Do you remember about my first experience with Samsung and the new Samsung Galaxy Note + Galaxy Gear?
With the new Galaxy Gear we have everything at our fingertips keeping it comfortable and stylish. The Galaxy Gear that I’m wearing is a beautiful watch that you can to be connected to your phone…and taking photos,  talking on the phone, checking the weather forecast is even easier also when the phone is in your bag :).
This is how I tried both of them last Sunday in Venice Beach with my team: all the photos were shot with Samsung Galaxy Note and Galaxy Gear.

Vi ricordate della mia prima esperienza con Samsung ed il nuovissimo Samsung Galaxy Note + Galaxy Gear?
Con l’orologio Galaxy Gear avrete sempre tutto a portata di mano in comodità e stile: potrete connettervi al vostro cellulare per parlare al telefono, vedere il meteo e scattare foto continuando a tenere il vostro mobile comodamente in borsa guardando solo il vostro orologio 😉
Ecco come io ho usato i miei dispositivi la scorsa domenica a Venice Beach insieme al mio team: tutte le foto sono state scattate dal Samsung Galaxy Note ed il Galaxy Gear.


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    pleas tell me where the shoes are from???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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    Nice photos,I love samsung note3,the best

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    Beautiful pics!Nice to see Richie and tbscrew!

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  • I absolutely love Venice Beach! And these pics are really cool, so is the watch!! Kisses & Hugs

    I invite you to visit my blog! There´s a NEW POST with a British TARTAN touch and DR MARTENS inpired boots, do you remember them? Follow the link to see all the pics! Hope you like it!


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    La qualità delle foto è ottima, altro che Iphone, comunque era ora che passassi alla samsung. Bellissima Venice Beach.

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    It’s great that the Galaxy Note® 3 and Galaxy Gear™ enable you to be more connected but less distracted. Receive calls, emails and texts all from your wrist—so no matter what situation you’re in, you’ll never be out of touch with what’s important. And with the phone on your wrist, there’s never been an easier way to make a call when you’re on the move. Now you can place and answer calls, or even record a voice memo, directly from your Samsung Galaxy Gear™. It’s the simple way to keep up when you have a lot going on.

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    Hi, would you be kind enough and let us know where your shoes are from? Thank you

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    Io ho il galaxy note (il primo) e fa già lui delle foto meravigliose nonostante ormai sia “vecchietto”…non potevo aspettarmi altro dal note 3!!! Quanto lo vorrei…ma ho appena finito di pagare il finanziamento del mio :(…e poi c’è anche in rosaaaaaaaaaaaaaa pennino incluso! :'(

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    coff… coff… “that you can to be connected to your phone” sicura sia inglese?

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  • Oh, irish I could be in Venice Beach right now! Would love to live by the canals.
    Nice shoes you’re having!

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    such a pretty place! :*
    visit my blog

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    hi chiara, you are not post about your cosmetic product. could you please inform us which product is useful for your eyes etc? kisses

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    I gasped in horror when I saw your Chanel Boy bag lying in the sand! You’ve got to take care of these nice things. Looks like you all had a splendid, California postcard-perfect day. Love your shoes!

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  • Foto meravigliose!!! Non si direbbe che sono state fatte con un cellulare! L’orologio mi farebbe risparmiare tantissimo tempo…non dovrei più cercarlo in borsa!
    xxx Alita

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    Di quale marca sono le scarpe?? Ti prego, le voglio!!

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    I’m dying for the shoes! Let us know what they are! 🙂

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    Chiara, the photos were perfect.
    Pls also inform on your shoes’ brand 🙂 they are awesome…

    Thanks xoxo

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