This week a beautiful article about WERELSE apperead on the italian Tu Style magazine.. Thanks to all of you for the support… Have you already ordered your tee? Publish the photo sulla fanpage πŸ˜€
Have a good Friday night from Shanghai!

Proprio questa settimana Γ¨ uscito un bellissimo articolo su WERELSE su Tu Style… Grazie a tutti voi per il supporto… Avete giΓ  ordinato la vostra tee? Pubblicate la foto sulla fanpage πŸ˜€
Buon venerdi sera a tutti da Shanghai!

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  • That's great! You look very pretty in the picture, as usual! Have fun in Shanghai:)

    Xx Jorien


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  • Congratulations!

    Welcome to Shanghai! And enjoy it. Make sure you get to check out VUE bar.

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  • Congratulations, that's amazing! Looks like a great article–so cool.


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