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Los Angeles, a new plaid dress from Stylekeepers and a maxi bangle from Stroili as  only accessory. Red lips included.

Los Angeles, un nuovo plaid dress proveniente da Stylekeepers ed un maxi bracciale di Stroili come unico accessorio. Bocca rossa inclusa nel pacchetto 🙂

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I was wearing:

Photos by Gregorio Capineri Tosetti

242 Responses to “Vine St.”

    Bella bella bella! Amo i capelli “inclusi nel pacchetto”!!!!!!

    Reply to Atram49

    Oh my god EAT something!!!! I know you’re naturally skinny but your legs… you seriously scare me

    Reply to Deb
  • Love the combination of red lipstick, a grungy dress and those absolutely amazing shoes! I´m a german fashionblogger and I wrote a little blogpost about you and your unique style! Check it out!
    Stay as lovely as you are 🙂

    Reply to Tina Frech
  • I am so in love with this outfit and the pictures! Especially the first picture is absolutely gorgeous. <3

    Reply to Sara

    self-centered girl, you also have crooked legs

    Reply to Andrea

    I think you’d look beautiful as a brunette, although it wouldn’t be the ‘blonde salad’ anymore would it? It’s make your eyes pop!

    Reply to Lory

    You are getting more and more beautiful as the time goes by 🙂
    Love you so much and adore your style… plus red lipstick is SO perfect on you


    Reply to Narges

    First of all:
    good luck for your new caiajewels line: at the moment muse necklace is my fav one..
    but I think cause your weakness for rings,
    in the market, you could be really stick out with them!

    Probably, in your blog, you already talked about the necklace with a ring in the middle:
    I love it..I can’t find out the brand.
    Do you mind to give me this tip?

    Reply to françoise

    you are so cute, the dress is cool and the red lipstick looks very good on you!!

    Reply to Marion

    nice checked dress 😀
    visit my blog

    Reply to Zosia

    Such a cute look Chiara, red lips and big hair look amazing on you, plus the booties and the dress together make you look like a cool teenage kid! Keep the love! Love styling plaid garments on my blog too: http://www.whitneyswonderland.com

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    Sei veramente stupenda, in questi giorni più del solito. Complimenti, sei veramente un’icona della moda e dal tuo sguardo sembra proprio che tu sia felice e innamorata!! Continua così!

    Reply to Felicita

    I’m so sorry, but the make up does not fit you. You’re looking old.

    Reply to Luba
  • Love the dress and the red lip, but I’d prefer to see this dress paired with a nice and elegant pair of heels.
    It’s been so long since we last saw you with actual heels. It’s been all about sneakers, and biker boots for months now. I love your style, and I don’t mean it in a bad way, but we missed the old Chiara, and her elegant looks.

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    In questo anno sei molto invecchiata e il rossetto rosso lo mette in risalto ancora di più…

    Reply to E.

    Great dress, maybe try it with a belt sometime? Your hair and makeup look great as well. Now dear, if you’re going to insist on “model” poses (rather than the charming candida where you’re laughing naturally–the best shots of the bunch, in my opinion) then you’re going to have to learn to drop your shoulders, especially the one closest to camera, as to elongate your neck and avoid what Tyra Banks refers to as “the no-neck monster.” There’s also a very popular video on YouTube now by a professional photographer/former model about a technique he calls “The Squinch” –a way of slightly pinching your lower lids rather than looking wide-eyed/deer in the headlights into the camera. And please stp biting your finger or sticking a handful of hair near your mouth, like that last shot, it just looks contrived. Good luck!

    Reply to Anon

    The dress is gorgeous, but I don’t like the length of it. It hits at an awkward place which makes your legs look really short, the boots don’t help either, I think a heel would work better, but the length is what I don’t like. It would look so much better at knee height in my opinion.


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  • I love you hair in these pictures, it looks really good! And the back of that dress is beautiful 🙂

    Reply to Laura

    orrenda, sempre per terra, pelle rovinata, ti metti in ridicolo ormai Chiara

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  • Bellissima:) Mi piace tanto l’abito. Che rossetto porti? E’ stupendo!:)

    Reply to Lilli

    StupendOoooo…. il vestito…. E anche tu Chiara… Come sempre…

    Reply to Kàkà

    The first picture is definitely the best one..haha! Pretty dress but what kind of lenght is that? A bit long maybe….Nice shot!

    Reply to Maria

    Fantastica come sempre…. mi puoi dire di che marca è il rossetto?

    Reply to Nikitas

    Es ist ein richtig schönes Kleid! Und deine Locken sowie das wunderbare Make-Up ergänzen es hervorragend. Weiter so 🙂

    Reply to Iden
  • That is an adorable dress!!! I love tartan and this dress is calling my name.

    Check my blog for new post…

    Reply to Carelia
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