Ok, we told you the best about Werelse was yet to come, and we haven’t told you why we went on two different business trips in Barcelona, last November and last January… Now we can finally reveal this amazing project: Werelse for Mango Touch capsule collection is about to arrive, created by me, Andy e Carolina, which means the Werelse team 🙂
This is the first article about it, published yesterday on Glamour Italy and the ones in the photos are only some of the pieces of the collection, which will be available from April 15.
Soon all details (and all the photos)!
P.S: Outfit post of Milan fashionweek day 1 very soon!

Ok, vi avevamo detto che dovevate ancora vedere il meglio di Werelse, e non vi avevamo ancora spiegato il perchè dei nostri due viaggi di lavoro a Barcellona, a Novembre e Gennaio… Ora finalmente possiamo svelarvi questo progetto: è in arrivo una capsule collection Werelse for Mango Touch, creata da me, Andy e Carolina, ovvero il Werelse team 🙂
Questo è il primo articolo che è uscito a riguardo, uscito ieri su Glamour Italia e quelli in foto sono solo alcuni dei pezzi della collezione, che sarà disponibile dal 15 Aprile.
A presto con tutti i dettagli (e tutte le altre foto)!
P.S: Il post con il look del primo giorno di fashionweek verrà pubblicato a brevissimo!


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  • Congrats. It has to be labour of love for everone from your trio, Mango, production. I like espec. silver loafers and wedge sandals. Big suprise, I thought it's only about tees:

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  • oh great, that sounds very good! I can't wait for more photos and details to come! A really wonderful project and I love the fact that the itmes will be affordable – or at least I hope so 😉
    xxx Anita

    Reply to Kultur und Stil

    che bello! complimenti, è un traguardo importante!!

    Reply to ely
  • Congratulations, that's great! Can't wait for it to be in store!

    Reply to Laura
  • Congrats!! the clutch is beautiful!

    The collaboration is important for you!

    We want others photos!


    Reply to Nadia
  • These are so exciting news! I can´t wait Chiara, have a nice day babe!

    Reply to Monika
  • Congratulations! You're our inspiration to achieve our dreams! kisses,

    Reply to KATEFP
  • Oh my God! Congratulations Chiara, and the rest of the werelse girls! I'm so excited about this collaboration. Can't wait to see the whole collection in photos to see what I'm going to buy! 🙂

    Reply to Call me M

    Scarpe tacco giallo, porta lapotop, foulard!



    Reply to G.

    gosh, that looks amazing, I'm so exited! congrats 🙂

    Reply to xx

    Fantastico! Io adoro Mango, non vedo l'ora di vedere la vostra collezione in negozio!:) :)Complimenti:)

    Reply to Mariapaola

    Fantastico! Io adoro Mango, non vedo l'ora di vedere la vostra collezione in negozio!:) :)Complimenti:)

    Reply to Mariapaola
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