We arrived in Thailand! To be more accurate in Phuket, where Richi and I are gonna stay for 8 days: I’ve never been here before and I’m so excited 🙂 These are the first photos shot this morning, just landed: for the first time I wore one of the bikinis of Chiara Ferragni for Yamamay capsule collection, went for a swim and then saw the sunset on the beach.
Thanks for the invitation Club Med, I promise I’m going to tell you everything about these days here 🙂

Siamo arrivati in Thailandia! Precisamente a Phuket, dove io e Richi staremo otto giorni: non sono mai stata qui prima d’ora e dire che sono entusiasta è riduttivo 🙂 Queste sono le prime foto scattate stamattina, appena arrivati: per la prima volta ho indossato uno dei costumi della capsule collection Chiara Ferragni for Yamamay, fatto un tuffo in piscina per poi aspettare il tramonto in spiaggia.
Grazie dell’invito Club Med, prometto che vi racconterò tutto di questi giorni qui 🙂

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    aaaaw so jealous,I <3 Thailand! Photos are great!!!

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  • Don´t do this to us, Chiara!! 🙁
    I´m so jealous : )
    The weather here in Slovakia is rainy :/ enjoy the sun and the ocean!: )
    I´m looking forward to the photos : )
    take care of you ?

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  • Looks amazing, I'm jealous! 😉 Love the bikini!

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  • I hate you ! I hate You !! OMG pleaaaaase don't post pictures like that ! I am so Jealous !!!!!!!

    Enjoy !! 🙂

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    Welcome to Thailand ^______^

    a big smile for you
    from your fan from Thailand

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  • Oh my god Chiara! I'm so welcome you to my country! 🙂 Hope you have fun! I've been following your blog for so long and I cannot believe you're just here! So close to me! 😀

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  • ok not enough tht you get shoes, bags and clothes for free, now you also get vacation for free???? omg can't believe it.

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  • Great photos… did you had the opportunity to see the temples? They are great…. and phantastic for some photosesions !!!

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    CHIARA you must spend one night in Phi Phi Don island, eat at Papaya and go to the beach party at night! Also a day trip to the famous Phi Phi Lei is a must! Thailand is amazing

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    Lucky you!!! 🙂 have fun for us all *

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  • Glad to see that you like my country <3


    PS: Phuket is totally a sea lover's paradise 🙂

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    thanks for the pics 🙂 Buon viaggio belle Chiara <3

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    wow. I just follow your blog recently and now you are here in Thailand…WELCOME!!!! SAWASDEE KA..

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  • Welcome to the land of hot, hot and humid! Looks like fun and I'm sure you'll enjoy enjoy every bit of it =)

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  • Bello il costume!! Stupenda la Thailandia, quando sono andata non volevo più tornare 🙂 Ho acquistato degli ombrelli parasole di carta, dipinti a mano, bellissimi! Se li trovi, ti consiglio di prenderne uno, sono opere d'arte! Buona permanenza!

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  • Since I was there and loved it. It can not fail to visit the local temples and bright visit other places nearby, much more beautiful: Phi Phi and Phang Nah.
    In Phuket visit a local market, for example Patong, is a unique experience. And experience the massage in your spa hotel of course!

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  • i'm so jealous! thailand! well, it looks absolutely beautiful, and i hope you have a good time 🙂

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  • Oh my god! Beautiful Pictures! I`m so jealous! 😉 Have a great time there! I have got itchy feet. <3

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  • Dubai, New York, Paris, now Phuket! And it's only two and a half months into 2012. You'll have used up all the pages on your passport by June at this rate. Lucky you! Though I feel bad for Matilda who must dread seeing your suitcase by the door… Have fun!

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    come mai in piscina? non è sicuro fare il bagno nel mare?
    comunque ti auguro di riposarti tanto, magari qualche foto di meno ma più relax per te Chiara!
    ps hai mai pensato di cambiare la grafica del blog? sarebbe bello vederne una più moderna, questa qui ormai è un po' vista e vecchietta

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    ohh, i'm so jealous first paris, my favorite country and now Thailand, which i also love? enjoy it! <3 🙂

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  • I studied 3 months in Phuket's uni, love the place even though it's not the most beautiful place in Thailand. 🙂 Have fun out there!! Miss the place! ?

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  • Have a wonderful time! I traveled to Phuket, and it is beautiful there!

    Are you going to any other cities?



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  • Chiara you're a lucky girl! Have fun and enjoy the beautiful country. I am Thai and I have never been! I hope to someday visit soon because my grandmother lives there and I have never met her yet!


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    wow lucky you:) hope you have fun there, looking forward for mor photos:)


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    wow… hope you will spend a fabulous time there…

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    DEVI ANDARE A KOH PHI PHI ISLAND. E" giusto davanti a Phuket ed e' il paradiso. Vai dove hanno fatto il film 'The Beach' con Leo di Caprio. Indimenticabile ! Nathalie

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  • WOW!!
    Che parco di palme! 🙂


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    Chiara , ma l'abito giallo della capsule è trasparente? Oppure può essere indossato anche in city? Grazie ;D Alessia

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    Sei bellissima, di successo un vero modello per tutte noi:)
    Non vedo l'ora di acquistare la linea Yamamay di cui sei testimonial! Sei favolosa!!!

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  • gorgeous! will you please do a post of where you are staying and how u rate it?



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  • chiara!!! if you're in thailand you should definitely stop by in Australia!! you'll love it 🙂 and it'll be a lot less tiring than doing 22 hours from milan 🙂
    lots of love,

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  • wow! stunning photographs!
    Have a fabulous time!
    I was at club med phuket for my Grad Trip and i had SUCH a blast! Be sure to try the trapeze activity!! 🙂


    Ginger and Lace

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  • Chiara!
    I suppose you're staying right in front of Kata Beach. My fav beach in Phuket. You're at the right hotel and the right area in Phuket!
    Have fun darling.

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    You are so lucky! Spend good time in thailand!

    Reply to Deborah

    Chiara, io sono stata in Thailandia a novembre 2010 per 10 giorni. prima tappa bangkok, poi phuket, poi phi phi island e la splendida maya bay!!col mio ragazzo desideramo andarci da 10 anni e non immagini quanto sia stato fantastico aver realizzato il nostro sogno!! mi è rimasta nel cuore e ci rimarrà per sempre e siamo certi che ci torneremo prima o poi..non vediamo l'ora!


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  • con tutti i bei posti che ci sono in thailandia…proprio a phuket e proprio al club med?? :/

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    Wish you have time to check out Platinum mall or Chatuchak open market in Bangkok!

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  • Chiara, my husband and I live in Malaysia and just got back from Phuket for my birthday! It's funny because when I got to Malaysia is when I found your blog and have been following ever since! Too bad you aren't visiting Kuala Lumpur! Enjoy your time in Phuket…you are going to love the beautiful waters and the bright sunshine. Hopefully you can check out James Bond Island or Phi Phi Island on your trip. I blogged about my adventures and our hotel during our travels, along with all my fashion. Hope you can stop by!

    xo Grace

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    I've never been in Thailand, by I've already been in two different "Club Med": Club Med da Balaia, in Algarve, Portugal, and in Club Med La Palmeraie, in Morocco. Enjoy it, they have delicious food, great people and awesome conditions 😉

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  • Warm welcome to my country.You are so stunning with White Bikini.
    Have a great stay here .

    Don't forget to buy pearl jewelry.
    In Phuket : Many Pearl Factory provided the best quality in the World.
    Asking your Hotel staff for more info.

    Reply to Orakarn Nuntawisit
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