Here we are: from yesterday at midnight Werelse for MANGO Touch capsule collection is available worlwide on with shipping all over the globe!
Here are all the pieces 🙂 Good shopping!

Ci siamo: da ieri a mezzanotte tutta la capsule collection Werelse for MANGO Touch è disponibile su con spedizione in tutto il mondo!
Ecco tutti i pezzi 🙂
Buono shopping!


Fluorescent iphone case


Buckle leather bracelet


Octopus cotton scarf


Silver laptop case


Silver loafers


Silver shopper handbag


Fluorescent messenger bag


Contrast asymmetric leather pumps


Ankle strap wedges


Leather envelope bag


Let me know what you got! See you today at Mango corner at Coin in Milan!

Ditemi cosa avete preso! Ci vediamo oggi al corner Mango al Coin di piazza V Giornate a Milano!

146 Responses to “Werelse for MANGO Touch: now available!”

    Carino tutto…per acqistare ed avere un pò di sconto ci dai il codice promozionale???? 😉

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  • I bought the Wedges and the silver Loafers. I am totally exited to get them. Please ship soon!!

    Reply to Lotta
  • i want to buy them online.HOWEVER, there is tax to pay. Why not pack them as gifts??? A lot designers' online boutiques do that?Such a pity…

    Reply to Smiley Face
  • hey chiara!!
    i came home last night at midnight from a trip and before i check your blog like i always do(of course!it's the first thing i do when i turn on my computer.seriously!!) i saw the date 12/4!and remembered that this is the release date for werelse collection!Within seconds, i bought the wedges and the bracelet and i can't wait for them to arrive.
    I'm reading your blog every single day from day 1!I'm loving this blog years now and been there through the whole thing!I first loved that you could be very stylish every day without a huge budget.Now your style became a little more luxurious i have to admit.Anyway,without knowing you personally, i feel very proud of you and your blog(and some times emotional) to have accomplished so many things!

    Reply to Lida K

    sono davvero brutti. tutti tranne il bracciale.

    Reply to bea
  • I was so excited to finally get those gorgeous ankle strap wedges, but they are not available in 36, only from 37 upwards :-(((( Why would they not do a 36 which is quite a common shoe size in Europe, especially in Italy?

    Reply to Gabrielle

    I bought the envelope bag and the contrast asymmetric pumps! non vedo l`ora arrivino!!!

    Reply to VALERIA
  • As I said on Facebook and I posted on my blog, I've tasted a bit of happiness and disappointment. I was really looking forward for this collection to come out cause I was in love with the wedges but, to my surprise and, again, tremendous disappointment, there was no size 36. Which makes no sense because all the other shoes from Mango are available from 36 :S
    I can only regret this and get the bracelet.

    But still…Congrats and good luck!

    Reply to Sara Morais

    Sono stata da mango in vittorio emanuele stamattina… brutta sopresa non trovare le scarpe col tacco e le zeppe! dicono che arriveranno a fine è possibile????????

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  • Le zeppe sono favolose, non vedo l'ora di aggiungerele alla mia collezione di scarpe 😉

    Reply to Annalisa
  • Congratulations! It Looks all so Pretty and chic! Love the whole collection! xx

    Reply to plabs

    perchè le scarpe partono dal 37?? io ho il 36 🙁

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  • Those things are briliant!! Congratulatins!:) I want the black wedges so bad, but they are already out of stock:(

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  • Those things are brilliant ! Congrats!I was waiting impatiently for the collection to come out. I want the black wedges so bad, but they are already out of stock:( is there any chance that they will be available again?

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  • Chiara la collezione e' favolosa, comprerei tutto…ma urge un codice sconto per le tue fedeli lettrici!!! 😀

    Reply to Serenella
  • Great post! Love these things! 🙂

    Reply to Anna

    ma dai chiara!! io volevo la clutch nera ma 100 euro mi sembrano un po' eccessivi per una collezione Mango…:(

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    Ho fatto una corsa malgrado una giornata pienissima, tanto ero impaziente! Ma in Vittorio Emanuele si limitano sbrigativamente a dire che i pezzi arriveranno in futuro…

    Se la collezione andrà out of stock perchè la espongono un (misterioso) giorno in cui non riesco a passare dal negozio le possibilità sono due: o piango o ammazzo la malcapitata commessa che mi starà dicendo come mai non trovo quelle favolose scarpe.

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    Porta iphone: cuciture storte… Scarpe tacco fluo: suola attaccata con la colla. Mi sembra tutta roba MADE IN CHINA solo che costa una follia…..

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    I'm in love with contrast asymmetric leather pumps… It's so youuu!

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