My first time at the incredible Versailles..

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VERSAILLES, March 2015

I was wearing:


Photos by Andrew Arthur

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  • Looks absolutely amazing!Your pictures look natural, Love your outfit and that the jacket suits perfectly to the place!

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  • Like a contemporary Marie Antoinette. Wonder and magic all around you. Wish I was there again.
    Etoile Aura.

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    That is a great jacket! I wear on almost every special occasion.

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    Nice West Point full dress (no rank Plebe) jacket. You love the troops therefore I love your fashion. If you didn’t love the troops then you wouldn’t be wearing the troops’ uniforms.

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  • I love the little joke of wearing that jacket inside Versailles… Those who wore that kind of military jackets, were the ones that killed the last monarchy at Versailles.

    Here my latest post, about how Armani invites consumers to participate on the brand’s 40th anniversary special website through the hashtag #Atribute.


    I hope you enjoy it! Bests 🙂

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    I have been two times to Versailles. It was impressive even the second time You were lucky that it was not crowded with people for your visit

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  • Wow, these photos are stunning with the amazing Versailles backdrop! Glad to hear you had an amazing time. When I was studying abroad in Paris, I would take trips there on the weekends – some of my favorite memories! And not to mention, your outfit is sooo appropriate for the setting xx


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  • You make me wanna go back to Versailles so badly, it’s such a gorgeous place! I loved the castle but the Gardens really were something special! 😉 Wow, this jacket is perfection, so cool and special, love that it’s vintage!!



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  • I visited Versailles last week. I love this place.
    Your jacket is amazing.

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    Sick look! Those shoes are so cute!

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  • You couldn’t have picked a better jacket to go with the Versailles background :)) Just perfect!

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  • That place is magic, is something extraordinary!
    Your outfit was absolutely perfect in that context !
    You are always so inspiring Chiara!

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  • Ahhh love Versailles and it’s great you finally got to go!
    The jacket you are wearing is perfect, and I like how it makes a small reference to the era of the castle…
    Ambitieuse Paris

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  • These photos are incredible! So glad that you guys took some time off to be tourists, because there are just some parts of Paris that you have to see went you aren’t rushing around. Thanks for the amazing post 😀


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    It is incredile you look beautiful in ther wid a nice Jacket
    wonderful XX

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  • The vintage jacket is was so appropiate for visit Versailles, it’s so cool and retro, adore the military inspiration. This vintage jeans always looks amazing with everything and with the jacket even more, these shoes are pure rock. Wonderful photos


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