When your tee says it all 😉 . Chiara was wearing a total look Dior for the maison’s Haute Couture show.

Pics by Timur Emek

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26 Responses to “We should all be feminists: first look from the Haute Couture”

    Stile perfetto, ma come è stato scritto in un altro commento, forse sarebbe il caso di parlare un po’ di più di girl power su questo spazio, non credi? 🙂

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  • Your tee says it what? Why don’t YOU speak instead? Or better: why don’t you AND your tee say something?

    I think it is rather disappointing to see you just wearing this tee as a fashion statement without saying anything about it – when you actually have the voice and the audience to do so!

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  • That shirt is amazing! I need one of those in my life! That’s not to say that I wouldn’t also want the rest of that outfit. That skirt is very chic and the blazer pulls it all together.


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  • You look very strong in this look but pretty at the same time. That is a powerful mix.

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