite Instagram, i canali social e naturalmente anche qui sul blog.. Ecco le tappe (molto teoriche) che ci siamo prefissati, vedremo se riusciremo a rispettare il planning 😀

NEW YORK 27-30 Luglio
DETROIT 1 Agosto
CHICAGO 2-4 Agosto
ST.LOUIS 5th Agosto
LAS VEGAS 12-15 Agosto
LOS ANGELES 16-19 Agosto
SAN FRANCISCO 20-23 Agosto

Che l’avventura abbia inizio!

DSC_4931 copia
DSC_3591 copia
DSC_2247 copia
DSC_3694 copia
After Ralph Lauren

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    So amazing!!!

    I done this last year and it was so crazy and big adventure. I love the States and Good luck to you!!!!

    Reply to Mariya

    I loooove the USA and I’ve already visited some of the places you will go. I’m jealous, I want to go there too!

    Reply to Dea
  • Wow, that’s so great! I’d love to do a road trip like this. Have much fun and I’m so looking forward to see all the pictures of your adventure! xx

    Reply to Rebecca

    That’s so cool! Its always been my dream to go to the US. I hope one day I can do such a trip like this one. Can’t wait for the updates. Have a nice trip !!!

    Reply to Adèle
  • Lucky! A coast-to-coast road trip is on my bucket list, too.

    Have the best time! Lovely pics 🙂

    Reply to Jayde

    ahh you’ll be coming so close to me! have a blast in the US

    Reply to
  • Hi Chiara!

    Safe travels! I’m familiar with Oklahoma and from the San Francisco area so if you need any travel recommendations please feel free to message me!! Have an amazing time!

    Reply to Lisa
  • One of my biggest dreams is to do a road trip in USA; I would probably stay a few days more in a few cites, thought. Have fun and enjoy each city and landscape 😉

    Reply to Micaela
  • You’re skipping the best state- Texas! You would love Dallas.

    Cheers, Elizabeth of The Corner Apartment

    Reply to Elizabeth
  • Wow! It should be a great time! I’ve actually never done a cross country road trip and I live in the US!

    Reply to Molly
  • You should try to visit Austin or New Orleans if you can. There’s also Marfa, Texas. Some of the coolest cities in the states!

    Reply to Natalie
  • Lucky girl! I’ll travel to Europe in October, for 20 days, and I can have only one suitcase and one handbag!!! What do you have in your Suitcase? I have so many questions about what I have to bring with me!
    Make a post about it. I’m sure it will be a huge success 😉

    Reply to Flávia
  • Wonderful trip !! My parents will go in Boston and Niagara falls in September (they love USA, each years, they go in a different part of United States !!).
    You are very lucky, hope that your enjoy your travel !! 🙂

    Reply to Caro*
  • Hi Chiara! I love your blog and have been following it for a long long time, but this is the first time I have ever left a comment! You arrive in NYC today!!! I live in NYC so I am especially excited! I hope you have an absolutely amazing time, be safe, and take plenty of pictures! 🙂 Ciao for now!

    Reply to Nikki

    hope you had an amazing time! cute outfits!


    Reply to Mady

    Really, this is the best way to see our beautiful country. Each state is so different. Often, people just go to NYC, SF, LA or Miami, but you have to see the small towns and countryside, too. Your photos are gorgeous. Visit again. Try the deep south and southwest next time.

    Reply to Julie

    che bello! adoro l’America! divertitevi! 😀

    Reply to Chiara
  • OMG you are so lucky. It’s my dream to do a road trip in the USA just like you guys will : visiting small to big cities… I’ve been to NY twice and spent a week end in Boston, I just felt in love with this country. There is so much things to do.
    I’d love to do the same in South America. It’s different but it looks amazing with so many great places.

    Have a lot of fun and it would be great if you could share some pics with us.
    Kiss Andie 😉

    Reply to Andie
  • WOW!! Beautiful pictures & what a fun road trip plan!! I can’t wait to see how the Americans react to such a beautiful stylish Italian~~ Also if it’s in your itinerary, you should come north to Seattle in Washington (my hometown!!) after San Francisco! In August and September, it’s the most beautiful place in the world.

    Reply to Shireen

    Make sure you try Slows Bar BQ in Detroit. They have the best food! My favorite is the sandwich called the Reason, but I heard the Yardbird is also to die for. In fact the Yardbird was recently named one of America’s best sandwiches by the Travel Channel. l’ve traveled many places including Asia and Europe and their sandwiches are truly some of the best I’ve had! Hope you don’t miss out and bring your fabulous fashion to Detroit!

    Reply to jeein

    OMG I live in the US and still have a coast to coast roadtrip on my bucket list! I live near Detroit in Michigan and I’m so happy that you’ll be stopping by! I would love to hear the places you’ll be visiting and if you have any questions on some amazing restaurants or places to see, shoot me an email! Can’t wait to see the pics and follow your trip across the USA!

    Reply to Ashley

    Sounds like a blast! Love the shorts. What’s your plan in Springfield, IL? I’d love to run into you!! 😀

    Reply to Deanna

    well, welcome to Chicago!

    Reply to k
  • I arrive in Chicago on the 4th!!! Remember..San Francisco is ALWAYS chilly!!!! Maybe our paths will cross!!!!

    Reply to Maggie
  • That sounds like an amazing trip! I’m sure you’ll have the time of your life.
    Can’t wait to see your updates from the trip!

    Reply to Call me M

    you are so lucky you to live the life you live! i’m jealous of all your travels. you should make a stop in our nation’s capital, Washington, DC & maybe even come further south to Atlanta (Georgia — where I live) to get some good southern cooking, and then go further south to Miami (Florida) for the beaches/nightlife. Can’t wait for the pictures and blog posts. xoxo

    Reply to Lena
  • I’m excited for you and a bit jealous that you get to see my country coast to coast (as I’ve never done before). But I’m excited to see all your adventures. I assume the Springfield you’re stopping in is Missouri’s. There are a whole lot of Springfields (The one here in Ohio is supposed to be the Simpson’s one). You must make an effort to go to the vintage shop Red Velvet in Springfield, Missouri. It’s run by the girls who write the blog A Beautiful Mess, and it’s very cute.

    Reply to Célèste of Fashion is Evolution
  • You must visit San Diego! It’s my home town and America’s Finest City. I promise you will not regret it!



    Reply to Michaela
  • ah my beloved nyc! we were there a week ago during a heat wave!!!! did something really stupid went all the way to alphabet city for edi and the wolf for lunch! but it was closed for lunch, not one single subway station in the neighborhood! anyway, new favorite places: fat radish, the nomad hotel and restaurant, the breslin!

    Reply to absolutely mrs k
  • Have a wondeful trip Chiara !!! It’s going to be great !!! 😉

    Reply to Rouge
  • You’ll be in oklahoma 3 days before my birthday!! Do you know which part you’re coming to? Hopefully, OKC (Okc trumps Tulsa!)

    Reply to Regan
  • I can’t wait to be inspired by all your pictures! Wish I could meet you in person. You inspired me to open up my online jewelry store. Continue the great job Chiara!

    Reply to Mika

    Chiara che meraviglia…. Sarò curiosissima di vedere le tue foto (e i tuoi outfit ovviamente!)
    PS: nella foto in gonna nera sei FORMIDABILE! 😉

    Reply to
  • Oh dear, I’m so jealous -not in a mean way-. I really would make a trip like that and those shorts are amazing!



    Style Route

    Reply to Marleen
  • Wow, lucky girl! It’s always been a dream of mine to do this “coast to coast” road trip and I LIVE IN THE USA haha Maybe when I’m more accomplished I’ll be able to! Have fun, I’ll definitely check in on your blog for this great adventure you are about to embark on!!!


    Reply to Mayuly Kamphan

    You should come to San Diego 2hrs south of Los Angeles, Im pretty sure you’ll love it.

    Reply to Gaby

        CHIARA U SHOULD DEF GO TO SAN DIEGO! there is no place like it!

        Reply to Maryann

    Chiara! This is actually the first time I’ve commented on anything but I am a HUGE fan of the Blonde Salad and of yours, and now your finally coming to San Francisco!!! I know you’re not going to do a meet-up with all your followers in every one of the cities your going to, but is there any way you could let us know where you’ll be ahead of time? I am dyyying to meet you lady! Your trip sounds dope and hope you have a safe flight to NY tomorrow! xx

    Reply to Grace

    I would love to meet you when you come to new york! It’s my birthday tomorrow, July 27th, and we are going to the brand new hotel down there called Revel- we have 3 suites & vip at the club HQ! I am going to be 25.


    It would make my day!

    Reply to Maryann
  • SO JEALOUS! I love road trips althought I have never driven from New York to California… I have gone from Minnesota to Texas. Fun road trips… always an adventure. Also, LOVE Las Vegas and Chicago!

    Reply to Rachel
  • Hi Chiara,

    I would love to meet you when you are in Los Angeles.


    Reply to Laura
  • Wow what an amazing trip you have planned! My hometown is Chicago and it’s amazing in the summertime. I’m sure you’ll love it! (Although it will be super humid). Safe travels. Can’t wait to see your pics!
    EF xo

    Reply to Erika
  • OMG so jealous. I live in California and have always wanted to do that! Can’t wait to live vicariously through you and follow your journey!

    Reply to Kristen

    betata te!!! domani altro esame e poi ho finito gli esami della sessione estiva.. speriamo vada bene!!!

    Reply to je
  • Wow!! You are so lucky!! I have also been several times at the USA and have family there, but never did the coast to coast route…it is one of my dreams too!! Maybe next year, because we live now in Cancun and it is easier than when we lived in Spain!
    So, enjoy!! And lots of photos please ;))

    Reply to Mónica - Mes Voyages à Paris Blog

    will you be making any appearances in Springfield, MO? I would love to meet you. You have so many fans in the Midwest.

    Reply to Angie

    Chiara!! You will be coming through Kansas City, Mo after leaving St. Louis which is my hometown! You have many fans in middle America! Enjoy this very memorable trip.

    Reply to Angie

    Wow, that is awesome Chiara. I live in the US but I have visited only three out of those cities. Albuquerque is one of them but I would recommend Santa Fe instead, it’s only one hour away. can’t wait to see your pics. Good luck!

    Reply to Laura

    non puoi perderti San Diego!! è una città stupenda, spiagge incredibili, diversi quartieri, molti dall’influenza messicana. una California totalmente diversa rispetto LA e San Francisco! te la consiglio vivamente!!

    Reply to Ann
  • That is absolutely amazing that you get the opportunity to do this! I am really looking forward to keeping up with your trips via social media!

    Reply to Maggie

    You will be in Chicago Lollapalooza weekend! Have such a great time – if you need any pointers, let me know! 🙂

    Reply to meredith
  • Have fun coast to coast… next time, Canada is a must! Take the train and travel across my home and native land, and meet up in Toronto! I’m so excited to see photos of your adventures, it’s a great time to visit North America!

    Reply to Natalie
  • Freddy is right. I live in Albuquerque and you and company should go to Santa Fe, an hour north of here. It is much nicer. Enjoy your trip!

    Reply to Lynda Ashley
  • Your blog is perfect! I just noticed your new blog template 🙂
    Hope you have fun in America!!!!

    Reply to Napat

    veramente che avventura! vorrei farmi piccola piccola x venire cn te,che sogno,questo è il grande sogno mio che so purtroppo nn si realizzerà mai dato che x fare questo ci vogliono un sacco di soldi! vabbè che mi accontenterei di vedere solo new york io..e chissà un giorno almeno questo spero di poterlo realizzare:)
    cmq buon divertimento,e ti seguirò molto curiosamente nelle varie tappe e foto che metterai:)

    Reply to marisa

    Sounds so fun!!! My sister just did a road trip, from MA to CA and then back. She had a great time, I wish I could have gone too.

    Reply to Amanda
  • You’re going to have so much fun!
    Enjoy yourself and take so many pictures!

    Reply to Nicole
  • omg chiaraaaaaaa! You go tomorrow so lucky! 😀
    have a nice trip and please please please take lots of pictures XXXXXX LOVE U

    Reply to Derrar

    che bello! buon viaggio e divertite un sacco…. mi raccomando fai tente fotine per tutti noi!

    Reply to
  • That’s georgeous Chiara!! Wish you so much fun and experience on your trip 🙂

    Reply to Nelli

    Great Style.
    Good luck for the trip.

    Reply to Amanda
  • Oh wow! On your way from Chicago to St. Louis you might pass through EFFINGHAM, IL. That’s where I live right now (I’m originally from Germany). Ah that is so weird!!! stop in Effingham to get food 🙂 haha

    Greetings from the Midwest 🙂

    Reply to Charlotte Pursian

    Ci “incroceremo” a Los Angeles….è una delle mie tappe proprio nei tuoi stessi giorni!

    Reply to Barbara

    While you are in New Mexico try to get to Santa Fe.Well worth the time.Its so beautiful there.Skip Detroit,LOL.Have a great trip.

    Reply to Freddy H.

    Chiara sarà un viaggio formidabile…Albuquerque poi è molto particolare, la adoro!!! te la consiglio vivamente!!! non vedo l’ora di vedere i tuoi aggiornamenti! un bacio

    Reply to marika
  • I love your pictures!!!^^
    so awesome adventure 😉
    enjoy it Chiara 😀


    Reply to Aitana
  • wow! I’m sure it’s going to be an awesome trip. Have fun!:)

    Reply to Zsú

    Fun!!! Be safe! Btw I wouldn’t recommend staying at hostels. Our hostels are not the same like in Europe. You can find super cheap hotels on or stay at places like holiday inn.


    Reply to Amanda
  • Ah…cool summer vacay! I’m sure you’ll love it. I’ve only been to the West Coast and not even covering alot yet. Have fun darling! =)

    Reply to Diva In Me

    La terza foto fa decisamente Serena van der Woodsen!!!

    Reply to elena
  • Wonderful post. And you are such a cute couple! 🙂

    Reply to Anna
  • That’s going to be one wild trip! Hope all goes well! Can’t wait to see how it went 🙂

    Lubna | ELLE VOX

    Reply to Lubna
  • OMG, I want to do that too. But my parents think it is to expensive and I am to young to do it on my own. But when I am older I really wan to do the ” from coast to coast” trip. I really like your american-flag short by the way.

    Reply to Rosalie
  • It’ll probably be amazing 🙂 but what do you mean with “We’ll leave in 7 friends and we’ll arrive in San Francisco in 11/12 people, driving all the way from New York.” ?? it doesn’t really make any sence 😀
    I would have some serious problems with one suitcase and one handbag 😀


    Reply to Jennifer D.
  • Wow! This sounds like so much fun! A roadtrip for nearly 1 month in America, now that’s something!
    Have a save journey and enjoy it 😀

    Reply to Emily

    how much will this trip cost you? I would love to try it myself 🙂

    Reply to daniela
  • Bellissimo tragitto..anch’io a Settembre ho scelto come meta l’America (quella occidentale però…sarò a Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Miami, Santo Domingo)…Chissà quanti km vi percorrerete in auto… però ne varrà la pena, sono certa!!!^_^

    Reply to Grazia centrone

    good luck and have fun :))

    Reply to
  • ciao Chiara;)
    bè invidia questa è la prima parola che mi viene in mente 😉
    credo che per te sarò divertente questa modalità di viaggio e di certo farai migliaia di foto,
    e nelle tue valigie, ci saranno di certo cose carine anche se di meno 😉
    parto col vantaggio di esserci già stata ed essere esperti di viaggi facilità anche il viagio più avventuroso!
    buon divertimento! kiss, amy
    P.s. ora il tuo blog si apre molto più velocemente! 😉


    Reply to Amanda from the Fashionamy blog

    I´m sure it´s gonna be amazing!: ) an awesome adventure! i will think of you from a croatian beach : )
    wish soooo much luck and fun! take care!!! ♥ kisses from Slovakia!

    Reply to Laura Dubova
  • è il mio sogno da anni :DDD
    ma non ho ancora mai messo piede negli usa :(((( divertitevi tantooooo 😀

    Reply to Annachiara
  • You’re going to have so much fun! I road tripped in a baby blue soft top Mustang from New Mexico all the way to LA, via Arizona and Vegas. It was one of the best trips of my life.

    Have a fantastic time and keep us updated!


    Reply to Sophie
  • I’m so excited for you!! looking forward to all your photos and stories 😀

    Reply to Tiffany
  • quanta energia!
    io essendo in giro per il mondo tutto l’anno ed essendo stata come te in california al coachella ho optato per una vacanza relax nella mia amata francia, dalla normandia fino alla camargue!

    buon viaggio!

    Reply to Selene

    Ottimo, a Rosicopoli impazziranno 😀

    Reply to MC
  • Wow!!! Thats really cool! Happy USA trip;)

    Xoxo Iren

    Reply to Iren

    Eh lo so, è uno sporco lavoro….ma qualcuno deve farlo! 😉

    Reply to eleonora

    omg i’d love to do such a road trip:) i really want to see all those cities:)
    and 7 people, that sounds like a lot of fun!

    lots of love xx

    Reply to Nee

    Chiara I am so happy for you!!!! I’ve lived in the US for some years and it is truly a whole different world from Europe, as you know. Although you should really try and visit Washington, D.C. I think you will really like it. It’s very different from all the rest places in the US, and people are really kind, helpful, and of course the city is beautiful!!

    Enjoy your trip and keep us updated!!

    Reply to Eleana
  • Coast to coast…sicuramente nella lista dei viaggi da fare una volta nella vita! Bel tour!
    Aspettiamo le foto allora! 🙂

    Reply to Serena

    OMG! So jealous!!! good luck and have so much fun!

    Reply to Amanda

    Omg I have to say I’m super jalous ! 😀

    Enjoy your trip Chiara, I can’t wait to see your pics !


    Reply to Elisa *

    OOH MY GOSH this is so great !!! It’s my dream to do this road trip to ! I’m not doing this this summer but I will be in NYC too at the same moment as you, hopefully I will see you somewhere ! I can’t wait 🙂


    Reply to Coralie
  • Wow! Doveva essere anche il mio di viaggio querst’anno ma alla fine abbiamo deciso di partire da Chicago e arrivare in macchina lungo il mississipi fino a New Orleans, poi aereo e Las Vegas/Los Angeles e San Francisco…peraltro in date vicinissime alle tue! Partiamo il 7! Buon viaggio!

    Reply to Valentina
  • beautiful pictures! but I am fascinated by your summer plan! I wish I could do that someday too 🙂

    Reply to Andra
  • Oh my goodness this is one of my dreams too!! What an incredible adventure you’re going to be on. Your destinations seem fantastic although, if ever I get to do a trip like that, I would drive through the south of the US. Can’t wait to follow along on your trip. Bon Voyage!!
    kisses from L.A.

    Reply to Lizette
  • Wow ch eavventura! E tu come farai con un solo bagaglio per un mese?

    Buon trip adventure!

    Reply to Alice
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