My first Berlin purchase: this jacket found in a vintage store for 25 euros 🙂

Il mio primo acquisto di Berlino: questa giacca trovata in un negozio vintage a 25 euro 🙂

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  • Oh my god!
    Only 25 euros? lucky you…

    please take a look at my blog..
    you may love it…


    and if you want follow me..

    kisses 😉

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    It's really amazing! you look so beautiful! <3

    Julia 🙂

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    What are some cool vintage shopping spots in Berlin? I'll be there this weekend.. would love to discover some new places <3 Berlin

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    Lov it ! Can you advice where in Berlin you bought it please 🙂 thank you 🙂

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    Vale proprio quello che costa….NON mi piace! 🙁
    Però bella foto!

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    it looks great:)where did you find it in berlin?

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    where did u buy it?:) will be soon in berlin too and i want to get to know some good vintage stores!:) I love your blog! ur the best!

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  • I love that jacket! The sleeves are absolutely great! And 25 euros is a bargain!

    Xx Jorien

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    can you put a lien for buy this jacket ?! that if it's possible 🙂

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    can you tell us which vintage store this was? I'm from Germany and I'm in Berlin a lot and so far the only vintage stores I could find definitely didn't have such wonderful bargains!

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    così si che ti apprezzo, perchè hai mostrato di avere buon gusto anche indossando un capo non necessariamente fuori dalla portata dei comuni mortali e costoso, sarebbe una cosa innovativa se ogni tanto postassi outfits low cost, penso che otterresti molti piu consensi.lo stile non è una questione di marca ma soprattutto di buon gusto.

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  • Love the sleeve detail. Look forward to seeing you in it with an outfit!


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  • Wish I was in Berlin and not in Hamburg. I would run around the city the whole time to meet you haha (staaaaaalker eeep) 🙂 Lilly

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  • amazing! love the lazer cut arms. Autumn/winter inspiration. x

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    Chiaraaa! Ho appena visto il video con tutte le foto dei tuoi fan e mi sono innamorata della canzone 🙂 sai dirmi se ha un nome specifico?

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  • HAD to post this pic to pinterest:)

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    Oh my god, I absolutely LOVE this jacket! Why do I never find things like these?

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