The Blonde Story continues… and it’s  winter season this time.
The sky is cold, the snow is falling and dreams come true. I dreamt about Andrew and me living a winter-tale adventure lost in the mountains of Colorado. 
Cartier was on my wishlist and my boyfriend made it true. Whether is reality or not… always dream!
I wish you all the most Happy Holidays ever!

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Special thanks to Cartier

Direction & Edit by Charles Bergquist
Art Director: Alessio Sanzogni
Hair & Make up: Nikki De Roest
Production Company: Charles Bergquist Studio
Associate Producers: Katrina Adair and Andreea Florescu
1st AC: Brian Williamson
Intro: Acoqui – Gold Blooded
Main: Andre Obin – Soft Rain



137 Responses to “Winter Dream”

    Loved the video!! Can you please tell me where can I get the Green Plaid dress? or something similar please? I’m trying to find something like that!

    Reply to maarsel
  • The video it’s so gorgeous!

    Reply to Daska
  • Adoro esta historia y el video en general. La marca Cartier tiene joyas preciosa y me parece una forma ideal hacerle la publicidad así, ¿hay algo mejor que una bonita historia de Navidad?

    I love this story and video in general. The Cartier brand has beautiful jewelry and it seems an ideal way to make advertising, is there anything better than a nice Christmas story?


    Reply to Christina Matias Pages

    My favorite season 🙂 winter fairytale!

    Reply to Ani

    This is AWESOME the video is so cutee !!!! And I really love the ring

    Reply to PINK

    Oh wow. This is really tacky!!! It’s so tacky that its funny. Who comes up with the storyline?

    Reply to Giselle

    Gorgeous photos Chiara!

    Reply to melissa

    Bellissimo video!! Poi voi due state benissimo insieme! <3 un grosso bacio.

    Reply to Ale

    Love the pink glitter heels, where are they from?

    Reply to Anudari
  • Such a lovely film! Mesmerising and really got me into the festive spirit!
    Hannah x

    Reply to Hannah
  • Gorgeous video! I’m so glad I can finally see the work you did in Colorado! The Cartier ring is beautiful.


    Reply to Avanti

    Think big, work hard, stay positive, aim at the sky and beyond, and your dreams will always come true!

    Reply to valentin antonov

    This video is really cute !! The Cartier ring is gorgeous, I need to get one ! And you guys are such a perfect couple

    Reply to PATT
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