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  • Love this outfit and the backdrop! You go girl!
    I run a blog that is not about me but will give you updates on trends, events and who is who in the fashion industry!
    Hope you guys like it and will learn from it :*


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    One of the best outfits I have ever seen ♥

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  • You are Looking too good Chiars. love your top. its so colourful and Classy.Keep going

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  • You are Looking too good Chiars. love your top. its so colourful and Classy.

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    I really like your work! And eat more girl!

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  • This is so far my favorite outfit! Love the color combo so much!!Questo è finora il mio vestito preferito! Amate la combinazione di colori così tanto !!

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  • I’m loving the ’70s vibe of this look, particularly that of the shirt, with the bold colors and bell sleeves. Such a simple, yet fun outfit; great styling, as always, Chiara!

    Have a wonderful week!



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  • What a cool rainbow top, love the fact that it’s vintage!!! Beauitul pics, it’s so USA in the 70s, the trucks and environment are such a cool backdrop, you’re always so creative Chiara! I love, as well, creating little stories surrounding my outfits, thanks for the inspo!! x



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